Lite Pinky is an apparition whom only Q-Pid could initially interact with. He was born from the lights in the caves of Seminar Island during Pessimis' Shadow.


Lite Pinky was the only light apparition shown to be friendly towards mortals, although he is obsessed with Q-Pid (affectionately referring to her as J-Star.) Not even Pinky, who is ordinarily protective of her sees him as a threat until he is possessed by the light apparition of Crash Man, though he does significantly bother Q.

Being a gentle (if perverse) soul, Lite Pinky begs to come with Q and Pinky, and he later carries both of them to the cave's exit when they lose consciousness. Despite his heroism, since he is literally made of light nobody can see or hear him unless it's nighttime, leading to the others ignoring him and forcing him to adopt the life of a homeless person on Seminar's surface.


Lite Pinky is originally a perfect replica of Pinky physically when he appears to Q, with the exception that he is based on the former's male self. Due to a lack of sufficient power to take on his full form, when he exits the cave he adopts a Chibi like body, and is essentially a single pinkish-white neon color when he's visible.

It's revealed soon after the heroes return from the nature preserve that Lite Pinky can read thoughts, although possibly unwillingly, as he's terrified by Demi's daydream of Eli and Lightning Electron kissing.


  • For unknown reasons, Light Pinky's name gradually became Lite Pinky, mostly as a referral to his small size and to differentiate himself from other light apparitions that might have made appearances in future arcs.
  • His pet name for Q, J-Star is a reference to the 2015 fighting game J-Stars Victory VS+.

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