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Morgiana is an ex-slave from Mioya, a ruined country in the far East. She was freed by the De Sainte-Coquille family as they discovered her auction near their vacation house, but chooses to remain near them on Fenith Island.


Morgiana can be described as quiet yet strange, interested in bizarre things. When offered a choice of jewelry by the De Sainte-Coquilles, she declines, instead choosing two devilish-looking manifers to wear on her wrists, embellished with the leg chains formerly binding her to her personal hell.

She is often limited by her insecurities, believing herself useless compared to her housemates, although her biggest wish is to be useful to them. This is most likely to repay their kindness towards her. Lara has diagnosed her with both Stockholm's Syndrome and a crippling inferiority complex.



Main article: Tabatha

Tabatha discovered the underground slave auction Morgiana was a part of and subsequently notified the authorities, rescuing her and convincing Bianca to let her come home with them. Since then, the three of them have been close, though Morgiana still feels as if she has no real connections with them, only those of gratitude.


Main article: Bianca De Sainte-Coquille

With her father's money, Bianca (on Tabatha's inclination) successfully purchased Morgiana from her captors and worked to have them arrested. Because of this, Morgiana feels she owes her her life.


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