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Nack's Stats
150px-Knack 4


Bean (team member), Bark (team member), Dr. Eggman (employer), Jade (partner in 2nd RP).


Sonic (1st target in the 1st RP), Sia, Crash Man, Shadow (2nd target in the 1st RP).


Unknown so far. possibly aound 19-22.


Purple kangaroo (mistaken by most characters), Nacky (once by Jade), Weasel (by Jade).



Note: This character belongs to Sega

"Anything to get out of this nut house." - Nack agreeing to help Jade with her mission.

Nack the Weasel comes in the Life of Heroes RP and Life of Heroes RP 2: Death from above as a assassin working for Dr. Eggman and the leader of Team Hooligan. He has been mistaken for a purple kangaroo sometimes.

RP Bio

Nack first appeares in the first RP being dog-piled by many Chao in a Chao Guardin. Sia and Crash Man helps him out by getting the Chao off of him. After that, he lied to CM and Sia about delivering a package to Sonic, but the two knew that wasn't the truth. Without thinking of another lie know that he was cought red handed, Nack got on his moter-bike and tried to run away, but was cought by Sia. After beeing frightenly thretened by Sia, Nack came clean and told her and Crash Man that he was actually sent by Eggman to kill Sonic for money. Then Sia told Nack that killing people for money was wrong and also told him that if he ever tried to kill Sonic or any of her friends again, he would be sorry. With that, Nack wasn't seen in the RP till in the Sud-Version World where he tried to shoot Shadow but shot Crash Man instead to protect Shadow from Nack. Enrang by this, Sia went into Mystic Fire form and flew to Nack with stronge anger, showing this by destroying his moter-bike. Nack tried to run away from Sia, but she cought up with him. Soon after he was frozen by Ice. However, Nack came back with the rest of Team Holigins looking for Demon Sonic. Despite the fact that Shade didn't trust Nack at all, he told Nack where DS was and send him alone into Sia's head, but called in the rest of his team and nearly had Bean blow up Sia's head. Nack, along with his team, fought agenst Demon Sonic with everyone else. Nack then leaves with his team but quickly comes back after an explosion on earth occured. Later after that, Sonic reviles that Nack was the one who barried him in the hills. Again, Sia told him to leave her friends alone and toke his gun witch had a bome in it. Nack used the bome excuse to get Sia to return the gun. After that, Sia said that she never wants to see him again, but then Nack activates the bome and leaves it behind at the hospital. But Sia threw the gun into the ocean befor it had the chance to exploed. In the 2nd RP, Nack was said to be dead after a strange reaction when he messed with one of Dr. Eggman's inventions. But not so long after this was told to Sia, it was reviled that Nack was alive and had been captured by Black Doom, along with his team mate Bean. So far, Nack is curently traped in a Egg Pode with Bean, Austin and Dustin.

Seven Years Later

Seven Years Later


the heroes (possibly), Jade the Fox (possibly).


None so far.


possibly 26-29



Nack appeares in the Life of Heroes RP: Seven Years Later in a jail cell at GUN. He first appeares when he said he knew something about Black Doom, but bargained the heroes to free him from the cell. When Shadow released him, Nake told the heroes that Black Doom is vulnerable to nuclear waste. He next appeares the next day at GUN when he recived a post card from Jade. When Q-Pid asked him who was it from, Nack responded "Um, it's nothing interesting.". Nack could possibly still be at G.U.N. now.


  • Nack appears to be somewhat afraid of Sia, seeing how he was scared when Sia threatened him.
  • Nack could be (or was at some point) a member of the Chaotix.
  • Nack said that Blaze was better at being hot then Jade is. This could mean that Nack has a crush on Blaze in the main RP.
    • This is further noticed in part 2 of the  Ask the Character: Detectives Special, where in the comment questions he mentioned he was "into a certain feline's tights".
  • There is a running gag in the RP where Nack is mistaken for a purple kangaroo.


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