- Mew

Mew is a mythical pokemon who appeares in Life of Heroes RP 2: Death from Above: Part 2.

RP Bio

Mew's RP Bio

Mew's Stats


Luna Moonstone, a shiny mew.


Black Doom, the Black Arms.




Telaport, Transform, Phychic, Aura Shphear.



It was first seen traped inside a cell on Black Doom's Starship. Luna freed Mew and is helping it escape. When the Chaos Emeralds were falling onto earth, Mew helped catch them while Luna held back Bowser. When they got to an exit, Mew was asked by Luna to bring the red Chaos Emerald to her brother and warn them about Black Doom haveing the other Chaos Emeralds. Mew next appeared flying behind Shadow, witch caused him to faint. When Mario came to see what was happening, Mew used Transform to turn into Shadow, witch made Mario faint as well. When Mew woke up Shadow, it was shortly attacked by him, thinking Mew was False Bowser. Mew then used Transform to turn into Luna to tell them that she told it to find them and warn them about Black Doom holding the other Chaos Emeralds. Since then, Mew has traviled with the heroes. At the Ghostly Galaxy, Mew turned into a Joltik and got mad at Tails for accidentally stepping on it. Mew also sat on Shadow's head when they found a Blitty, witch caused Shadow to jump out a window. Mew is currently on the Observatory.

Shiny Mew's RP Bio

Shiny Mew's Stats




Black Doom, the Back Arms.


currently unknown



Shiny Mew has yet to appear in the RP.


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