Nepgya Ripped Portrait

Nepgya is an artificial human from the Paper Dimension who resembles Nepgear.

Role in the RP

Real Life of Heroes

Being a mysterious entity (even described as an "artificial human" by Neptune) with erratic behavior to boot, she earns the ire of Nepugia for their visual and vocal similarities. Regardless, Histoire treats her as her own, along with the other girls.

Nepugia makes attempts to lessen Nepgya's presence, even insisting that others refer to her as Nepgear to prevent her excitement. She also asks her to cover her face in public and even coaxes her into eating beneath the table at everyone's feet during the Planeptune family's stay with Sara and her family. Although when first introduced it's heavily implied that referring to Nepgear as Nepugia will trigger her arrival, she in fact is in constant company of Neptune and the other Planeptune Patron sisters, raised by Histoire. However, she cannot gather shares of her own, so she does various menial tasks to support her friends.

Nepgya's one of the seven girl party on the first dungeon crawl, and witnesses Compa's sacrifice for the group. Later in the hospital, she witnesses Plutia having her way with Nepgear and alerts the entire building by screaming, and then explains the entire situation in the waiting room, much to Plutia's anger.

After breakfast of Day 19, Nepgya asks Harold to burp her, and in the ensuing conversation she seems to imply her habit of screaming comes from a buildup of gas inside of her, necessitating the need to release it frequently or involuntarily let out a scream. This also explains the soft gya sounds she releases frequently.

She also has an issue with frequent sweating.

Late into Day 20, Neptune accidentally engages in a whipped cream-related act with her believing she is Nepgear, and is heartbroken when she finds out. This reveals her inferiority complex under Nepgear, who in turn has an inferiority complex due to Neptune.


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