Lightning Hedgehog

Lightning is the Life of Heroes RP's god of Lightning and elemental counterpart and arch enemy of the god of ice.


Early History

Thousands of years ago, Lightning and Ice the Hedgehog were close friends and worked together to keep ice and lightning balanced. However, Lightning grew jelouse of Ice, which eventually clouded his heart to the point where he came to the conclusion that he would need to create more savage lightning storms and would need to kill his friend Ice. However, Lightning was defeated by Ice and he was sealed away inside a Thunder Stone, which was then placed in an acient temple for safe keeping.

Free At Last!...Sorta

Lightning and the Thunder Stone were eventually discovered by agents of Fusion Opperations, who toke the stone and brought is back to their science facility. Durring a final fase of a project, Lightning was freed from his stone prison and transfered into the body of Venice the Mink, thought Lightning's personality has yet to awaken.


  • Lightning's name was changed to Thunder due to Crash the Hedgehog's idol holding the same name. But the page was then deleted and Lightning's name returned.


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