MarvelousAQL is a kunoichi attending a ninja academy. She helped out Neptune and company in the past, but they seem to have forgotten each other following the Public Morals Committee's raid of Histoire's recordings.

Her favorite food is futomaki, which she practically lives off of, eating it during meals and as a snack. She also has an appreciation for musical theater, having once served as a bodyguard for an actress and later appearing in her own. She suggested her academy put them on for "artsy" assignments, and that was when the genre gained popularity.

Those who remember her in Planeptune typically recall her ridiculous bust size, which for a short time became an object of the insecure Blanc's obsession. To this day, Blanc consumes futomaki in hopes of looking like her.

Her friends refer to her as Marvy.

She acts as unofficial intermediary between Planeptune and Lowee due to her friendship with Neptune and Blanc's obsession with her. She, like 5pb. was absent during the Patron Units' battle.

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