NightDusk's Stats


Spark (1st RP only), Sal (1st RP only so far), Shade (betrayed).


Sia, Crash Man, Silver, Demon Sonic, Shade, Spark.


10 ft.


none since he's a shadow being


15,000 years old.



NightDusk is the main commander of the Night Trio in Life of Heroes RP. He appeares to be Sia's main enemy from her past. He, along with the rest of the Night Trio, team up with Sia and CM's friends to defeat Demon Sonic. After that, he calls back Spark and Shade and disappears back to their unknown base. So far, he hasn't appeared in Life of Heroes RP 2: Death from Above.


Aside from being made of complete shadow, he has claws made of brown shadows and whears a cape in the same brown color. He also whears chains around him, as what was left of the bond that sealed him away. And he has red glowing eyes.

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