Mega Man SSB4
: This character is from the Mega Man series

Mega Man is a Robot Master who appeares in Life of Heroes RP 3 at Hang Castle. In the RP, he was found deactivated and buried in the ground. After reactivating, Mega Man found himself with a case of amnesia. Since then, he's been traveling with Luna Moonstone while hopeing to remember more about his past. Durring this, He is called "Blue Bomber" as a temporary name until he remembers his real name.


Luna Moonstone

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Luna has been the member of Team Mystery who has traveled with Mega Man the most, begining from when they met at Hang Castle. Mega Man seems to not want to leave Luna unattended, as seen when he came with her to the moon on Dr. F's unstable rocket and refuseing to leave Luna behind on the Moon despite what she told him. According to Bandicootfan64, he has a botherly-sisterly bond with Luna.


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Wreck-It Ralph

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Mr. Pants

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  • The name Mega Man is given (Blue Bomber) is actually a common nickname for him.
  • The upcoming game Super Smash Bros. 4 will be the first time the blue bomber has appeared in a game with Mario.


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