Mina Nishizawa

Mina Nishizawa is the Oracle of Hyper Dimension's Lowee, and primary caretaker of Rom and Ram. She takes her duties very seriously, constantly acting as the twins' watchdog, although maintaining a kind personality.

Role in the RP

Real Life of Heroes

Mina maintains similar duties in the synthetic Lowee district, taking care of Blanc, Rom and Ram while coaching them in their duties as needed.

Following the passing of their elders, Mina stepped up and made proper reservations to ensure Lowee prospered even during the gap between Patrons, essentially giving up her own life to become part of their family. This included headhunting Lowee's original team of lawyers and reaching out to Vert of Leanbox to train Blanc, the oldest of the children.

Even after this training period, Mina remained very protective of the three of them, only allowing Blanc to enter Hakoniwa Academy her sophomore year while continuing to home school the twins.

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