New Moon Nightmare
"I am...... the Ultimate Nightmare!"

- New Moon Nightmare

New Moon Noghtmare is a dark and possibly deadly being that most people say is "The worst nightmare ever". This is Luna's only known super form so far. It can be activated if she gets exposed to 7 black Chaos Emeralds and angry, or if she allowed this trasformation to happen. However, Luna can't really controll herself in this form and seemes to forget who her friends and enemies are. The first, and so far the only, appearance on New Moon Nightmare is in the RP Solo Story: Luna's Origin in Part 4.

New Moon Nightmare's Stats




uncleare to her, someone she truly cares about.


anyone who she becomes angry to or anyone who gets in her way.


Silent, Dark, Deadly.




Dark Slash: Just like Luna's Lunar Slash, but black.

Nightmare Vision: New Moon Nightmare shoots a black sphear at her foes and trapes them in it. This sphear causes the victem to suffer through a vision of there worst nightmares.

Night Lash: Exacly like Luna's Chaos Moon, but turns black instead of silver.


  • New Moon Nightmare's color sceem is almost exacly like Demon Sonic's color sceen. The only diffrances are New Moon Nightmare's muzzle and her outfit.


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