Project Moonstone

Please note that her rist bands aree actually inhabitor rings like Shadow's, only silver.

"... My name... is Moonstone..."

- Moonstone

Moonstone's Stats


Black Doom (boos), Red Bloodstone, Destructix (LoH Version).


None so far, Fake Shadow (only breifly once)


Elephant (once by Fake Shadow).



Moonstone is the long lost project from the ARK who was brought to life in the Life of Heroes RP: Seven Years Later.

RP Bio

Moonstone first appeared as a cameo when Sabir Moonstone saw the body in a pod at the bottom of a large pool. Later, the body was finnaly brought to life when Red combined Luna's sphear form to the body. After Moonstone hoped out of the pod, she quickly ran to Red, grabed him by the throught, and pinned him to the wall. After letting Red go, Moonstone saw Black Doom and kneeled to him in respect. After Fake Shadow bit her hand from petting him, Moonstone, threw Fake Shadow so hard into the wall that is made a hole in it. Moonstone is currently on the UFO.


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