Real Life of Heroes

Lowee is a district of Fourside overseen by Blanc, Rom and Ram.

Ghost Babel

An aging structure near the Basilicom, closed off from the public. Rumor has it Rom and Ram used their magic to seal it shut, but is it to keep people out, or something else in? It's a massive tower that sprang from the ground, and is leaning terribly. Constant Loweean blizzards hide its massive presence in the sky from civilians.

The Basilicom is so elegant it resembles a cake. White with red trimmings and few windows apart from a large skylight in the public lobby. Patron living spaces and workspaces are separate, unlike Planeptune's. The building is rounded with a convex roof, which helps to keep it from being covered in snow, and the general architecture inside and around the estate is similarly rounded off; a joke in Lowee is that this serves as childproofing for Rom and Ram, which is somewhat true. Blanc ordered sharp edges to be rounded off for the sake of children who enter.

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