Marian is a young witch living in Fenith Village. She enjoys healing the sick and disproving the stereotype that witches are malevolent.

Roles in the RP

Life of Heroes 4

In Life of Heroes 4, Marian contacts Sia on Seminar Island during the Pessimis' Shadow arc asking for help in finding Lana, whom she's seeking for guidance in reaching a dimension she calls Magicant.

Later, Marian tests the Magicant spell on Sia.

Real Life of Heroes

Like many Fenith villagers Marian ends up a student at Planeptune's Hakoniwa Academy, where she enjoys mild popularity for her obscure fashion sense. She aspires to be a doctor.

She's outrageously excited about her internship at the general hospital, but self-conscious about it given the nature of the building. She irks Plutia with her double-pointed hat.







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