Okay, since theres alot of text in the Life of Heroes RP page, we'll continue to record the RP on this page.


  • Lubba: Ohhh! This galaxy looks cool.
    Sia: What is it?
    Lubba: The Starshine Beach Galaxy!
    Baby Luma: Ohhh!
    Venomiss: *files her nails*
    Sia: Alright then, let's check it out!
    *at the Starshine Beach Galaxy*
    Mario: Wow!
    Q-Pid: Cool!
    Dib: This place looks like--a beach?! I MUST INVESTIGATE FURTHER! *runs off*
    Sal: Um, okay then, have fun with that...
    Mario: *jumps in the water* Whee!
    Q-Pid: Ohh, that looks like fun! *jumps in* Whee!
    *a Pianta sees them*
    Pianta: Hey! Are you here for that new promotional vacation?
    Sal: Promotional wha?
    Pianta: Oh, I guess not. Anyway, enjoy the galaxy! *swims away*
    Sal: uh, okay?...
    Sia: Tails, are you picking up any Power Stars?
    Tails: It's over in the water on the other side of this planet.
    Sia: Okay then, let's get going! *heads that way*
    CM: Can't we stay here and enjoy it a little?
    Mario: *swims backwards*
    Sia: Well... We have been working alot lately. Why not? *smiles*
    CM: Whee! *takes off his shirt and jumps in the water*
    Venomiss: *sits under a shadey tree and files her nailes...again*
    Kirby: *takes out his goggles, puts them on and jumps in*
    Q-Pid: *gets out* Oh, hold on a sec. *runs back to the Observatory*
    Q-Pid: *walks back wearing a cute bikink* (it's alot like Amy's swimsuit in Sonic X, but the hearts are pink on Q's)
    Pinky: *gets hearts in his eyes*
    Q-Pid: *giggles* How do I look?
    Pinky: Great!
    Q-Pid: Thanks! *jumps in and swims around*
    Pinky: *runs to the Observatory and comes out in swim trunks*
    Sia: *lays back and relaxes*
    Q-Pid: *to Pinky* Nice swim trunks.
    Pinky: Thanks. *does a cannonball and then swims over to the area below the bridge*
    Q-Pid: *follows Pinky*
    *a Blooper swims to Q and whacks into her*
    Pinky: ?
    Q-Pid: ? *turns to the Blooper* Oh, Hello!
    Lake: *reads a book under a tree*
    Blooper: *attacks Q again*
    Q-Pid: Ow! That's wasn't nice.
    Blooper: *spawns a bunch of tiny Bloopers*
    Tiny Bloopers: *attack Q-Pid*
    Q-Pid: Help!
    Pinky: *shoos the Bloopers away, but then they try to drown him*
    Pinky: *glub, glub*
    Sia: *gets up* Was that Q calling for help?!
    Lake: I'll check on them. *dives into the water and swims to Q and Pinky* ! *turns invisible in the water and fights the Bloopers*
    Blooper: *swims away with the tiny bloopers*
    Lake: *pops his head above water not invisible anymore* Are you two alright?
    Pinky: *glub* Fine.
    Q-Pid: We're okay now. Thanks Lake.
    Lake: Okay, if you two need me, just call. *swims back to his book and reads it*
    *a red Pianta runs over to Q and Pinky*
    Red Pianta: I saw what happened! Are you guys OK?!
    Q-Pid: Yeah, we;re okay, thank you.
    Red Pianta: Good! Lately the fish in the water have grown in population alot, and there are some new, weird species in it.
    Red Pianta: For example, when BD took over your planet, he kicked off a bunch of Blooper-like squids off Earth and they landed here!
    Red Pianta: Oh, well. Be careful!
    Red Pianta: *walks away*
    Q-Pid: Thay were kicked all the way to here?! Wow. And heree I thought he didn't have any legs.
    Pinky: *laughs*
    Q-Pid: *dosen't get why Pinky is laughing, but laughs along anyway*
    Pinky: *gets out of the water and goes up the bridge to that hut-thing*
    Q: ? *follows Pinky*
    Pinky: *sees a Yellow Pianta asleep in the hut*
    Q-Pid: *to Pinky* What did you find?
    Pinky: A sleeping guy.
    Q-Pid: Should we wake him up?
    Pinky: Okay. *shakes the Yellow Pianta*
    Q-Pid: Wakey wakey!
    Yellow Pianta: Huh?! Whoozat?! *flails his arms around, sending Pinky flying, and his other arm hits a switch*
    Yellow Pianta: Oh, it's just you! I thought it was Serguei or Bowser!
    Yellow Pianta: I'll go back to sleep, then.
    Yellow Pianta: *doesn't realize he hit the switch when he woke*
    Yellow Pianta: Zzzzzzz..................................
    Pinky: *in the water, dizzy from getting hit*
    Q-Pid: *goes to Pinky* Are you alright?
    Pinky: Yeah, but......
    Q-Pid: But what?
    *a big cage in the water opens up and an Ice Flower floats out and freezes all the water on the planet*
    Pinky: Brrr! *trapped in ice*
    Q-Pid: W-Why is it c-c-cold now? *sees that she's traped as well* Oh.
    Pinky: *sees the Ice Flower* Brrr...
    CM: *gets frozen*
    Kirby: *still completely under water when the water turns to ice* !
    Sia: *sees the water* What the heck happened?! When we wanted to cool down, this was not what I had in mind.
    Sal: I'm glad I wasn't in that water.
    CM: *shivers*
    Lake: YOU'RE glad? If I was in there, I probally would have died.
    Kirby: *shivering in the ice*
    Sia: *shoots an energy ball at the ice to try to free Cm and Kirby*
    CM: *gets out quickly* Brr!!
    Kirby: *puffs up and flies out*
    Sia: Are you guys alright?
    CM: I'm fine.
    CM: What caused that?
    Kirby: *shivers and takes his goggles off*
    Sia: I don't know, but we should find out what.
    Sal: But would we become frozzen if we touch the ice?
    Dustin: You big babies! *touches the ice*
    Randy: No dont! *tackles Dustin*
    Kirby: *jumps on the ice and is fine*
    Pinky: HELP! WE'RE STUCK!!
    Sia: *runs to Pinky and Q-Pid*
    Venomiss: *sees them**laughs* I know this is a situation, but there's no need to get cold feet. *laughs some more*
    Pinky: Just get us out of here.
    Venomiss: Alright alright. *her nails grom long and slices circles in the ice*
    Pinky: *gets out*
    Mario Hmmm....*sees the Ice Flower* Aha!
    Sia: What is it?
    Q-Pid: *gets out*
    Sia: *sees the Ice Flower* What's that?
    Mario: It grants-a the user to use Ice abilities.
    Kirby: *inhales the Ice Flower*
    Randy: cool!
    Kirby: *turns into Ice Kirby*
    Ice Kirby: *blows on Randy and freezes him*
    Ice Kirby: ...*blinks*
    Dustin: woooah!!!!
    Randy: .....
    Sia: Neat.
    Sal: *steps away from Kirby*
    Ice Kirby: *steps towards Sal*
    Dustin: Yo kirby freeze me next!
    Austin: Why would you want him freeze you?! Are you nuts?
    Sal: *takes two steps away*
    Randy: *o* is Randy dead?
    Ice Kirby: *takes two steps towards Sal*
    Austin: @Sal: .....Run.
    Sal: ... *runs away from Kirby* AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!
    Ice Kirby: *thinks it's a game and chases Sal*
    Venomiss: *laughs out loud at the chase*
    Pianta: OH NO!! LOOK AT THE WATER!!!
    Pianta: That's our only source of food!
    Sia: It wasn't our fault. We had no idea of the Ice Flower till now.
    CM: *looks at Pinky*
    Laura: *looks at Pinky*
    Venomiss: Ever tried Ice fishing? *laughs harder*
    Randy: *o*
    *a space plane flies to the Galaxy and lands*
    CM: ?
    Pianta: ?!
    Mario: Wha??
    *Aerial comes out*
    Aerial: Dang, that was long.
    Ruby: *walks out the exit of the space plane* Well, this is suppost to be the Starshine Beach Galaxy, but it look diffrent then i thought it would be.
    Athena: *sees the ice and gets disappointed*
    Aerial: *pats her on the back* There, there.
    Aerial: *sees CM, Laura and Pinky* Hi, guys!!
    Athena: *waves*
    Yoko's voice: *from inside the plane* This look more like an Ice resort then a beach.
    Sabir's voice: *also from inside the plane* Yeah, but now we can have another kind of fun.
    Yoko: And what's that?
    Sabir: Ice Skatting! *jumps out of the plane, but slips all over the ice like crazy craching into trees and stuff and ends up slideing on his belly side to infront of Espio without noticeing him* hehehe, I guess I need to work on my skating.
    Espio: ...
    Espio: *looking down at him*
    Tails: *looking at the ice* Hey! I see where the Power Star is!
    Tails: It's way, way, way deep down...
    CM: *@Aerial and Athena* How'd you get here?
    Sabir: *sees Espio's shoes* Wait... thouse are... *lifts his head up and looks up at Espio* !
    Espio: Well?
    Sabir: *just stares at him* ... So THAT'S what you looked like when you were younger.
    Espio: What are you talking about?!
    Dr. Bluesmith: *comes out* Oh dear, look at all this ice.
    Sabir: Uhh... Nothing? *gets up* Um, sorry about that.
    Sia: *sees her uncle* Uncle Brainiack?!
    Laura: *sees Professor Bluesmith and gets hearts in her eyes* PROFESOR NOAH BLUESMITH?!?! IS THAT YOU?!!!
    CM: Oh dear.........
    Dustin: Uh oh.....
    Randy: ......
    DR. Bluesmith: Yes?
    Dustin: Can you like..."defrost" Randy or something
    Laura: *hugs Dr. Bluesmith* I'M YOU'RE BIGGEST FAN!!!
    CM: You're Sia's uncle?!
    Pinky: This is getting stranger all the time.
    Dr. Bluesmith: Yes, I am. And I had no idea I had such a big fan. *pat's Laura's head*
    Laura: *sighs tenderly and faints*
    Dr. Bluesmith: Oh my.
    Crash Man: ...*his eye twitches* *thinks to himself* So my sister is in love with my girlfriend's uncle. O.o THAT will be weird.
    Yoko: *came out and saw Laura faint* PLease don't tell me theres another person who gets scared all the-- *sees Espio and Shadow* !
    Dustin: Hmm *gets a big fist and smashes the iceberg*
  • Randy: ........ *takes a deep breath* *pant* *pant* Thanks...*pant*
    Espio: *takes out a ninja star* *@Sabir* Leave or you'll get it.
    Sabir: *gulp* H-hey now, y-you wouldn't harm your future s--
    Yoko: ! *quickly covers Sabir's mouth* Uh, s-student, yeah. You see, we're from the future and he's your future student for the ninja stuff and all.
    Espio: I don't buy that. Leave or I'll slit both of your throats, you little brats.
    Yoko: Sheesh, and I though it was Shadow who didn't like kids.
    Austin: Hmmm....
    Espio: LEAVE! *throws the ninja star at Yoko's head*
    Sabir: Yoko! *block the star and it cuts into his arm* Agh!
    Yoko: Sabir! *gets really mad**to Espio* Is that how you treat your son?!
    Sabir: Yoko!!!
    Yoko: oopes...
    Espio: ...
    Espio: Get. Away. From. Me. Now.
    Dustin: *laughs* dumb*** hahahhaa!
    Yoko: Let's see if theres any bandages in the plane, Sabir. *goes back to the plane with Sabir*
    Espio: *glares at them as they walk away*
    Yoko: *glares back at Espio befor entering the plane*
    Q-Pid: *scared at what Espio did**quietly hides and whispers to Charmy* W-what's with him?
    Dustin: @Espio: Dude...whats your problem
    Charmy: I dunno.
    Espio: *throws a rock at Dustin's head*
    Dustin: Ow! *throws the rock back at Espio*
    Venomiss: Wow... When did he become cold as ice? *laughs*
    Sal: *punches Venomiss in the arm* Seriously, not a good time.
    Espio: *dodges*
    Dustin: *punches Espio*
    Espio: *dodges*
    Sia: Um, are you okay, Espio?
    Randy: *whispers at Austin* This guy cant dodge everything lets get em
    Sophie: Be careful!
    Randy: For you Sophie? Always.
    Espio: *turns invisible*
    Dustin: Wha? where'd he go?!
    Austin: i might be able to sense him somewhere...hmm
    Q-Pid: *whispers to Charmy* How ofter does he do this?
    Charmy: He's never done it before.
    Charmy: Except for when I accidentally lit his ninja star collection on fire.
    Q-Pid: *whispers* So then, what's wrong with him?
    Charmy: I dunno. Maybe he's just ticked because Black Doom's got Luna.
    Q-Pid: *whispers* Ah. *thinks to herself* How cute. he misses his love.
    Tails: Uh, guys?! Power Star!!
    Sal: Right. How are we gonna get it?
  • Tails: ...*sighs* I don't know.
    Lake: Sia could controll fire to melt the ice so we could get it, that is, IF there was fire anywhere here.
    Q-Pid: *whispers to Charmy* What did he do after, well, that, when you burned his stuff?
    Charmy: He got all mad and stuff, but not like this.
    Mario: Hmm.
    Q-Pid: How long did it take him to cool down?
    Charmy: About an hour.
    Charmy: He seemed much more........passive.
    Charmy: Hey! I said a big word!!
    Q-Pid: Yay! Good for you!
    Sia: I could try my Energy Balls, but it might take long then controlling fire.
    Tails: You'd never get to it. It's WAY too far down...
    Venomiss: So then what are we suppost to do?
    Fat Cat: *thinks, then tries taking a bite of the ice*
    Fat Cat: *his tooth chips off* owcherz!
    Venomiss: *to FC* Ideot Q-Pid: At least he tried.
    Fat Cat: Why is everyone spinning??? *passes out*
    Venomiss: I guess that's what happed to a cat when they loss a tooth.
    Q-Pid: Should we help him?
    CM: Uh....I guess.
    Ice Kirby: *blows on Fat Cat*
    Q-Pid: How is frezzing him gonna help?
    Venomiss: We'll worry about him later. Right now, we need to get to that star.
    Fat Cat: *frozen now*
    Ice Kirby: *blinks*
    Sia: Does the effects of that Ice Flower were off or something?
    Pianta: Not for a long, long time...
    Sia: *sarcasticly* Well isn't that perfect.
    Venomiss: Okay, you know what, I'm just gonna slice our way to that Power Star. *her neils grow long and she begins to slice though the ice*
    *the ice gets cut*
    Venomiss: *slices harder and faster*
    *finally she gets to the Power Star, but now she's trapped at the bottom of the hole she cut*
    Venomiss: ! Uh, guys. I got the Power Star, but now I'm trapped...
    CM: *flies down, grabs Venomiss by her underwear and pulls her back up to the surface of the ice, giving her a massive wedgie*
    Venomiss: ARGH!!!!
    Sal: Okay, now that's funny!
    Crash Man: *flies high above the ground with V, then drops her*
    Venomiss: OW! *gets up* Why I outtah!!!
    CM: *still in the air* Nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah!!
    Venomiss: *holding the Power Star* YOU'RE LUCKY THAT I CAN'T FLY, YOU #$%^&*(!!!!
    Q-Pid: *covers Charmy's ears*
    Lake: *covering Q's ears*
    Pinky: *covering Laura's ears*
    Laura: *covering Pinky's ears*
    Yoko: *in the plane covering Diamond's ears*
    Mario: *jumps up above the hut and snags a Fire Flower and turns into Fire Mario*
    Fire Mario: All right! *shoots fireballs at all the ice until it melts, and he turns back into Mario*
    Mario: I didn't see it!!
    Sal: Don't mind her, she's just mad. She'll cool down eventually.
    CM: *comes down*
    Sia: Now that we have this Power Star, are there others in the galaxy?
    Tails: Nope, not now at least.
    Pianta: By the way, do you know those guys?
    Pianta: *points to a Red Starshroom docked on the shore and several Toads around it*
    Mario: ?!
    Sia: *looks at Mario* Friends of yours?
    Mario: *runs over to them*
    Toad: Oh! Hi, Mario! It's us, the Toad Brigade!
    Sia: *flies to them* Hi there.
    Toad: *sees Sia* Hi! Princessa and Pac-Man are in the Dreadnought Galaxy, I think, and Oswald is with us in the Starshroom.
    Toad: He's pretty worried, so I think we should go looking for them.
    Sia: Great. Any news about the others?
    Toad: Not much! But Black Doom is capturing Wisps. We're not exactly sure why.
    Sia: Hmm... Alright, we'll head to Dreadnought Galaxy first, then we'll find more about what BD is up too.
    Toad: Hey! Can we join you guys?
    Sia: Of course.
    oad: I'm pretty sure Toadbert can get the Starshroom to orbit the Observatory. Right?
    Toadbert: *nods*
    Tails: *ahem*
    Dustin: Cool, a mushroom is joining us...weird.
    Sia: yes Tails?
    Tails: *cough**cough* Gimme credit *cough*
    Toad: Let's go! The Banktoad and the Mailtoad will help in any way possible, too!
    Toad: *gets on the Starshroom with the other Toads and flies to the Observatory, making it orbit it*
    Ruby: Can we tag along too? Dr. Bluesmith's equipment is set up on my plane.
    Rosalina: Sure.
    Baby Luma: Yay!
    Ruby: Okay, I'll fly my plane to the same cordinets that last ship flew to. *flies her plane to the Observatory's orbit*
    Lubba: Let's git crackin'!
    *in the Dreadnought Galaxy*
    Q-Pid: Wow. Some galaxy.
    Crash Man: This place is
    Dustin: This place looks awesome!
    Austin: Hmm, well this site looks interesting...
    Sia: Now where do we start looking?
    Oswald: Anywhere! Everywhere!! Just find the princess, already!!
    Q-Pid: *holds Oswald like a baby and rocks him gentally* There there, relaxe. It's all gonna be okay.
    Oswald: *hops away from Q* What are you DOING?!?!
    Q-Pid: Trying to comfert you.
    Dustin: @Oswald: *cough*ithinkshelikesyou *cough*
    Oswald: I'll look for her myself. *hops off angrily*
    Sia: Wait!
    *a bunch of Noddies are randomly scattered on the Dreadnought, where Oswald jumps onto*
    Sal: what the?!
    Kirby: *puts on a nightcap and turns into Sleep Kirby*
    Sleep Kirby: ...
    Sleep Kirby: *falls asleep*
    Venomiss: *to Kirby* This is no time to take a nap!
    Sleep Kirby: *gets hit by a Banzai Bill and gets sent flying into a black hole as normal Kirby* AAAHHH....
    CM: !
    Sia: !
    Venomiss: *shouts to Kirby* Didn't I warn you?!
    Kirby: KIRBY
    Randy: Woah...
    Venomiss: I though so!
    *thought so!
    CM: *runs to get Oswald* OSWALD, BE CAREFUL!! *trips on a Noddy*
    Noddy: *still asleep*
    Sia: You okay, CM?
    Randy: How is that thing still a sleep even when you trip on it?
    Austin: Its a Noddy. I'm pretty sure it can sleep through anything...
    Sal: Um, should someone get the pink guy?
    Noddy: *wakes up briefly, then goes back to sleep*
    Sia: Um, okay. Sal, go find Kirby while the rest of us looks for the others.
    Mario: Yup! *long-jumps into the black hole* *right before he goes in* ....what the heck am I doing? *gets sucked in* MAAAAAAMMAAAAA MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAA
    Sal: *sigh* Great now I have to look for a pinky power ball and a itailen plumber. *sarcasticly* Is there anyone else who wants to jump in the Black Hole?
    Dustin: I will! woo! *jumps in the black hole*
    Randy: wha-what?!
    Sal: *SIGH* That's enough, alright?! *flies in the Black Hole to look for them*
    Sia: Okay, let's go guys!
    Kirby: *inhaling an endless amount of Goombas that are in the black hole* *stops and swallows all of them at once*
    Mario: *runs to Sal*
    Sal: *sees Kirby* O.o
    Kirby: *puffs up and flies to Sal*
    Sal: Well, now all we need is a clueless stunt guy.
  • Mario: ...Dustin?
    Dustin: *cough* yeah? here
    Sal: Great, now let's get back with the others. *flies them to the heroes* Got 'em.
    Kirby: Hiiii!
    Sia: Are you guys okay?
    Kirby: *nods "yes"*
    Mario: *nods "yes"*
    Sia: Okay, that's good.
    Dustin: *cough* yeah im okay
    Austin: Are you sure you dont wanna keep Dustin in that black hole?
    Venomiss: *to Tails* Yo, fox kid, how close are we to a Power Star?
    Tails: Um......*looks at his scanner* All of the energy in the Dreadnought is interfering with my scanner.
    Venomiss: So then how are we suppost to find these stars?
    Tails: I dunno.
    Dustin: Think of something then!
    Sia: I guess we'll have to spread out and look for the stars through out this entire galaxy.
    Oswald: *far, far, far away* HEY! *hanging onto a chain* What are you guys doing?!
    Sia: Makeing an plan to find the Power Stars, Princessa, and Pac Man!
    Oswald: *climbs up the chain*
    Sia: I'll follow Oswald. Anyone else want to come with me?
    *Big Bob-omb is waiting at the top of the Dreadnought, where Oswald now is*
    CM: I will.
    Mario: Me too.
    Oswald: AAAHHH!
    CM: Uh-oh.
    Sia: ! Then we better hurry. *grabs CM and Mario and flies to the Oswald*
    Randy: Wait! Not without us!
    Austin: *draws 3 jet packs* Lets go!
    Dustin: wooo!!!
    Oswald: Buh-buh-buh...
    Big Bob-omb: *to Sia, CM, Mario and Oswald* Greetings! I am the Big Bob-omb, lord of all blasting matter!
    Sia: Um, good to know. *to Oswald* You okay?
    Big Bob-omb: On what order do you set foot on Black Doom's newly claimed Dreadnought?!
    Oswald: *scared of Big Bob-omb* *hides behind Mario*
    Big Bob-omb: *sees Mario* MARIO! My rival!!
    Dustin: Is that thing gonna blow up?
    Sia: Black Doom?!
    Big Bob-omb: I challenge you all to a duel!!
    Sia: But theres more of us then you. You would get beaten easaly.
    Dustin: Yeah man you suck.
    Big Bob-omb: *summons a big mech suit that wraps around him, and now he can control it*
    Big Bob-omb Mech: *aims the cannon at Mario*
    Princessa: *inside a glass dome in the mech that's visible from the outside*
    Sia: Look out, Mario!
    Princessa: Help!
    Pac-Man: *with Princessa*
    Mario: *dodges the Bob-omb BBM shoots at him*
    Oswald: *gets hit instead* AAAHHH! *flies off the edge of the Dreadnought, but grabs the edge*
    Mario: Oops.
    Sia: *shoots an energy ball at the glass dome*
    Sia: *flies to Oswald and grabs him and flies back to Mario*
    *the glass dome cracks a little, but doesn't break*
    Dustin: *uses his big fist to break the glass dome*
    Big Bob-omb Mech: *stomps around, then jumps up high into the air and comes slamming down on Sia*
    BBM: *therefore dodges Dustin*
    Sia: AGH!
    CM: *lifts BBM from behind and tosses him hard onto the dome*
    Dustin: What the?
    Austin: *Draws a rocket launcher and shoots it at the glass dome*
    Big Bob-omb: Oof! *gets up and dodges the rocket, then catches it and fires it back at Austin*
    Austin: *dodges* This guy....
    Randy: My turn! *runs up and slashes Big Bob-omb*
    Big Bob-omb Mech: *takes most of the slashes to it's arm*
    CM: Dang, this guy's good. Are you OK, Sia?
    Princessa: *inside* Ow!
    Pac-Man: *making angry Pac-Man noises*
    Big Bob-omb Mech: *slaps Randy away*
    Sia: *gets up* Yeah, I think so.
    Randy: arg! darn it!
    Austin: ENOUGH!....Lighting blade! *a big flash of lightning appears on Austin's hand* *runs toward Big Bob-omb*
    Big Bob-omb Mech: *shoots a Bob-omb at Austin, followed by a Banzai Bill*
    Austin: Argh! D*mn it!
    Dustin and Randy: *pant* *pant*
    Austin: *pant*
    Banzai Bill: *hits Austin*
    Sia: *shoots 10 energy balls at Big Bob-omb*
    Bob-omb: *explodes and hits Mario*
    Big Bob-omb: OW!
    Austin: UGH!...not over....not yet
    Mario: OW! *sent flying back to the other heroes*
    Oswald: *climbs back up, finally*
    Sal: *to Mario* What the heck is going on up there?!
    Mario: *grunts* The Big Bob-omb showed up...
    Mario: *grunts* Mama mia....*passes out from the pain*
    Q-Pid: Oh dear!
    Luigi: MARIO!!! *runs to Mario and puts a 1-Up Mushroom in his mouth*
    Mario: *wakes up*
    Mario: *gets up and runs back to the Big Bob-omb battle*
    Luigi: Good luck!
    Sia: *shoots more energy balls at Big Bob-omb* Take that!
    Dustin: *Turns both of his hands into a big fist* YOUR DEAD PUNK! *runs toward big bob-omb*
    Big Bob-omb: Don't waste my time. *flicks Dustin away with his big mech hand*
    Princessa: HELP!!!
    Pac-Man: HELP!!!
    Dustin: To much power man!
    Sia: Hold guys, we're comming! *gets an idea* This might me stupid, but it's all I have so far... *flies around untill she's flying really really vast and flies strait twords the glass dome, trying to break it*
    Big Bob-omb Mech: *gets hit by the energy balls* ARGH! *his robot arms fall off, leaving his normal ones* ...
    Big Bob-omb: *gets hit by Sia* OH NO!!
    *the glass dome breaks*
    Princessa: *lands gracefully onto the ground*
    Pac-Man: *falls on his head*
    Sia: *stops flying and foats in the air holding onto her head* AGH! That hurt!
    Dustin: Randy! quick do that thing where you create a big energy ball!
    Randy: Why? isnt he defeated?
    Big Bob-omb Mech: *loses it's shell leaving the Big Bob-omb standing only on his giant mech legs*
    Big Bob-omb: *blinks*
    Sia: *shakes her head and turns to Big Bob-omb* Now we've got you!
    Big Bob-omb: *turns and tries to run, but he trips on Mario and falls off the Dreadnought, into the black hole*
    Mario: ?
    Mario: What happened?
    Randy: Hes gone.
    CM: *facepalm*
    Sia: Well at least he's gone and we've got Princessa and Pac Man back.
    Princessa: Thank you for saving me! Pac-Man and I found a Power Star, too. *gives CM the Power Star*
    Randy: Awesome! a power star!
    Crash Man: *blushes* Uh, I, ah.....*Princessa kisses CM on the cheek*
    Sia: *a-hem*
    CM: *looks at Sia, sweating*
    Dustin: @Sia: Jealous much? Dont worry, youve got me here
    Sia: ... Anyway, did you guys found out where the others are?
    Pac-Man: Other Power Stars? There's one below the Dreadnought, but if you try to get it the Black Hole will suck you up...
    Toad: Darn...
    Fat Cat: Ooh! Pick me! Pick me! *raises his hand*
    CM: *rolls his eyes* Yes, Fat Cat?
    Fat Cat: Maybe we can closes the Black Hole by cramming stuff into it!!
    Sia: And what about our other friends? Do you guys know where they are?
    Princessa: We saw several piles of garbage on a planet nearby.
    Venomiss: Can that actually work?
    Princessa: And, as for your friends, we saw a Yellow Toad on a Pink Starshroom somewhere.
    Park Drone: *walks up to them* *talking really calmly and high-pitched like a nerd* Hello, kind sirs and ma'ams. Could I interest you in this lovely, Wumpa Whip-covered Golden Banana I found in a dumpster?
    Park Drone: It's to pay for my student loan.
    Park Drone: You could pay me in money, or maybe some macaroni....
    Dustin: Who are you?
    Sia: Um, I don't know. Should we?
    CM: Sure, how much?
    Park Drone: Maybe a box.
    CM: I meant money.
    Park Drone: OOO! Currency! Delicious currency. Maybe if you could spare 5 Coins...
    Dustin: 5 coins only?...Deal!
    Sia: Um, sure.
    CM: We only have 3.
    Park Drone: ...*disappointed* Oh.
    Mario: *runs around the Dreadnought, collecting random Coins he finds*
    Park Drone: Thank you, kind sirs! HA! Take THAT, college! Puh! ...I spit in my mask. *gives CM the Golden Banana*
    Sia: Nice job, Mario.
    Donkey Kong: *suddenly appears and slams down onto the Dreadnought from the sky*
    Sal: Donkey Kong?!
    Donkey Kong: OOOOOHHH! AAHHH AAAHH AH! *pounds the ground with his fists angrily*
    DK: *punches the Park Drone away*
    Randy: Whats up with Donkey Kong?!
    Park Drone: *gets sent flying to the garbage planet and lands in a bunch of garbage* Sometimes it's hard to be a woman.
    Donkey Kong: *takes the Golden Banana from Crash Man*
    Dustin: *Takes the Golden Banana from DK* Ill be taking that back thanks!
    DK: *dodges Dustin and runs down the Dreadnought*
    Mario: *chases DK with a hammer*
    Randy: Should we follow them?
    Sia: Um, what's going on with thouse two?
    Mario Get back here!
    Donkey Kong: *turns around and claps Mario between his huge hands, crushing him*
    Mario: Ow!
    DK: *runs away again, and gets onto a Rocket Barrel and flies away*
    Sia: ! *flies to Mario* Are you alright?
    Mario: *gets up* Ah-huh.
    Mario: *glares at DK as he flies away*
    Sia: Why did he attack you like that?
    DK: *flies right out of the galaxy*
    Mario: Probably to get that Golden Banana.
    Sia: That sound's silly.
    Randy: He does love bananas...
    Sia: Well, since we found Princessa, Pac Man, and a Power Star, should we head out to another galaxy?
    Dustin: Yep.
    Tails: Uh-huh.
    Sia: Then let's head back to the Observatory and find another Galaxy.
    *on the Observatory*:
    Yoko: *to Sabir* How's your arm doing?
    Sabir: Well besides the 4 stiches and the bandeges, it's great.
    Mario: *runs to the dark part of the Observatory* ? *gets lost*
    Sabir: Hey, where's Diamond?
    Yoko: He got scared and stayed in the plane after he saw, well, you know. *glares at Espio*
    Q-Pid: *follows Mario* It's dark here.
    Sophie: Randy! How was the trip?
    Randy: Pretty Violent. We had to face this big Bomb guy...
    Mario: *scared by Q* AAAHHH! *runs off the edge of the Observatory*
    *a bubble wraps around Mario and brings him back to it*
    Q-Pid: AH! *runs off another edge* AHH!
    *another bubble takes Q to the Observatory*
    Q-Pid: Cool!
    Sophie: Oh gosh! Are you okay?
    Q-Pid: Yeah, we're fine.
    *on the ARk*
    Luna: *searches more on the computer for her creation*
    Luna: *opens the Metroid file*
    *an pop-up appears onscreen*
    Luna: Huh?
    Luna: Another one? Hmm... *enters "Maria" as the password*
    Luna: Oh dear... What could this password be?
    *another pop-up appears and a video is on it*
    Luna: ? *clicks on the video*
    Dr. F: *on video, but his face isn't visible due to the extremely poor quality of the video* GREETINGS, GENIUS! I am Dr. *bzzt*! If you are seeing this, monkey, you are, too, challenged by the RIDDLE OF JUSTIN BAILEY!
    Luna: Riddle of wha?
    Dr. F: This video *beep* *squakzzz* is to help you decipher it! GO FORTH! FOR SCIENCE!!
    *a box in the back of the room Luna's in suddenly glows blue*
    Luna: ?! *walks to the box*
    Dr. F: YES! Open the box, silly fool monkey!! *a voice that sounds like Alexa comes from offscreen*
    Alexa's voice: Dr.--*buzz* *crackle*--keys are exploding!!
    Luna: ?!
    Dr. F: SUCCESS! Prepare the thermonuclear hamster-flavored milkshakes! Now, silly thingamajig, OPEN THE GLOWING BOX!!
    Luna: *opens the box*
    *a Metroid game cartridge and an NES, plus two controllers, are in the box*
    Luna: Hmm?
    Dr. F: YES! Go forth!! Connect the baubles you see to your nearest TV!!!
    Luna: *about to get the baubles, but then gets a thought and goes back to the computer* Is this live?!
    Dr. F: *sipping a smoothie*
    Luna: ? Um...
    Dr. F: If you have your baubles connected, click the link on the bottom right hand corner of this video....FOR SCIENCE!!!
    Luna: Hmm... *goes and connects the baubles and then clicks on the link*
    *another video opens up*
    Luna: Space monkey? But I am a hedgehog.
    Dr. F: Now, for the exciting part of cracking the code!! Insert the cartridge into the system and switch it on!! Then connect the two controllers!
    Luna: *inserts the cartridge into the system and connects the two controllers*
    *the Metroid Start Screen appears on the TV screen*
    Luna: Huh? Metroid?
    Dr. F: Now, play through the first level or until you get a delicious GAME OVER!
    Dr. F: Now, play through the first level or until you get a delicious GAME OVER!
    Luna: Um...
    Luna: *plays the first level*
    Luna: NARPASSWORD00000000000?
    Dr. F: Huzzah! You have cracked the RIDDLE OF JUSTIN BAILEY!!
    Dr. F: *claps* Let us celebrate with T.O.B.O.R. dancing like a monkey!
    T.O.B.O.R.: *offscreen* I don't want to!!
    Luna: Um... ! The password! *goes to the computer and types in "NARPASSWORD00000000000" as the password*
    *the video ends*
    Pop-Up: ACCESS............................
    Pop-Up: ACCESS..........
    Luna: *sweats alittle*
    Pop-Up: .....
    Pop-Up: ....ACCEPTED.
    *the Pop-up closes*
    Luna: *whipes her sweat**whew*
    *the Metroid file appears*
    Luna: *looks into the file*
    *there's an interesting part of the file that Internal Links: Project Moonstone--Infused with Metroid and Chozo blood upon creation."
    Luna: ! *clicks on the link*
    *the Project Moonstone page opens up*
    *it skips to the section "Creation"*
    Luna: ?! *reads the "Creation" section*
    *it mentions that she has Black Doom's blood to make her biologically Shadow's sister, Luna's blood to make her female, and Metroid blood to make her more vicious, although Gerald meant to add more to her, and also Chozo blood to give her wisdom*
    Luna: !! I... I am made of four diffrant types of blood?! Also... was there another Luna here? And why would they wish for me to become... more vicious?
    Page: Unlike Project Shadow, meant to be the Ultimate Life Form, Project Moonstone was meant to be the Ultimate Nightmare.
    Luna: Ultimate N-Nightmare?
    *on the Observatory*
    Sabir: *tries to punch with the arm that got cut* I think it's healing okay.
    Yoko: *to Espio* You know, I don't recall you ever apologiseing.
    Espio: *ignores Yoko and walks away*
    Dustin: That Espio dude is a big jerk....
    Yoko: *crosses her arms* What's with him?
    Charmy: *asleep*
    Q-Pid: *puts a blanket on Charmy**whispers to self* How adorable.
    Charmy: *wakes up and spazzes out* Huh?! Wha?! Where?!
    Sophie: @Charmy: Arent you tired?
    Q-Pid: Oh, sorry.
  • Rosalina: *asleep on the floor with a bunch of Lumas*
    CM: Uh...*walks around her*
    Sia: Why is she sleeping on the floor?
    *suddenly, a small but bright light appeares at the gate with a voice comming from it*
    ???: Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
    Q-Pid: Oh, a mystery! *grabs Espio and Charmy* Alright detectives, let's go solve a mystery! *runs to the gate while still grabbing them*
    Espio: Why me?
    Charmy: Why ME? I just wanna eat honey buns!
    Q-Pid: We can't ask trick questions yet. We haven't even met out suspect.
    Charmy: How do we operate without Vector or Mighty?
    Espio: *coughs*
    Charmy: Oh, um, right.
    *at the Gate*
    Q-Pid: Wow, what a nice planet. Alright. let's see what we can find! Let's split up and serch for clues! *pulls out a detective glass and look at the floor with it*
    Espio: *searches where the tall rocks are circled*
    Red Luma: *sitting in front of one of the rocks*
    Espio: Um...could you move, please?
    Red Luma: Why?
    Espio: It's kind of important.
    Red Luma: I'm all cozy.
    *theres a really familier female lying unconciouse in the middle of the rock circle*
    Red Luma: *looking at the female, eating an ice cream cone*
    Espio: !
    Charmy: Is she dead?
    *it's hard to tell who she is, because she's lying face down on the ground*
    Espio: *flips her over*
    *the girl is reviled to be Luna*
    Espio: Oh my god..
    Charmy: ! HI, LUNA! *waves* ...Luna??
    Q-Pid: *comes to them* Hey, you found Luna!
    Charmy: *shakes Luna violently*
    *a celibi flies to them carrying a smell shell filled with water*
    Espio: *stops Charmy*
    Celibi: Bi?
    Espio: ?
    Celibi: Bi bi! *dumps the water onto Luna's head*
    Red Luma: *gives Celibi his ice cream*
    Luna: *cough**cough**slowly opens her eyes* Huh?
    Celibi: Bi? *takes a small bite of the ice cream* Bi Bi!
    Espio: *looking down at her*
    Luna: *sees Espio* Espio?!
    Espio: *smiles*
    Charmy: Hi!
    Red Luma: Hi!
    Luna: *sits up* Is this... a dream?
    Celibi: *pinches Luna*
    Luna: Ow... *thinks to self* Wait.. this is real. *hugs Espio*
    Espio: *smiles again and hugs her back*
    Luna: I am over joyed to see thy once again. I have missed thy dearly.
    Charmy: Darn! You still talk funny.
    Luna: *pats Charmy on the head* It's nice to see you too, Charmy.
    Charmy: Wanna go eat honey buns and stuff?
    Red Luma: Ooo! Honey buns and stuff!
    Luna: Well-- *her stomach rumbles* oh. It appeares my stomach agrees with you. *giggles*
    Red Luma: Want some pie?
    Luna: Vary well then. Thank you for the offer.
    Red Luma: Ooo! How about ice cream pie?!
    Luna: Well, I have never tried an Ice cream pie befor.
    Red Luma: You'll love it! Come on! *flies out of the Gate*
    Luna: *kisses Espio on the cheek when no one was looking* I am truely joyfull to see thou again. *smiles at him and follows the Red Luma*
    Espio: *follows Luna*
    Charmy: *follows Espio*
    Q-Pid: *follows them*
    Celibi: *follows them*
    Red Luma: *gives Luna an ice cream pie and a fork*
    Espio: A fork? For ice cream?
    Red Luma: ... *gives her a spoon*
    Luna: *takes a bite of the ice cream pie with the spoon* Mmm, tiss delightful.
    Red Luma: I know!! I know!!
    Luna: *takes another bit with the spoon**to Espio* Would thou like a bite?
    Espio: No thanks.
    Luna: Vary well then.
    *when she's done*
    Luna: *to the Red Luma* Thank you.
    Tails: Hey, guys!
    Tails: I figured out how to get that Power Star in the Dreadnought!
    Q-Pid: Neat! We found someone too! *points to Luna*
    Tails: Oh, hi, Luna!
    Tails: Nice pants.
    Tails: Anyway, Fat Cat has a plan.
    Espio: You're going to go by HIM?
    Tails: Sure.
    Tails: It seems like a good try, anyway.
    Tails: Tell'em, Fat Cat!
    Fat Cat: K, so I eat a bunch of hot dogs until I'm about to explode, then we go to that galaxy and put me into the Black Hole!
    Q-Pid: Are you sure this would work?
    Fat Cat: And, so, the hole will suck out all of my hot dogs, and it gets all filled and closes, and you guys fly below me, and catch me when I fall!
    Fat Cat: Then we get the Power Star, and cake will be enjoyed by all!
    Q-Pid: *blinks*
    Tails: ...
    Fat Cat: What?
    Tails: Um, well, it's inventive.
    Fat Cat: YAY! *death-hugs Espio*
    Espio: Urgh!
    Princessa: When will we be going?...
    Luna: *to Fat Cat* Could thou please release Espio?
    Fat Cat: *looks at Luna* Ooooo! Nice pants. They really show off your butt!
    Espio: !
    Charmy: They do!!
    Luna: ?
    Fat Cat: *lets go of Espio*
    Q-Pid: Could we just tie a rope onto the person who would get the Power Star?
    Tails: No good. They'd get sucked into the Black Hole.
    Q-Pid: What about Sal? He flew into the Black Hole and managed to get out.
    Tails: The rope would get sucked in, too, and then the Observatory, and then the Starshroom, and then the Dreadnought, and then the Starship Mario, and then the--*cut off by Espio*
    Espio: We get it.
    Q-Pid: Oh.
    Sabir: *goes to the group* So where are we go-- *sees Luna* ! Um, excuse me. *runs to Yoko on the other side of the Observatory* I-- I just saw my--my mom.
    Yoko: Really? What did she look like?
    Sabir: Well, she's wearing a hot red sleavless top, and her black pants really show off her-- *slaped by Yoko* Ow!
    Yoko: *sarcasticly* Oh good, you'r nerves on your arm are still working.
    Tails: *wakes Rosalina up* Hey! Wake up.
    Rosalina: *wakes up* Wha? Power Star?
    Tails: Ah-huh. *Rosalina gets up*
    *at the Dreadnought Galaxy*
    Venomiss: *viles her nails*
    Fat Cat: *eats 3 million hot dogs*
    Fat Cat: *really, really, fat and big and round like a ball*
    Sal: Won't he get sick from eating all of that?
    *Shadow, Mario, Espio, Crash Man and Oswald roll Fat Cat off the edge of the Observatory, and Fat Cat lands face-first into the Black Hole, but he's so big he doesn't completely fit through, so he's safe*
    *Fat Cat opens his mouth*
    *the Black Hole's gravity pulls out AAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL of the hot dogs in Fat Cat's stomach*
    Fat Cat: *back to his normal size, and he isn't all round anymore*
    Sal: Is this actually working?!
    Black Hole: *closes*
    Fat Cat: Yay! *falls* SOMEBODEH CATCH MEH
    Sal: *flies to FC and catches him* You actually had a plan that worked. Impressive.
    Fat Cat: T'anks you!
    Fat Cat: *suddenly gets REALLY REALLY REALLY heavy*
    Sal: Whoa. When did you get so heavy?
    Fat Cat: When my stomach went back in place.
    Sal: Ah. *flies back to the Observatory and just drops FC*
    Fat Cat: *lands on his butt*
    Tails: *flies to the Power Star and grabs it*
    Sia: Nice job FC
    Fat Cat: *falls asleep*
    Q-Pid: Aw, cute kitty sleeping.
  • Tails: That was fun.
    Q-Pid: I agree!
    Sia: Let's go find another galaxy for our friends and Power Stars.
    Mario: *nods*
    Rosalina: *falls asleep again on the floor*
    Laura: .......What is with her.
    Q-Pid: Maybe she's so tired from being a mom.
    Luna: *looking up at the stars next to the Terrace* My, the stars are truely beutiful.
    Espio: *playing Sonic 6 for the Game Boy*
    Pinky: Is that Sonic 6?
    Espio: Yes.
    Pinky: Isn't that a pirated game?
    Espio: *stops playing and blinks*
    Q-Pid: *looks at the game* I thought detectives didn't play illigal games.
    Espio: I didn't know it was an illegal game.
    Q-Pid: Ooo.
    Pinky: I think that the organization Twin Eagles made it, using a Speedy Gonzales game as a base material.
    Luna: *looks at the foutain* Hmm... *goes there and looks around*
    Shadow: *staring at a Black Hole*
    Luna: *sees Shadow* Brother?
    Shadow: *turns around*
    Shadow: !
    Luna: Hello. Oh, I apologise, have I startaled thy?
    Shadow: I'm fine.
    Shadow: When did you get here?
    Luna: Befor we have traviled to what is known as Dreadnought Galaxy if I am correct.
    Shadow: Oh.
    Shadow: *looks back at the Black Hole*
    Luna: However, befor I appeared here, I have discovered intresting answers of my creation, and I wish to inform thy of this.
    Shadow: Answers like what?
    Luna: First, I have discovered that I was not created by only father's blood, but by others. In total, including father's DNA, I was created by four diffrant types of blood.
    Luna: One was from another female, who was also named Luna, for me as a female. Another from what is called "Chozo" for wisdom. And the last was to have me become more... vicious.
    Shadow: Chozo? *turns to her*
    Shadow: ...
    Shadow: .......
    Shadow: Huh.
    Luna: What?
    Shadow: That...sounds familiar.
    Luna: Does thou not recall meeting a creature named as such? I had thought thou was completed befor I was.
    Shadow: ...
    Shadow: I'm getting....a memory..........of..........................Maria........
    Luna: Maria?! *takes out the photo she found on the ARK* Is this her? *hands the photo to Shadow*
    Shadow: Yes...that's--THAT'S HER! *takes the picture* WHERE DID YOU GET THIS?!
    Luna: On the strange space coloney I was in. Since I was still a vampire at the time, father did not belive to be troublesome if I entered the coloney.
    Shadow: ?! How did you change back?
    Luna: Tiss a long tale.
    Shadow: *looks at the picture again, then notices Luna's clothes* What the........are you a model now or something? What's with the tight pants?
    Luna: I truely do not hold the answer. This outfit appeared when I have transformed into a vampire.
    Shadow: ...
    Shadow: Um.............I...............uh.........
    Shadow: I wanted to say I'm sorry for being so cold to you.
    Luna: Tiss alright. What has thou recalled of Maria?
    Shadow: ...That's not important right now.
    Shadow: I, um.....
    Luna: Yes?
    Shadow: I figured you'd like this. *gives Luna a Mini Shy Guy*
    Luna: *holds it* What is this?
    Shadow: It's a toy. I remember giving Maria a doll, and, well........... *blushes a little* I guess it came back to me.
    Luna: *looks at it* Tiss adorable. I thank thy for this gift, brother. *hugs Shadow*
    Shadow: Uh....
    Luna: *stops hugging* Oh, my apologies.
    CM: *runs up to them really fast and skids to a stop* Hey!! Luna! Rosalina wants to see you!
    Luna: Oh? Vary well then. *to Shadow* Perhaps we may continue this conversation in another time. *walks to Rosalina* Yes?
    Rosalina: Your name is Luna Moonstone, correct?
    Luna: Yes, tiss my name.
    Rosalina: *whispers* Come with me. *goes to the Terrace*
    Luna: Hm? *follows Rosalina to the Terrace* Yes?
    Rosalina: *goes inside it, then pushes a secret button on the wall and enters an elevator that opens up in the wall*
    Luna: A secret elevator?!
    Rosalina: Shh! Get in.
    Luna: *gets in*
    *the elevator goes down to a teleporter*
    Luna: May I ask why thou has brought me here?
    Rosalina: *takes the teleporter to the inside of a distant, floating satellite station, with cannons and other defensive mechanisms, plus.......well, satellites*
    Luna: What event is occuring here?
    Rosalina: *points to a computer screen*
    Luna: *looks at the computer screen*
    *there is a "WANTED" image of Luna on the Black Comet's streets*
    Luna: !!!
    Rosalina: The Black Comet is heading towards our Observatory, on it's way to Earth. If we change our flight path, we will miss nearly two dozen Power Stars.
    Luna: Oh dear. I have not known my disapearance from my father's sight would cause such things.
    Rosalina: That's what's terrifying--Black Doom had nothing to do with this poster.
    Luna: What?! Then who would be after me like this?
    Rosalina: I'm not sure. Tails, Polari, Toadbert and Laura are working on it.
    Rosalina: They're on this station, but have no knowledge of half of it's contents.
    Luna: Would it be better if... if I turn myself in?
    Rosalina: No. We don't even know who they are yet.
    Luna: So whoever they are, they are looking for me... how frightfull.
    Rosalina: Yes.
    Baby Luma: *flies out from inside Rosalina's dress* I'm scared, Mama!
    Rosalina: ! BABY LUMA!!
    Baby Luma: ...What?
    Rosalina: How long were you hiding in there?
    Baby Luma: An hour!
    Luna: What could we do?
    Rosalina: We're not sure if we should fight them. Or if we COULD. Anyway, if we're lucky, they will pass without attacking.
    Rosalina: ...Don't tell anyone, but this station is, in fact, orbiting the Observatory but at a massive distance.
    Luna: I see.
    Luna: I should remain hidden untill this mysteriouse comet passes, shouldn't I?
    Rosalina: Yes. I would recommend staying here in the station.
    Luna: Varywell then.
    *Night time*
    Sia: *to CM* Wow, the stars look amazing with this veiw.
    CM: Yeah...*falls asleep*
    Smerk: *falls asleep on CM's head*
    Sia: *looks at them* They look so cute.
  • Smerk: *snoring*
    CM: *snoring*
    Sia: *shakes CM and Smerk* Guys, wake up.
    CM: Wha? *wakes up* *yawns* I want waffles and bacon for breakfast....
    Sia: Sorry, not morrning yet.
    Sia: C'mon, let's hit the hey. We had a long day today.
    Smerk: Chao! *goes to the plane using the Pull Stars*
    CM: *follows Smerk*
    Sia: *follows them*
    *in the secret satellite station*
    Luna: *moveing around in her sleep, dreaming of a memory of the Chozos*
    *in her dream*
    *a tall, birdlike creature is standing over Project Moonstone*
    PM: *looks up at the creature*
    Creature: *looks at PM with a gloomy expression on it's face*
    PM: Y-yes?
    Creature: were created for destruction....Black Doom.......deceived us...
    PM: H-huh?
    Creature: We....the Chozo, were requested to donate blood to the Black Arms, to a revolutionary cause.....the creator of a defender of the universe.....
    PM: Defender of... the universe?
    Chozo: Black Doom lied. ........It was all a lie. As we speak, his forces are destroying our planet. Our people cannot fight the Metroids, Space Pirates, and Black Warriors all at once.
    Chozo: Please......stop him. Destroy the Black Comet...
  • PM: But am I really capable of destroying an entire comet?
    Chozo: Yes...
    PM: I... I promiss.
    A voice that appears to be coming from the Chozo: Wake up........hey! Luna, wake up.
    *in reality, Espio is shaking Luna*
    Luna: *suddenly wake up* Huh?!
    Luna: *quickly sits up and looksa around, then looks down* *pant**pant*
    Espio: You were sweating like a pig. You look like you wet yourself!!
    Luna: How... How long was I like that?
    Espio: Maybe half a minute. Ugh....I'm gonna go into another room. *leaves the room*
    Charmy: *flies in after a few seconds and sees Luna's sweat shadow on the bed* Whoa!!
    Luna: *looks at her bed* ! Um, tiss not what thou belives.
    Charmy: ...
    Charmy: Uh...*slowly walks out, then when he's in the hall Luna can hear him start running*
    Luna: *sigh**whipes some sweat off her forn head*
    Sia: *streches her arms and sees CM* he's so cute when he's asleep.
    Smerk: *on CM's stomach eating something Sia doesn't recognize*
    Sia: ? *to Smerk* What ya got there, Smerk?
    Smerk: ? *hides it*
    Sia: Please Smerk? Can I at least see it?
    Smerk: ...Chao...
    Smerk: *shows Sia what he's holding*
    Smerk: *holding a chewed-up, leaky battery*
    Sia: Smerk, that's a battery! It could have poisoned you! *takes the battery*
    CM: *wakes up* Huh?! Bad guys where!?
    Smerk: *his stomach starts to glow faintly and he swoons*
    CM: *sees Smerk's stomach* Oh my god, what happened to you, Smerk?!
    Sia: Oh my goodness! *takes Smerk to Rosalina* Excuse me, but do you know how to help my Chao here? I caught him chewing a battery, but I don't know if it has anything to do with the glowing or not.
    Rosalina: *wakes up* ? It definitely has something to do with the battery. Make a bag of the Mega Chili in the kitchen and mix in a gallon of Star Juice. He'll barf everything up in a half-hour and be fine. *falls asleep again*
    Sia: Ok, thanks. *goes to the kitchen and gets the ingredients* Okay Smerk, open up.
    Smerk: *opens his mouth wide*
    Sia: *pours the Mega Chili mixed with Star Juice into Smerk's mouth*
    *in 30 minutes*
    Smerk: ! *runs to a big cauldron and barfs everything in his belly into it*
    Sia: Looks like it did the trick.
    Smerk: Bleh!
    Smerk: *blinks*
    Smerk: *goes back to the plane*
    Sia: *goes to Smerk* Feeling better?
    Smerk: *nods*
    Smerk: *looks at CM, who's fast asleep*
    Smerk: ??
    Smerk: *looks at Sia and points to CM's head*
    Sia: Hmm... *reads CM's thoughts*
    *in CM's dream*
    *a much younger Crash Man is on a pirate ship sword-fighting with a young Kai*
    Sia: Oh my.
    *Young Crash Man is wearing the same clothes as Toon Link, except that they're blue, plus CM obviously has brown hair rather than blonde*
    *Young Kai is wearing the same clothes as Young CM, but his are red and, obviously again, his hair is red*
    Sia: Well this is interesting.
    Smerk: ?! Chao chao!!
    Sia: *to Smerk* Oh. CM's dreaming of his younger self fighting a youn ger Kai.
    Smerk: ! *hides*
    Sia: Oh no, Smerk. Kai isn't really here.
    Smerk: *whew*
    Sia: I wonder if this was real in Cm's early life.
    Young Crash Man: *gets tripped by Young Kai and falls on his butt, dropping his sword*
    Sia: *gasp*
    Young Kai: *has YCM pinned down and his about to stab him in the heart*
    Smerk: ???
    Sia: !! CM, NO!!!
    CM: AAAHHH! *wakes up and jumps ten feet into the air*
    CM: *comes back to the ground*
    Sia: Cm, are you alright?!
    Sia: You were haveing a bad dream and it scared me almost to death.
    CM: ...
    CM: *gets back in bed and turns away from Sia* Good night, and stay out of my dreams!
    Sia: I know, but it scared me. The thought of loseing you... *looks really sad, almost to the point of sheding a tear*
    CM: *pretending to be asleep*
    Sia: ...Cm...
    CM: *actually asleep now*
    Sia: *sits down on the floor**sigh*
    CM: *Snores*
    Smerk: *sits next to Sia* ?
    Sia: He told me to stay out of his dreams, and I don't want to make him more mad...
    Sia: *looks at CM* *sigh* Alright, one last time. *reads CM's thoughts*
    Young Kai: *has YCM pinned down and is about to stab him in the heart*
    *suddenly, a tornado appears in the distance*
    Young Kai and Young CM: *look at it* ?
    Sia: ?
    *the tornado heads toward the boat and sends it into the sky*
    Young Crash Man: AAAHHH!
    Young Kai: AAAHHH!
    Young Kai: *lets go of YCM*
    Sia: ! *covers her mouth so that she dosen't yell again*
    *they're reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaally high*
    Young Crash Man: *gets up and body-checks Young Kai hard*
    Young Kai: *flies off the boat* I'LL GET YOU SOME DAY! I SWEAR!
    Young Crash Man: *whew* *realizes he's still in the air*
    *the boat falls back down and splashes down into the ocean*
    Young Crash Man: *bounces off the deck of the ship and into the water* Oof! *glub* *gets back on the boat*
    Sia: *whew*
    YCM: *directs the boat towards a mountain in the distance, and the dream ends*
    Smerk: ?
    CM: *awake* Sorry I got mad.
    Sia: It's alright. *kisses CM on the cheek and smiles*
    CM: *blushes* ...You saw the dream, didn't you?
    Sia: Uh...
    Smerk: *nods*
    CM: *sighs* It's fine. Guess you know about the pirate ship?
    Sia: Uh, y-yeah.
    CM: ...And Kai?
    Sia: Uh huh... Sorry.
    CM: And the sword?
    Sia: Yep.
    Sia: Was all that real from when you were younger?
    CM: Yes.
    Sia: Oh my. Was that when you first met Kai?
    CM: Nope.
    Sia: Oh.
    CM: Maybe I can show you that ship when we get back.
    Sia: Okay, sure. *smiles*
    Smerk: Chao!
    Sia: Yes Smerk?
    Smerk: Chao. *yawns*
    Sia: *holds Smerk in her arms and rocks him like a baby* You must be sleepy, aren't you?
    *suddenly, a Greaper appears through the wall with a scythe*
    Sia: What the?!
    CM: A GHOST!
    Smerk: *terrified* CHAO!
    Sia: *shoots energy balls at it*
    Greaper: *dodges them and swings it's scythe at Sia*
    CM: *shoves Sia out of the way*
    Smerk: *faints*
    Sia: *to the Greaper* What do you want?!
    Greaper: Anything to reap??
    Sia: Nope, not here.
    Greaper: *swings it's scythe over it's shoulder and disappears into the wall*
    Sia: *whew* Well, it's gone now.
    CM: *whew*
    *on the satellite station*
    Espio: *checks on Luna*
    Luna: Oh, hello Espio. *theres a few papers with sketches next to her*
    Espio: Um...hello. What are you doing?
    Luna: I was unable to return to slumber, so I decided to draw a few things till I get tired again. would thou like to see one?
    Espio: Sure. *notices the Mini Shy Guy Luna has*
    Luna: ? *sees that he noticed her Mini Shy Guy* Oh this? Tiss a toy my brother has given to me yesterday.
    Espio: It's cute.
    Luna: I spoke simaler words thou has said to my brother when I recived this.
    Espio: *quietly* Where did he get that?
    Luna: *barley heard Espio* What was that, Espio?
    Espio: Nothing. Can I see your drawings?
    Luna: Certainly. Here, this is my favorite. *hands Espio an folded up peice of paper and blushes while doing so*
    Espio: *unfolds it*
    *it's a really good drawing of her and Espio sitting next to each other under a tree asleep holding hands*
    Luna: *blushes a little more*
    Espio: *blushes so much is entire body becomes bright red*
    Luna: Espio? Is thou alright?
    Espio: I'm fine. It's a great drawing.
    Luna: I thank thee. *theres another really good drawing of the Chozo she saw in her dream*
    Espio: *sees the Chozo drawing* What's that?
    Luna: Oh, this... *gives it to Espio for a better look* Tiss the creature I have seen in my troubled dream. But to be hounest, twas not a dream... Twas a memory.
    Espio: You SAW this?
    Luna: Yes. This creature is known as a Chozo. I recalled in my dream a conversation I once held with this Chozo long ago.
    Espio: Maybe you're a little TOO tired...
    Espio: I've got a radio, if you think that'll help you sleep.
    Luna: Perhaps, I thank thee, Espio. *smiles*
    Espio: *goes and brings the radio to Luna and plugs it in*
    Luna: Tiss sweet of thee for this, Espio.
    Espio: Don't mention it.
    Espio: Um...good night.
    Luna: Good night. *kisses him on the cheek befor getting in bed*
    Espio: *goes out of the room and leaves the door open a little*
    CM: *asleep, but having nightmares* *muffled* No...
    Sia: *checks on Cm* Cm?
    CM: *wakes up* Horrible nightmares...
    Sia: Cm, are you alright? What happened?
    Crash Man: I kept having nightmares about those ghosts...
    Sia: You mean that thing with the scythe?
    CM: Can you sleep with me? Please? In case I have another one?
    Sia: Ok. *gets in the bed*
    CM: *shaking all over*
    Smerk: *climbs up into the bed*
    Sia: It's okay, CM. I'm here. Nothing will happen.
    CM: O-Okay.
  • Crash Man: *falls asleep*
    Sia: *gos to sleep as well*
    Smerk: *eats an apple loudly*
    CM: *wakes up*
    CM: *blinks*
    Smerk: Om nom nom nom....
    Sia: *to Smerk* Smerk, please try to eat quietly.
    Smerk: Om nom nom.
    Sia: Smerk, please go to bed.
    Smerk: *frowns and puts the apple under the covers and tucks it in, then goes to sleep*
    Sia: *goes back to sleep*
    CM: *goes back to sleep*
    Crash Man: Zzzz....
    CM: Zzzz--*
    CM: *wakes up* AUGH!
    Sia: *wakes up* Huh?! CM, what's wrong?
    CM: Just another nightmare.
    Sia: I see. Don't worry, CM, Smerk and I are here. *smiles*
    Smerk: *wakes up and growls at CM*
    CM: *sweats*
    Sia: Smerk, calm down.
    Smerk: *takes a bite of his apple and falls asleep again*
    Smerk: *pees in his sleep*
    Sia: !
    CM: *feels something wet* Oh I bleeding?!
    CM: I feel faint....
    Sia: No CM, it's Smerk's pee.
    CM: ...I still feel faint.
    Smerk: *wakes up* ?
    Sia: Maybe you're tired.
    CM: Of course I'm tired. Wait...shouldn't you clean that up?
    Sia: Alright. *goes and gets a towl and cleans it up*
    CM: *asleep again*
    Smerk: *eats the apple loudly* Om nom nom nom nom!!
    CM: *wakes up* ! *his eyes are bloodshot*
    Sia: Smerk, put that away please.
    Smerk: *frowns and puts the apple on the ground by the bed*
    Sia: Thank you. *goes back to sleep*
    CM: *staring at the ceiling*
    Smerk: *falls asleep on Sia's face*
    Sia: *gentaly puts Smerk next to her* You alright, CM?
    CM: Yeah.
    CM: *falls asleep, but very slowly*
    Sia: *goes to sleep*
    Kirby: *tip-toes into the room and steals Smerk's apple*
    Smerk: ! CHAO!
    CM: *wakes up* !
    Kirby: *runs with the apple*
    Sia: Huh?!
    Smerk: *flies after Kirby*
    Sia: Should we stop them?
    CM: Zzzz...
    Sia: Hmm... *shrugs and falls asleep*
    Kirby: *runs past them again, with Smerk close behind*
    Sia: *wakes up* Guys, please stop it. People are trying to go to sleep.
    Kirby: *blinks, then eats the apple whole*
    Smerk: ... *gets back in bed and goes to sleep*
    Sia: *sigh* Thank you. *goes back to sleep*
    Smerk: *farts in his sleep*
    Sia: *smells it* agh... *outs her face down on the pillow*
    CM: *the smell causes him to have a nightmare*
    CM: The...the poison gas...seeping in!! AUGH! *wakes up*
    Sia: *wakes up* Huh?! Cm?
    Crash Man: Ew, what's that smell?!
    Sia: Smerk's fart.
    CM: Dang, what kinda apples does he eat?! *plugs his nose*
    Sia: I don't know, but let's concentrate on sleep. *goes to sleep again*
    CM: *to self* How the h*** do you concentrate on sleeping?
    Sia: Zzzz...
    Sia: *wakes up**yawn* Good morning, CM.
    CM: *yawns*
    Sia: *streches her arms* Ready for another adventure?
    CM: Yup, as long as it has nothing to do with Greapers.
    Lubba: Hey, guys! We're picking up Power Star energy in the Ghostly Galaxy again!
    CM: *faints*
    Sia: *shakes CM*
    Lubba: ...What's up with him?
    Sia: We had a bad night last night.
    Lubba: Oh. The spark went out?
    Sia: Wha? No, a Greaper came into our room last night.
    Lubba: A Greaper?! Brr. No wonder. We're already in the galaxy.
    Sia: Yeesh. Well let's get this over with befor another one comes.
    Lubba: Wanna hear something funny?
    Sia: Sure, what?
    Lubba: Wario and Captain Syrup are still fighting above the mansion,
    Sia: *laughs* Really? Wow.
    Lubba: Let's go! Rosalina has some Pop-Tarts for you in the Kitchen, if you're hungry.
    Sia: Alright. *goes to the kitchen*
    CM: *wakes up and follows Sia* Woofles...
    Sia: *to everyone in there* Good morning, guys!
    Fat Cat: Aww! We're out of woofles!!
    Sia: Um, right. So how is everyone?
  • Rosalina: *covered in crying young Lumas* Well, as usual, all of the Lumas are hungry at one time.
    Sia: Need a hand with them?
    Rosalina: I need a whole arm with them!!
    Sia: Well lucky for you I have two. Just tell me what I need to do, and considerate done.
    Rosalina: Go get a huge Pop-Tart the size of Mars. There should be one in that box in the corner. Err....just don't open it up in here.
    Sia: Ok. *goes to the corner and gets the box, then flies outside and opens the box*
    *a huge Pop-Tart comes out*
    *all of the Lumas flock to it and take bites of it*
    Rosalina: That should last them about an hour.
    Sia: It must be hard raising all these Lumas.
    Rosalina: Yes, it is.
    Rosalina: Especially the green ones...
    Sia: Why the green ones?
    Rosalina: Long story.
    Sia: Ah. Well, is everyone ready for the galaxy yet?
    Von Clutch: *bursts in* Mine fellow cosmic travelers!! I have an announcement to make!
    Venomiss: Oh joy.
    Q-Pid: What is it?
    Von Clutch: Ve now have even MORE opportunities to win Power Stars!!
    Sia: Interesting. And How's that?
    Von Clutch: It is HEAVEN! Especially when I introduce my clashing technology......which I seem to have left at home. Anyvay, zere are several galaxies zat have race tracks with Champions and Ghost Champions! If we beat zem, we get Power Stars!
    Von Clutch: Coincidentally, Ghostly Galaxy is one of them.
    Sia: Well we already won two races. This is really great info, thanks, Von Clutch!
    Von Clutch: And if we beat all of the Champions and Ghost Champions in zee UNIVERSE, zen vee vill be showered in zee GREAT REWARDS!!
    Venomiss: yay, more races...
    Von Clutch: Indeed, scary goth girl!
    Venomiss: That was sarcasim.
    Von Clutch: ...Oh.
    Von Clutch: Let us go!! *runs out of the Kitchen*
    Von Clutch: Um....why aren't any of you coming?
    CM: We're still eating breakfast.
    Smerk: Chao!
    Venomiss: *eating*
    Q-Pid: *whispers to Espio* Where's your girlfriends? Isn't she hungry?
    Espio: Go away.
    Q-Pid: just asking, sheesh. *eats her breakfast*
    *in Ghostly Galaxy*
    Q-Pid: Thi place still creeps me out.
    *Captain Syrup's airship and Wario's airship both go down in flames, landing on separate planets*
    CM: Whoa!
    Venomiss: Guess that means they're done fighting.
    Tails: Power Stars are in the mansion again.
    Sia: Then let's go! *goes to the mansion*
    Q-Pid: Why does it have to be in the masion again? Why can't it be some else, like a nice flower bed of something?
    Tails: The only flowers they have here are Piranha Plants.
    *everyone goes to the mansion*
    Sal: Well it looks like there wasn't much of a change here.
    *a Glum Reaper is guarding a door*
    Q-Pid: Except for the creepy guard...
    CM: YIPE! *jumps behind Sia*
    Sia: It's okay, Cm. I won't let it hurt you.
    Tails: Uh...can we get through this door?
    Glum Reaper: No. So says the Glum Reaper.
    Sia: Why not?
    Glum Reaper: The Glum Reaper is here for a purpose. I am guarding the contents of this room.
    Sia: Well we need a few of the contents to save the universe.
    Glum Reaper: The Glum Reaper *it's voice roars like thunder* GRANTS YOU NO ACCESS!!!
    Glum Reaper: *becomes violent and swings it's scythe at CM*
    Sia: *blocks the scythe* Whoa! Don't go and kill people here. We're trying to be nice here.
    Glum Reaper: *summons another Glum Reaper*
    Glum Reaper 2: *slices Venomiss with it's scythe*
    Venomiss: Great. We try to be nice, and all we get is a fight. *slices it's scythe in half* You DON'T want to fight me.
    Glum Reaper: *summons another scythe*
    Glum Reaper 2: *takes the scythe and slices CM*
    Crash Man: Owwwww.....*falls on the ground dead*
    Pinky, Laura, and Aerial: CRASH MAN!
    Sia: CM!!!!!
    Sia: *beats the s*** out of both the Glum Reapers*
    Glum Reapers: *become invisible*
    Sia: GET OUT HERE, YOU COWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Glum Reapers: *invisibly fly around Sal*
    Sal: *sences them* ! *shoots energy balls around them*
    Glum Reapers: *get hit, become visible, and fly away*
    Sia: OH NO YOU DON'T!!!!!!!!!! *flies after them and beats them so hard that she gave them alot of black and blue marks*
    Luigi: *feeds CM a 1-Up Mushroom*
    CM: *comes to life*
    Sia: *sees CM* CM! *flies to him and hugs him* I... I thought I lost you... *cries alittle*
    CM: What happened? Was that a dream?
    Luigi: Nope! *shows him a 1-Up Mushroom*
    CM: Oh. Thanks!
    Sia: *hugs Luigi* Thank you so much for reviveing Cm! I owe you one.
    Luigi: Forgeddabout it! *quietly* Everyone else does...
    Tails: *tries to open the door* Crud!! It's locked.
    Tails: Wait...*checks his scanner* Some sort of magical force is locking it.
    Sia: what kind of magic?
    Tails: Dark magic.
    Sia: Is there a way to break it?
    Tails: Probably by defeating the ghost that's causing it. But it'll take forever to track down that Glum Reaper again.
    Venomiss: so now what?
    Tails: FIND IT!
    CM: !
    Tails: ...Sorry.
    Venomiss: Sheesh. But you just said it'll take forever.
  • Tails: Um....well, I can build some sort of Dex to track it.
    Venomiss: Works for me.
    Sia: Well while you work on that, I'll fly around the mansion to see if they're still near. Anyone wanna come?
    CM: I will.
    Sia: Okay then. let's go. *flies around the mansion*
    CM: *follows Sia*
    Sia: *looks around for them*
    CM: *looks for them, but very cautiously*
    Sia: Any sight of them yet, CM?
    CM: Nope, thank goodness.
    Laura: *hears it* *facepalm*
    Sia: Where could they be...
    Tails: Done! *turns on a weird thing that resembles a mechanical Boo with a satellite on it's head, and puts on some headphones that are connected to it*
    Q-Pid: *sees it* AHH! A Boo! *hides behind Mario*
    Mario: *facepalm* Mamma mia.
    Sia: *hears Tails and flies to him* Nice work.
    Tails: Okay, they're over there. *points to a door*
    Sia: Okay then. *goes to the door*
    CM: *opens it*
    *the Glum Reapers are in the room*
    *Ashley is standing near them*
    Ashley: *to the heroes, angrily* What did you do to my Glum Reapers?!
    Sia: Us?! You should have seen what THEY did you US! They nearly killed my boyfriend!!
    Ashley: *stubborn* So what?! It was no reason to hurt them! All they want to do is reap.
    Sia: We were defending ourselfs!
    Ashley: Haven't you ever heard of using your words?!
    Sia: We tried that, and it ended up with then trying to slice our heads off.
    Ashley: Well, they had reason to.
    Sia: For what reason is nessicary to try to kill people?!
    Ashley: Well did you ever think that maybe you guys were annoying them?!
    Sia You don't kill people for being annoying! That's just messed up!
    Ashley: Why are you here?!!?
    Sia: We're looking for Power Stars. It's a seriouse matter that may as well be the vary fate of the universe.
    Ashley: Serious matter?
    CM: Yes.
    Ashley: *thinks for a minute* ...
    Ashley: Kiss my a**! *slams the door*
    Q-Pid: So rude!
    CM: Let us in!
    Ashley: *locks the door*
    CM: *tries to bust it down*
    Venomiss: If you value your life and the lifes of your reapers, then lut un if you littl brat befor I slice this door down!!!
    *then let us in you little brat
    Ashley: Nyah, nyah, nyah!!
    Venomiss: *so mad that her face turns red**her finger nail grow long and she slices the door to peices*
    Ashley: *unimpressed* *uses her wand to make a brick wall where the door was*
    Venomiss: Grr... Mud-Bud!
    Ashley: *laughing at V*
    MB: I throw poop! *throws large and extreamly powerfull mud balls at the bricks, trying to make them fall or break*
    *the bricks aren't damaged at all*
    MB: Waah!
    *inside, Ashley is sipping some soda and reading a magazine on the floor*
    Glum Reaper 1: *to the heroes* Stay back or suffer pain!
    Venomiss: You little!!! *kicks the bricks* I outtah!
    Sal: Venomiss, calm down. You're just waisting your energy kicking like that.
    Ashley: Yeah,so go away!
    CM: Maybe we can bribe her.
    Sal: But, that dosen't mean we'll give up. One ay or another, we will get thouse Power Stars.
    Ashley: What Power Stars?
    Lake: They're these stars with great power. We need them to charge up our Observatory.
    Ashley: *yawns* Go bore someone who cares.
    Sia: ... Come on, maybe we should come back later when that magic weres off.
    Ashley: HA! You have no basic concept of magic, do you, girl scout? The magic seal on that door can last for 3,000 years!
    Sia: WHAT?!
    Venomiss: Great, just great! How are we suppost to get the Power Stars now?!?!
    Ashley: W-ell...I MIGHT know...
    Sia: What do you want now?
    Ashley: Maybe...hmm....ingredients for a spell I'm working on might jog my memory.
    CM: Okay...what do you need?
    Ashley: A bar of gold, beast's eye, voodoo bunny and the hair of a 12 year old boy.
    *Ashley: A bar of gold, beast's eye, voodoo bunny and the hair of a 7 year old boy.
    Venomiss: Now where are we suppost to get all of thouse?! Sia: Stop complaining, Venomiss.
    Ashley: Also, tell my cheap boss Wario to give me a raise.
    Sal: Uh, right.
    Sia: Now where could we find all of thouse things?...
    Ashley: I'll be waiting in here.
    CM: *hears something going on outside*
    Sia: *hears it too* Huh? What was?
    *outside, Young Crash Man is on the Bouldergeist planet fighting hordes of Primids*
    Sia: *looks outside* ! W-What on earth?!
    CM: ? What?
    Sia: Cm, that's your younger self out there!
    CM: My wha?! You can't possibly be serious!!!
    Sia: I am, really!!
    Sabir: *to Yoko* You see what happenes, Yoko?! You tell my dad I'm his future kid, and now MORE time distortion stuff is happening! Silver and Blaze are SO gonna be p***ed at you.
    Yoko: It won't be just me. Remember what you told CM's sisters.
    Sabir: ... Oh yeah.
    Crash Man: ...
    CM: So....that's me from when I was seven years old?
    Sia: I think, but either way, he needs help. Let's go! *flies to him*
    Pinky: WAIT! If that kid IS you from the past...wouldn't you know it because it already happened???
    CM: Um...I dunno. *follows Sia*
    Sia: *shoots a Primid with her energy ball*
    Laura: This just keeps getting weirder.
    Young Crash Man: *sees Sia* Huh?
    Sia: You okay?!
    YCM: Who are you?
    Sia: A friend that you don't know... yet.
    *a Primid runs up behind YCM, but he punches it without looking behind him*
    CM: Whoa, I used to be the freakin' Zen master.
    YCM: Whatcha mean?
    Crash Man: Um, nothing.
    Sia: *shoots more Primids with her Energy Balls*
    *eventually, the Primids are all gone*
    Young Crash Man: Thanks.
    Sia: Don't mention it.
    *suddenly, a shot from a Dark Cannon turns YCM into a trophy*
    Sia: Huh?!
    Sia: *looks where the shot came from*
    Bowser: *holding a Dark Cannon* Gwarharhar!
    Sia: You again!
    Bowser: *takes the YCM trophy and hops into his Koopa Clown Car* HA! I'm the biggest, baddest brute around, and don't you forget it. *flies away*
    Sia: *flies after Bowser and shoots an energy ball at the propellers at the bottom*
    CM: ! NO SIA DON'T
    Sia: Huh?
    *the Koopa Clown Car sputters out of control and flies towards a Black Hole with Bowser and YCM's trophy*
    Bowser: EEEYARGH
    CM: *jaw drops*
    *Bowser, the broken Koopa Clown Car and the YCM trophy go into the Black Hole*
    CM: ...
    Sia: Um, sorry. I'll fix this! *fly into the Black Hole*
    CM: ......
    *in the Black Hole*
    Bowser: *on his belly* Hurf...
    Sia: *looks around for the YCM trophy*
    *it's nowhere to be found*
    Sia: Where did it go? If I don't find it, who knows what will happen to CM...
    *the Young Crash Man Trophy is being carried away by a Shy Guy Ghost*
    Sia: There it is! *flies to the Shy Guy Ghost* Um, excuse me, but I need that trophy. It's really important.
    Shy Guy Ghost: *shoots lightning at Sia*
    Sia: AH! *dodges* Hey, what's the problem?!
    Sia: *shoots an energy ball at the Shy Guy Ghost*
    Shy Guy Ghost: *flees away from Sia and drops the trophy*
    Sia: *catches the trophy and revives YCM*
    Young Crash Man: Whoa! That was...weird. But cool!
    Sia: You alright?
    Bowser: *grunts and gets up and roars*
    Sia: Uh oh, time to go! *flies away from Bowser, looking for an exit*
    YCM: Yeah. Is that Mr. Getsfoiledallthetimebythatredguywiththemoustache?
    Sia: Wha?
    YCM: The Bowser guy?
    YCM: Mr. Koopa.
    Sia: Oh, right.
    YCM: Yeesh.
    Bowser: *aims at Sia with his Dark Cannon*
    Sia: *notices Bowser* !
    Bowser: *shoots at Sia, but misses* ...D'OH!
    Sia: Ha! Work on your aim, shell head! *flies out of the Black Hole*
    CM: *Whew*
    Tails: Did you say he was seven?
    Sia: *lands on the Bolderghist planet* Found him.
    CM: Yes.
    Tails: *takes some tweezers and plucks out one of YCM's hairs from his head*
    YCM: Ow.
    CM: Now we need some gold, a beast's eye, and a Voodoo Bunny.
    Venomiss: And just how are we gonna find them?
    CM: I think Wario might have some.
    Mario: *nods*
    Sia: Right, I saw alot of gold with him.
    CM: *flies to Wario's crashed airship*
    Sia: *follows CM*
    Princessa: My, what gold...*starts stealing it, stuffing it in everywhere she can, in her pockets, in her bra, in her bandanna*
    Q-Pid: *sees Princessa* You're a princess, don't you have enough money and gold?
    Princessa: I need gold to fund Moonbrooke's reconstruction work.
    Q-Pid: Oh yeah.
    CM: Um, Mister Wario Man?
    Wario: *curled up in his gold, facing away from them and picking his nose*
    Wario: What?
    Sia: We need some of your-- Are you picking your noes?
    Wario: Wha? *turns around* *takes his finger out of his nostril* Uh, no.
    Wario: What do you want?!
    Sia: Uh... Well, we need some of your gold. It's important.
    Wario: WHAT?
    Crash Man: Just one bar.
    Sia: *nods*
    Wario: Grrr....*thinks about it*
    Wario: *sighs* Fine.
    Sia: Really? Thanks!
    CM: *takes a bar of gold out of Princessa's bra* Thanks!
    Princessa: !
    Princessa: Did you just...
    CM: What's left?
    Sia: CM...
    Crash Man: What? ...Oh, COME ON! It wasn't in there long.
    Sia: Alright. Well let's fin the other two items.
    CM: do we get a beast's eye?
    YCM: *sees Doom's Eye watching them* !
    YCM: *shoots an arrow at the eye, killing it*
    YCM: Done!
    CM: ...Dang.
    Sia: ! Isn't that BD's third eye?
    CM: ! It is!
    CM: Wonder what he's thinkin' now.
    Sia: And I wonder if that hurt Black Doom or not.
    Princessa: How do you propose we find the Voodoo Bunny?
    CM: I dunno. And Wario, Ashley wants a raise.
    Wario: No.
    CM: ...Okay, we tried.
    Q-Pid: Look around you, a creepy thing like that has to be here somewhere.
  • CM: Yeah, you're probably right.
    Sia: Should we split up and look around for it?
    ???: Delicious bandicoot! Make soup!
    Sia: Huh?
    CM: *looks where the voice came from* What the fu--
    *on a planet similar to the Bouldergeist Planet, six Voocoo Bunnies are chasing Crash Bandicoot*
    Young CM: ...Those sure look like Voodoo Bunnies, if there are such things.
    Sia: And they're chasing Crash. Let's go! *flies to that planet*
    Crash: *spins into a Voodoo Bunny*
    Voodoo Bunny: Ow!
    Sia: Crash, you okay?
    CM: *follows Sia with YCM hanging onto his legs*
    CM: Do you REALLY need to ask him that?!
    Sia: Well, I guess not. Anywho, let's get one of thouse Voodoo bunnies.
    Sia: *tries to grab a Voodoo Bunny*
    Voodoo Bunny: Voodoo Bunnies, retreat!!! *all of the Voodoo Bunnies spin their spears over their heads rapidly like helicopter blades, allowing them to fly away*
    Kirby: KIRBY! *does a Super Inhale and inhales one of the bunnies*
    Kirby: *spits out the Voodoo Bunny*
    Sia: Nice job, Kirby. *grabs the Voodoo bunny*
    Voodoo Bunny: What da voodoo!
    CM: Annnnd we've got everything we need.
    Sia: Let's get back to Ashley now. *flies back to Ashley*
    Ashley: *still inside the room being blocked by the bricks* Got everything?
    Sia: Yep!
    Ashley: *makes the bricks disappear one by one*
    Venomiss: Finally.
    Ashley: *looks at them to make sure they have everything* Okay, good. *takes everything and goes back into the room, and makes the bricks re-appear*
    Sia: Hey!
    Ashley: Hold on, I'm breaking the spell!
    Sia: Oh, alright.
    *suddenly, there's a weird noise inside the room she's in*
    Sal: ?
    *suddenly, False Ashley busts through the bricks with a Dark Cannon*
    YCM: Whoa!
    Sia: !
    *Ashley is a trophy*
    *the Glum Reapers fly away in fear*
    False Bowser: *standing behind False Ashley*
    Sia: *shoots Fales Ashley with 10 energy balls and False Bowser*
    False Ashley: *dodges them*
    False Bowser: *dodges*
    Tails: *runs*
    Luigi: *runs* AAAHHH!!!!
    Sia and Sal: *shoots then with multiple energy balls at the same time*
    Venomiss: Get back here, you cowards!
    False Ashley: *shoots a Dark Cannon blast at Sia*
    *Ashley's wand transforms into Red*
    Sia: *does a back flip and dodges*
    Red: *revives Ashley*
    Ashley: ?! *looks at False Ashley*
    Sia: *shoots another energy ball at False Ashley*
    False Ashley: *get knocked back into False Bowser*
    False Bowser: *grunts*
    Sia: Gottch ya
    False Bowser: *leaps into the air, smashing through the ceiling and crashing down onto Sia with his butt*
    Sia: Ah!
    CM: *lifts FB off of Sia and tosses him at FA*
    Sia: *gets up slowly* Th-thanks, CM.
    Ashley: *Red turns back into a wand and she shoots a ball of energy at FA*
    False Ashley: !!! *disintegrates into a bunch of Shadow Bugs*
    *the Shadow Bugs go away*
    Sia: That takes care of her. Now one last imposter left.
    False Bowser: *sees that and knows he's beaten* *glares at all of the heroes and Ashley* *roars* *disappears*
    Sia: Or not.
    Ashley: The magic seal on that door is broken.
    Sia: Great, thanks a lot!
    Mario: *opens the door*
    *there's a big treasure chest inside*
    Sia: Whoa.
    Mario: *opens the chest*
    *a Power Star is in it, along with Mallow*
    Sia: Alright! Wait... What's that?
    Dustin: Looks like a weird yellow puffball thingy.
    Austin: Its Mallow...
    Q-Pid: It so cute! *hugs Mallow*
    Mallow: ?! Who are you guys?
    Randy: Uh, were heroes
    Sia: People who are-- *cut off by Venomiss*
    Venomiss: Sia, don't say we're saveing the universe again. It's giving me a headache.
    Mallow: A scary guy put me in here.
    Sia: What did he look like?
    Mallow: Can I join you guys??
    Dustin: How did he look like?
    Sia: Sure, why not?
    Mallow: He was a big strong tiger.
    Mallow: Wait, I CAN?! This is gonna be so cool!
    Sia: That sounds like Tiney.
    Mallow: I have this cool psychic ability. I can read bad guys' minds!
    Sal: Just stay away from Shadow. He's afraid of cute things.
    Dustin: @Mallow: Yeah man! also you and me...with hot girls
    Young Crash Man: Wait...we're gonna be runnin' around with a psychic cloud?
    Yoko: It seems that we are.
    Randy: We are encountering some straaaaaaange people..
    Sabir: *to Randy* True that.
    Dustin: Heck, their not even people...just some weird creatures..
    *everyone there who's not human glares at Dustin*
    Yoko: *to Dustin* You know, just because we're not humans, doesn't mean we're weird*
    Dustin: Sorry guys, no offense.
    *in a secret wooden house hidden in a forest*
    *a purple hedgehog is useing a knife of sharpen a wooden spear*
    *theres a knock on the door*
    Hedgehog: Come in.
    *the door opens and Red comes in and walks to Raphael*
    Raphael: ... I thought you were dead. I heard what happened on that starship.
    Red: Well I managed to escape. I had to get rid of thouse pesky Egg Pawns so that Black Doom wouldn't notice my escape.
    Raphael: Of course. If you're here to hire me to get rid of him, you came to the wrong guy. I don't do assassination mi--
    Red: Oh, but I'm not here for him. I'm here for someone you might know. You see, I'm in need of revenge for her knocking me out. And this could be interesting for both of us. *hands Raphael a copy of the WANTED poster that was seen on the Black Comet*
    Raphael: ! *grabs it and reads it*
    *it says: WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE*
    Raphael: *smerks evily* Now this is interesting.
    Red: Whoever or whatever wants her, I'm sure she'll suffer. But to ensure that, we'll have to get her alive.
    Raphael: I'm in on one condition. Once that person has her, and if she'll be exicuted...
    Raphael: *stabs his knife at the poster right in between the eyes of Luna* I'LL be the one to finnish her off.
    Red: I'm sure we can have this client agree with thouse standards. Now, who's the one that want's her again?
    Raphael: *reads it to find a name or address of the client*
    *there's an address of "26528, Warehouse #80,799, Lot 3"*
    Raphael: Hmm... All that's here is an address, but no name.
    Red: Let's not worry about that now. First we need to find her. And luckly, I placed a tracking divice on her while she was unconciouse one time.
    Raphael: Then what are we waiting for, let's get our revenge. *Red telaports himself and Raphael away*
    *back in the mansion of Ghostly Galaxy*
    Sia: How many Power Stars are left here?
    Tails: 3.
    Sia: Where's the clostest one?
    Tails: Outside, on that planet YCM was on.
    Sia: Okey then, let's go guys! *flies to that planet with everyone*
    Young Crash Man: *looks around* ?
    *Bouldergeist pops out of the ground*
    Sia: Not YOU again!
    Q-Pid: *faints*
    *three Bomb Boos appear*
    Bomb Boo 1: *rams into Sia*
    Sia: Ow!
    Bomb Boo 1: *explodes*
    Sia: *gets flied back by the explotion and hands off the edge of the planet*
    *hangs off
    CM: *helps Sia up*
    Sia: Thanks.
    Bomb Boo 2: *get it's tongue grabbed by Mario, who swings the BB around and around until it hits Bouldergeist*
    Sal: *shoots energy balls at Bouldergeist*
    Bouldergeist: *part of it's stone exterior gets knocked off by the Bomb Boo's blast* Argh!
    Sia: That's how we'll beat him! *grab's the other bomb boo and swings it till it hits Bouldergeist*
    Bouldergeist: *unaffected by the energy balls, but more of it's stone gets destroyed by the blast* Argh!!!
    Sal: Great, but now we're out of boos.
    *a Bomb Boo sneaks up on Sal and explodes*
    Sal: Ah!
    Sal: *gets up, but is really weak now*
    *six Bomb Boos appear*
    Sia: *grabs the tongues of two of the bomb boos and swings them to Bouldergeist*
    Bouldergeist: *hit, and now his weak point, the dangly red thing, is exposed*
    Sia: *shoots energy balls at the weak point*
    Bouldergeist: ARGH!!! *vanishes in a ball of bright light, leaving a Power Star*
    Sia: Alright! *grabs the Power Star*
    Mallow: Sweet!!
    *suddenly, a new foe appears*
    *it looks like MissingNo.*
    CM: Wha??
    YCM: Wha??
    Sia: Is that... MissingNo ?!
    MissingNo.: *transforms into a Bowser Jr. look-a-like*
    Mallow: *uses Psychopath (his psychic mind-reading ability) on MissingNo.*
    Sabir: Whoa!
    Mallow: It says this:
    Mallow: "I will glitch this world!!"
    Sia: Yeah right! Like that's gonna happen! *shoots an energy ball at Missing No.*
    MissingNo.: *absorbs it, then shoots a very powerful blast back at Sia*
    Sia: ! *dodges it*
    MissingNo.: *wraps itself into a ball of light and rolls around the planet, becoming bigger and bigger and bigger*
    Sal: That dosen't look good.
    MissingNo.: *stops and returns to his Bowser Jr. form, and he's gigantic*
    Red: *shows up and shoots a blast of dark magic at MissingNo., knocking it off the planet*
    MissingNo.: *falls into a Black Hole, which closes up*
    Red: *whew*
    Sia: That remineds me of when CM and I fought a gian Bowser.
    *reminded me
    CM: Except....uh, completely different.
    Ashley: *on the same planet as them all of a sudden* Red, get back here!
    Red: *flies back to Ashley and transforms into her wand*
    Sia: Yeah.
    Ashley: You guys are helpless. Don't you know that energy balls only get you so far?
    Sal: Um, well...
    Ashley: Aku Aku should be able to help you. I think he's in the Starshine Beach Galaxy. Anyway, I have things to do...bye. *disappears*
    Sia: Okay then. Let's meet him there after we get the other two Power Stars.
    CM: Right.
    Fat Cat: *farts*
    CM: *smells it and gags*
    Q-Pid: *wakes up and smells the fart, then faints again*
    Fat Cat: Sorry, I had a garlic-sardine-horseradish calzone with extra mustard.
    Young Crash Man: Gak!
    *the stench clears away*
    Sia: Riight. Well let's get thous other Power Stars. Wheres the next one?
    Tails: *looks on his scanner*
    Tails: In Captain Syrup's ship.
    CM: ...Yay.
    Mario: Well, let's-a-go!
    Sia: Right! *goes to her ship*
    *Mario, CM, Princessa, and YCM follow Sia, also with Mallow and Fat Cat*
    Captain Syrup: *barking out orders to her crew* C'mon, you lunkheads!! This ship won't fix itself! You!! Are you trying to fix that with a WRENCH?! You need a HAMMER, smart guy!!!
    Sia: Oh my. How bossy.
    Captain Syrup: *turns to Sia and crew* What are you here for?
    Sia: The Power Star.
    Captain Syrup: No way! I found it fair and square. It's MINE now!
    Captain Syrup: Begone with you! *a bunch of Egg Pawns escort them away*
    Sia: Now what?
    Mario: Maybe-a Wario can help us!
    Sia: Alright then. *finds Wario* Um, excus us.
    Wario: *picking his nose* Huh? *takes his finger out of his nose&*
    Wario: Wha?? No more treasure!!
    Sia: No, we ned your help with Syrup.
    Wario: Her again?
    Wario: Ah, fine. Lead the way--but I expect something in return!
    Sia: Over there. *points to her ship*
    Wario: *goes to the ship with Sia, CM, YCM, Mallow, Fat Cat, Mario, and Princessa*
    Sia: So what's then plan this time?
    Wario: Uh.........*scratches his butt* Hmmm.....AHA! I got a good plan, but we'll need someone who's good with explosives!
    Mario: Hmm...
    Fat Cat: *thinks*
    Fat Cat's Mind: 2+2=.......UH......BACON?
    Sia: Um...
    Mario: I-a think that the Kongs know a bear who is handy with bombs!
    Sia: Okay then.
    Mario: *stubborn* But they-a will never side with us...
    Mario: *sighs*
    Princessa: Perhaps we could bribe them?
    CM: With what? Bananas?
    YCM: ...
    Crash Man: .......Right. Let's find some bananas.
    Sia: But where could we find some?
    Sia: ! I think I got it! Wheres a TeleShoppy?
    *a de-activated Hovering TeleShoppy Block is in a force field at the end of a bottomless pit*
    Mario: ...Well, there goes THAT idea.
    Sia: Darn...
    Wario: Nuh-uh!
    Wario: We still got hope!
    Wario: *takes out a cell phone and punches in a number*
    Sia: : What are you?
    Wario: *calls Dr. Crygor* Hey! I'm in the Ghostly Galaxy. ...OF COURSE I NEED YOUR HELP! WHY ELSE WOULD I CALL?! ...Okay, thanks.
    Wario: *ends the call*
    Sia: Um, what was that?
    Wario: Dr. Crygor's gonna be here to help us.
    *Dr. Crygor flies up to Wario*
    Dr. Crygor: Greetings! I am Dr. Crygor!
    Sia: Hi. I'm Sia.
    CM: Hi.
    Mario: *to himself* Wario has some weird friends.
    Wario: How do we get to that TeleShoppy Block?
    Dr. Crygor: *examines the pit, then the force field, then Sia, then the block, then the pit, then Mario, then the pit, then Sia, then Wario, then Princessa, then the force field*
    Wario: How? HOW?
    Dr. Crygor: She has the book of bridge-building in her possession!
    Dr. Crygor: I believe she is in my lab aboard the Dreadnought!
    Wario: *gets so mad he throws his hat on the ground and stomps on it* Argh!!!
    Crygor: Alas! The Dreadnought is a moving galaxy! It is currently passing this one!
    Sia: Could you sed her here?
    Crygor: Alas! The Dreadnought is a moving galaxy! It is currently passing this one!
    CM: Oh, that's good.
    Sia: So is she on her way here?
    Crygor: Nope. After all, YOU called me. Why should SHE have to come here?
    Sia: Oh.
    Wario: *sighs*
    Crash Man: Guys, stay here. Wario and Sia, come with me.
    Crygor: *yawns*
    Sia: Ok. *follows CM*
    *CM flies to the Dreadnought with Wario hanging onto his legs and trying not to look down*
    CM: *lands on the Dreadnought*
    Wario: Finally!
    Sia: *lands* Now where is she?
    Crygor: *all of a sudden pops up out of nowhere*
    Wario: GAH! *falls over on his back*
    Wario: *gets up*
    Sia: Whoa! You startled us.
    Dr. Crygor: My lab is deep inside the Dreadnought! You can take the elevator there.
    *an elevator is near them*
    Robotic Elevator Person: Going down!
    Sia: Oay then, let's go! *goes to the elevator*
    *the others go in the elevator*
    *the elevator goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down*
    Sia: wow, we're going really down.
    *the elevator stops and opens up at Crygor's lab*
    Sia: Nice place.
    *the lab has a blueish hue, and Penny is at a table putting a robot together, and a broken Wario Bike and Wario's TV are in the corner*
    Wario: HEY! Why aren't you working on my bike?
    Penny: ! *shoves the robot off the table and onto the floor where Wario can't see it and turns around* I was just about to start on it, Mr. Wario.
    Wario: Hmph.
    CM: Your grandpa said you had some sort of bridge-building book?
    Penny: Oh, yes! What do you need it for?
    CM: ...Uh, to build a bridge.
    Penny: Oh, OK. *gives Crash Man a book*
    CM: Thanks!
    Penny: Don't mention it.
    Sia: Now let's get building!
    *Wario and CM get into the elevator*
    Sia: *goes to the elevator*
    Robotic Elevator Person: Going up...going up...*the elevator closes and they go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up and then the elevator stops and opens*
    Sia: *leaves the elevator and goes back to Ghostly Galaxy with the others*
    CM and Wario: *get out*
    CM: How do we use this thing?
    Crygor: Open it, then a bridge will appear in front of you!
    CM: *opens it and a bridge appears over the gap, and now they can get to the force field*
    Sia: Neat.
    Young Crash Man: *tries to break the force field*
    *the force field isn't damaged at all*
    Sia: Now how do we break that orce feild?
    *thst force feild?
    Penny: *flies to them on a rocket-powered platform* I figured you might need some help.
    Penny: *looks at the force field, then takes out a scanner and scans the field*
    Penny: You'll need a RYNO to break this.
    Sia: Whats the vanilla fudge is a ryno?
    Penny: They're highly illegal missile launchers that were deemed to dangerous for civilian use. They're only available through black market vendors.
    Crygor: Very pricey!
    *a satellite pops out of Penny's scanner*
    Penny: .....................There's one available for purchase in this galaxy from a Dry Bones.
    Sia: How close is it?
    Penny: It's on the roof of the mansion near a big chimney. You'll need 5,000 Coins to purchase it, however.
    CM: *jaw drops*
    YCM: *looks at Wario*
    Wario: What?
    Wario: ........*runs to go protect his gold* NO! IT'S MINE!!!
    Sia: Come one, Wario. Wee need it to get that Ryno.
    Mario: *tackles Wario and pins him down* Go! Grab some gold!
    Wario: NO!
    Sia: *grabs enough coins t buy the Ryno* Sorry Wario.
    Wario: Argh!
    Crash Man: Let's go find that Dry Bones. *flies to the mansion's roof* I don't see it.
    ???: *in the shadows* Pssst! Hey, buddy.
    CM: ?
    Sia: Huh?
    ???: Over here.
    ???: Rip You A New One.
    CM: What did you just say to me?!
    ???: The R.Y.N.O. It's the most advanced missile launcher in the universe.
    Sia: Who are you?!
    *a Dry Bones steps out of the shadow of the chimney*
    Dry Bones: *holding a R.Y.N.O.* Pretty cool, eh??
    Dry Bones: It can be yours for 5,000 Coins.
    Sia: Here. *gives the Dry Bones 5, 000 coins*
    Dry Bones: Hey! Now we're talkin'. *gives Sia the R.Y.N.O.*
    Sia: Thanks. Now we can break that force feild.
    Wario: Heh heh! *takes the R.Y.N.O.* This thing looks powerful!
    Sia: Be carefull with it.
    Sia: Let's head to the force feild. *flies to it with everyone*
    Wario: *aims the R.Y.N.O. at the force field* Heh heh heh heh......*shoots seven missiles at the force field that explode on impact* *the force field explodes*
    Wario: *gets knocked back* WAAAAH!
    Wario: *lands on his butt*
    Sia: *coveres her eyes durring the explotion*
    YCM: *temporarily blinded*
    *the TeleShoppy Block is now on the ground*
    Mario: Now how do we fix it?
    Crygor and Penny: *fixes it*
    Wario: Duh.
    *the Hovering TeleShoppy Block is now working and hovering*
    Sia: Yes!
    Wario: *gives it a whack and Broque and Broggy come onscreen*
    Broque: 'Ow can I help you today?
    CM: We need lots of bananas.
    Sia: *nods*
    Broque: Oh.......I am sorry, madams and monsieurs, Monsieur Dingodile has already bought them all.
    CM: WHAT?
    CM: Where is he now?!
    Broque: I believe he is in zee same galaxy as you. He bought zem about an hour ago and broke my TeleShoppy Block. So rude!
    Sia: Let's go find him and teach him some manners.
    Mario: Where would he be??
    Broque: Perhaps in the boiler room of the mansion.
    Sia: Let's hurry then. *goes to the boiler room with everyone*
    YCM: *kicks open the door*
    YCM: *quietly* Ow, ow, ow, ow...
    Sia: Dingodile, where are you?!
    *there's a huge pile of bananas in the middle of the room, on a wooden platform that has ropes attached to it*
    Sia: Carefull, that might be a trap.
    *the platform gets raised*
    *Dingodile lands on the ground from out of nowhere*
    Sia: What the?!
    Dingodile: 'Ello, mates. Have fun with my twin?
    Sia: If your definition of fun is creeped out, then yes, we had alot of fun.
    Dingodile: Heh heh heh! If you want these bananas, don't even bother trying to get them! I know why you want them!
    Dingodile: *uses his flamethrower to burn CM, Mario, Wario, YCM, Princessa, Fat Cat and Mallow*
    CM, Mario, Wario, YCM, Princessa, Fat Cat and Mallow: OW!
    Sia: Oh you're gonna pay for that! *punches Dingodile in the face*
    Wario: Why you--*aims the R.Y.N.O. at Dingodile*
    Dingodile: *dodges Sia and the R.Y.N.O.'s missiles, and the missiles home in on Sia*
    Sia: ! *dodges and tries to lead them back to dingodile*
    Dingodile: *dodges them and they hit the wall and explode, leaving a gaping hole*
    Sia: *shoots 10 energy balls a Dingodile*
    Dingodile: *makes a huge wave of fire that burns everyone in the room but him*
    Sia: AH!!!
    *everyone runs out of the boiler room*
    Sia: *gets out of the room as well*
    Dingodile: Come back when you're ready to actually CHALLENGE me!! HAHAHA!
    Penny and Dr. Crygor: *fly in through an open window*
    Crygor: Did you have success?
    CM: No.
    Sia: Not really.
    Penny: Was it his fire wave attack that got you?
    Sia: Yeah.
    Penny: AH! We can help you with that!!
    Mario: Have-a you got a Fire Flower?
    Penny: No, but I DO have a Pyrocitor! ...Well, I HAD one. Someone stole it....
    Sia: Who?
    Penny: How am I to know? I wasn't there. Someone broke into the lab and stole it.
    Sia: So now what?
    Penny: It was quite amazing, really.
    Crygor: They forced open the elevator door, smashed the security camera inside it, destroyed the robotic elevator person, and destroyed the steel container it was in.
    Penny: We thought it might be DK, but it was impossible. Even HE couldn't do all that.
    Sia: Then who could?
    Sia: Hmm... Well if we can't use that to stop him, then maybe we should try a divertion. I'll destract Dingodile while you all go and get the bananas.
    Crygor: We found traces of robot oil at the scene of the robbery.
    Penny: And, the camera caught a glimpse of the intruder.
    Sia: Robot oil huh? Can we see the camera fotage please?
    Penny: *makes a TV pop up out of nowhere, showing a picture of T.O.B.O.R.*
    Sia: What kind of robot is that?
    Penny: We think it's a Sim-created automaton.
    Sia: What's a Sim?
    Penny: *looks over to Crygor*
    Crygor: *looks over to Penny*
    Crygor: *bursts out laughing with Penny*
    Sia: What?
    Wario: HEY! Quit insulting us!
    Penny: *stops laughing* Sorry, Mr. Wario. Anyway, a Sim is similar to a human, albeit shorter and with mitten-like hands and no noses.
    Sia: DO you happen to know where any near by sims could be? Maybe they'll know something about this robot.
    Crygor: Dr. F is in the galaxy!
    Sia: Alright then, let's find him and ask him about this.
    Dr. Crygor: COME ALONG! *flies outside and comes back in a rocket ship that's big enough for the heroes to get into*
    Mallow: I should have Psychopathed him....
    Sia: *gets in*
    *everyone else gets in*
    *the rocket flies to a creepy-looking rock planet that resembles Dr. F's head*
    Sia: What the?
    *there's a Warp Pipe where Dr. F's nose would be that leads to the inside of the planet*
    Sia: Why does this remind me of the Death Star?
    Dr. F: *inside, talking to Alexa* Alexa, where is T.O.B.O.R.?! We must begin the hamster fusion experiment!!!
    Sia: Um, excuse us.
    Alexa: I'm not sure, he hasn't been back since he went to go steal Dr. Crygor's Pyrocit--*sees Sia* Um, hello.
  • Sia: Um, call me crazy, but it sounds to me that you two have something to do with that robot that stole our friend's item.
    Dr. F: Robots? Dr. F does not make robots! Dr. F makes KILLING MACHINES!
    Sia: That's even worse in this case.
    Dr. F: Worse? It is BETTER!
    Alexa: Um, we're a little busy, so could you leave? We're kind of behind schedule.
    Sia: After you answer some of our questions. Do you guys know anything about a Robot breaking into Dr. Crygor's lab?
    Dr. F: I insist, we have no robots! Have you ALREADY forgot the killing machines?!
    Sia: Uh...
    Alexa: Okay, okay, we sent Tobor to go steal it.
    Alexa: But what else could we do?!
    CM: Um.....that depends...
    Alexa: Oh, yeah. Anyway, we're over budget AND behind schedule, and we had to sell something to get some money.
    Penny: So you stole from US?!!!
    Alexa: I said sorry!
    Sia: We need that item you stole. Its really important.
    Alexa: *sighs*'t know where it is. Tobor hasn't returned since he went to steal it.
    Sia: Then let's look for him. He might be in trouble. More then he already is.
    Alexa: He's probably still on the Dreadnought somewhere.
    CM: Okay, let's go. *flies to the Dreadnought with the others*
    Sia: *looks around* Now if I was a robot that stole something, where would I be?
    CM: *looks around* Think like a robot, think like a robot....
    Sia: Um... *tries to think like a robot, but ends up thinking about giving someone a glass of juice* ?
    Wario: Beep, beep, boop, beep!
    YCM: *looks up at the garbage planet* Maybe he's up there.
    Sia: Hmm... *looks some more* ... Dang it where is he?
    Sia: Okay, let's see. *flies up there with the ohers*
    ???: *in a robotic voice* HEY, YOU! FLESHY!
    Sia: *looks where the voice came from*
    *Tobor's head is on the ground near a pile of coffee grounds and egg shells*
    Princessa: *sees the head* *gasps and faints*
    YCM: *catches her*
    Sia: ! Um... *walks up to Tobor's head* Um.. where's your body?
    Sia: Sheesh, sorry.
    Sia: Um, sure. We'll help get your body back.
    Sia: *sigh* Alright. *to the heroes* Let's get started. *looks for Tobor's parts*
    Young Crash Man: *belly-flops into some garbage* Whee!
    Penny: ...Oh dear.
    Crygor: *searches for Tobor's parts*
    Crash Man: *sees Tobor's left arm lying on the ground and grabs it*
    Sia: *sees his legs* Aha! *walks over to the legs*
    *the legs run away*
    Sia: Hey, get back here! *flies after the legs*
    *the legs burrow through a mountain of garbage*
    *the garbage tips and lands on Sia*
    Sia: *befor the garbage lands* Oh come on! *after* *sigh* I'm gonna need to take a looong shower after this... * looks through the garbage*
    *the legs are flailing around, trying to get out of a gooey substance*
    Sia: Heh, I got you now. *grabs the legs by their ankles* Aha! *sees the gooey substance* What is that stuf?
    ???: *in the gooey substance* I think it's pudding.
    Sia: Huh?! *looks closer at the substance* Who was that?
    ???: I'm the Park Drone from earlier.
    Park Drone: Help! I can't move.
    Sia: Okay, hold on. *gets the drone out of the substance*
    Park Drone: Thank you, ma'am, can I interest you in this lovely right arm?
    *the Park Drone is holding Tobor's right arm*
    Sia: Oh yeah! We need that!
    Park Drone: I can give you it for 20 Star Bits.
    Sia: Deal. *gives the drone 20 Star Bits*
    Park Drone: Thank you. *gives Sia the arm*
    Sia: No, thank you! *takes the arm*
    Park Drone: *walks away, but then trips and falls into another pile of goo and gets completely covered in it* Darn it.
    Sia: Need a hand?
    Park Drone: No, I'm used to this.
    Young CM: *finds Tobor's torso* Cool.
    Sia: Alright then. *takes tobor's legs and arm to his head* Well I found an arms and two legs. Heh.
    Tobor: Fine!
    YCM: I found a torso.
    CM: I found an arm.
    Tobor: Great! Now all I need is my other arm.
    Sia: you have three arms?
    Penny: *puts Tobor back together*
    Tobor: Cool! Now I can go deliver that Pyrocitor to Dr. F!
    Penny: Um, we'll be needing that back.
    Tobor: ...
    Sia: We need that Pyrocitor, so we can get bananas, to bribe kongs to use bombs on a pirate ship, so that we could get a Power Star/
    Tobor: NO WAY!!!
    Tobor: You'll have to get through ME to get it!!!
    Sia: Seriously, I don't want to fight so only to go looking for your parts again.
    Tobor: ROAR! *shoots lasers out of his eyes at Sia*
    Sia: Whoa! *dodges* Yeesh, I didn't think it would be this hard getting a Power Star.
    CM: Yeah, one lousy Power Star. We deserve a GRAND STAR for all the cr*p we've been going through!!!
    Tobor: *gets really huge and roars, then hops off the planet and onto the Dreadnought*
    Sia: Exacly my thought! *shoots 10 energy balls at Tobor*
    Tobor: *rides the Dreadnought like a horse and rams into the garbage planetoid*
    Mario: *falls over*
    Sia: Ahh!!
    Crygor: *goes into a shack on the planetoid and sees some buttons and levers that allow him to move the planetoid like a rocket*
    Tobor: *beats his chest and flies back away from the planetoid*
    Sia: What the cheese nuggets is his problem?!!
    Tobor: *about to ram the planetoid again*
    Crygor: *makes the planetoid avoid Tobor*
    *Tobor flies past them*
    Sia: *whew*
    *laser cannons come out of the shack's roof and shoot Tobor 10 times*
    Sia: *shoots 20 energy balls at Tobor*
    Tobor: *unnaffected by the balls, but hurt by the lasers* *squee* *bzzzz*
    Crygor: YES!
    Sia: Is he done yet?
    Crygor: *shrugs*
    Penny: *holding onto a pole*
    Wario: *holding onto the shack*
    Sia: CM, are you doing okay?
    Crash Man: *both he and Young Crash Man look sick* I'm fine.
    Sia: *gives them a bucket* Here, just in case.
    Tobor: *shoots lasers at Sia*
    Tobor: *surfing on the Dreadnought now, about to hit the planetoid*
    Crygor: *charges up a laser shot and blasts Tobor in his stomach*
    Sia: *dodges the lasers*
    Tobor: *bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
    Sia: I think it might be over now.
    Tobor: *makes the Dreadnought shoot Bullet Bills at the planetoid*
    Sia: Oh come on!
    Wario: *shoots the R.Y.N.O.'s missiles at all of the Bullet Bills, destroying them*
    Princessa: *wakes up, sees Tobor, and faints*
    Sia: Nice job, Wario!
    Wario: Heh heh heh!
    Tobor: *flies to the planetoid without the Dreadnought, about to punch it*
    Sia: Oh no!
    Crygor: *shoots 10 lasers at Tobor's face*
    Tobor: *knocked back* *electrocuted*
    Tobor: *returns to normal size* *falls* AAAHHH.......
    Crygor: *makes the planetoid catch Tobor*
    Tobor: Oof!
    Sia: *walks to Tober* Are you done now?
    Tobor: Um, sorry about that, fleshies.
    Tobor: Dr. F implanted a chip in my head that makes me go on the defensive all the time. But, thanks to you, it got knocked out!!! WOOO!!! Here's the Pyrocitor!
    Tobor: *gives Sia the Pyrocitor*
    Sia: Thank you.
    Tobor: *flies away to the Dr. F planet*
    Crygor: Let us flee! *flies back to the Ghostly Galaxy with the others*
    Sia: Now we can take on Dingodile.
    Pinky: I have to pee!
    Q-Pid: I hope they're alright. They've been gone for a while now.
    Venomiss: Pee as far away from me as possible.
    Sabir: *sees Espio and walks to him* Um... *takes out a deck of cards that came from nowhere* Wanna play cards?
    Pinky: *goes to the edge of the planet and undoes his zipper*
    Espio: ...Okay.
    *several Dark Chao suddenly appear*
    Smerk: !
    Sabir: Alright. *sets up the cards* Um, listen... I'm sorry for-- *sees the Dark Chao* Huh?
    Dark Chao 1: Chao!!
    Dark Chao 2: Chao chao! Chao!
    Yoko: *to the Dark Chao* Hello there. What brings you all here?
    Smerk: *hides behind Yoko*
    Dark Chao 3: *at Yoko* Grrr!
    Yoko: *whispers to Smerk* Don't worry, I'm like a Chao whisperer. *to the Dark Chao* What's wrong? Is something troubleing you all?
    Dark Chao 4: A bunch of new things are invading our galaxy!
    Yoko: You mean like the pirate ships?
    Dark Chao 5: And other stuff!
    Dark Chao 6: Like zombies.
    Dark Chao 7: And bunnies!
    Yoko: Zombies and bunnies?! Can you describe what they look like?
    Dark Chao 1: They have beaks and skeletons--
    Dark Chao 2: --and big ears and toilet plungers!
    Dark Chao 3: We're fine with ghosts, but not those!
    Dark Chao 4: They stole our eggs!
    Yoko: Beaks, skeletons, and big ears the size of toilet plungers. Okay, hold on. *to the heroes* Guys, these Chao need help getting their eggs back. We have to hlep them.
    Pinky: *walking back while zipping his pants up* Why?
    Laura: Because it's the right thing to do.
    Yoko: Exacly! And who knows what they'll do to the baby chao if they hatch.
    Aerial: Okay, let's go.
    Athena: *nods*
    Sia: *goes into the boiler room with the others* Dingodile, where are you?!
    Dingodile: *standing near a crane* So you came.
    CM: Yeah, an we're gonna kick your butt.
    Dingodile: Oh? And how will you do that?
    Wario: *takes out the Pyrocitor*
    Dingodile: *the smile on his face disappears* Oh.
    Sia: So unless you want to get beaten up, you better just give us thouse bananas.
    Dingodile: *laughs and hops into the crane, activates it, and lifts up the bananas to where the heroes can't reach them, then hops out*
    Dingodile: *makes a ring of fire so the heroes can't escape*
    Dingodile: Do your worst.
    Sia: Okay then, you asked for it. *uses the Pyrocitor on him*
    Dingodile: AH! *gets burnt bad*
    Dingodile: *shoots a wave of fire at Sia*
    Sia: *dodges*
    Wario: *takes the Pyrocitor from Sia* Gimme that!
    Wario: *uses the Pyrocitor on Dingodile*
    Dingodile: OWW!
    Dingodile: *runs*
    Sia: Oh no you don't! *flies infront of him and punches him in the face*
    Dingodile: *accidentally runs into the fire ring and lights on fire* *runs out of the ring and out of the room* AAAHHH!
    *the ring of fire burns out*
    Mario: *uses the crane to bring the bananas to where the heroes can reach them*
    Sia: Looks like we won. Now let's get thouse bananas to a kong that know how to use bombs.
    *everyone goes to the Dreadnought*
    Donkey Kong: *standing on a tower* Ooh ooh ooh ohh!!!
    Penny: Mr. Donkey Kong?!
    DK: ?! *jumps down* Grrr!
    Sia: Calm down, we just need your help.
    Mario: We-a need you to connect us with that bear you know who's-a handy with bombs.
    DK: Ha! DK no help you! Why DK help you???
    Wario: These are why! *shows him the bananas*
    Donkey Kong: *sees them* OOO OOO OOO OOO!
    DK: DK help you!
    Donkey Kong: *calls out to Diddy Kong*
    Diddy Kong: *lands on the Dreadnought from in the sky* What's up?
    Donkey Kong: Go get Boomer! We have bananas!
    Sia: This is going quite nicely now.
    Diddy: OOO! Bananas! *takes one and eats it, then tosses the peel, and flies away using his Rocket Barrel Pack*
    Diddy: *flies back with a cell phone and hands it to Sia* That's him!
    DK: *eats a banana casually*
    Sia: Okay. *in the cell phone* Um, hello. We need your help with bombs.
    Boomer: *on the phone* A-Are you in the Ghostly Galaxy? Because I have a thing about ghosts.
    Sia: Not yet, but we need to go there for your help. It's really important.
    Boomer: I-I can't. I just can't. I'm sorry. ...
    Boomer: Maybe if you got me a flashlight?
    Boomer: And some Bear Coins? About, 10?
    Sia: We have a glowing box, is that good?
    Boomer: Great! But I still need the Bear Coins, in exchange for my services.
    Sia: Um, hold on. *to CM* He says he need Bear Coins. Do we have any?
    CM: I've never heard of them.
    Sia: Oh man. Then what are we gonna do. He'll only help us if we give him 10 bear coins.
    Diddy: Ooo! Did you say Bear Coins??
    Sia: Yes, why?
    Diddy: There are some in the mansion in Ghostly Galaxy!
    DK: *nods*
    Sia: Okay then, thanks for the tip! *on the phone* We'll have the coins, but it'll take a little bit of time.
    Boomer: OK, put me on hold.
    Sia: Okay. *puts him on hold* Let's go get some Bear Coins.
    Sia: *goes back to Ghostly Galaxy with the others*
    *in the mansion*
    Sia: *looks for Bear Coins*
    Mario: *sees a coin with a bear on it* Would this be a Bear Coin?
    Sia: I think so.
    Mario: *uses the cell phone's camera to snap a picture of the coin and send it to Boomer*
    Boomer: *on the phone* Yup, that's a Bear Coin!
    Sia: Alright, so we need 9 more Bear Coins.
    Crash Man: Yup.
    Sia: *looks around and finds another one* Here's one! *picks it up*
    CM: *into the phone* Did you hear that?
    Boomer: Uh-huh.
    Sia: Okay, where's the next one?
    Wario: Hmmm.....*looks around*
    Penny: *finds a Bear Coin in between some books on a shelf*
    Sia: Now we have three!
    Sia: This is actually alot more easyer then I thought it would be.
    Princessa: *looks for Bear Coins*
    Princessa: *sees the hole Wario made in the attic* Hmm.
    Princessa: *goes into the attic*
    Sia: *follows Princessa*
    Princessa: *sees 5 Bear Coins*
    Princessa: *grabs them* Yes! 2 to go.
    Sia: Nice thinking Princessa.
    *a Boohemoth has been hovering over Sia and Princessa*
    Sia: *looks at the Boohemoth* What the?!
    Boohemoth: *makes a Boo noise and chases them*
    Sia: Ah! *grabs Princessa's hand and gets out of the atic*
    Princessa: !
    Boohemoth: *tries to follow, but he can't fit through the hole*
    Sia: *whew* That was close. You alright, Princessa?
    Princessa: I think so.
    Wario: What happened? ...DID YOU TAKE MY GOLD?!
    Sia: No, we found 5 more Bear Coins and were chased by something up there.
    Wario: Oh.
    Sia: Now only two more to go.
    Mario: *runs down the hall*
    Mario: *breaks a wooden crate and finds a Bear Coin inside*
    Mario: Wa-hoo! *grabs it*
    Sia: *sees Mario* Only one more left. We rock at finding Bear Coins!
    Boomer: *on the phone* Why can't I have luck like you guys??
    Sia: *talks on the phone* Don't worry/ When we meet, we'll share some od our luck. How does that sound?
    Boomer: Great!
    Wario: Uh, guys...*points to a horde of Boos, Octoboos, Glum Reapers, and Greapers heading their way*
    Young Crash Man: WHOA! *runs*
    Sia: Oh come on! Just when I thought this would be easy. *runs with CM*
    Boomer: What's going on?
    Sia: Um, we kinda lost our luck. We're being chased by a huge army now.
    Boohemoth: *eats all of the ghosts*
    CM: O_O
    Princessa: *almost faints again*
    Sia: Did that thing help us?
    Mario: Maybe, but in a minute it's gonna help itself to us!
    Sia: You guys all get out of here. I'm gonna stay in here untill I get that last Bear Coin.
    Penny: *puts on a pair of weird-looking techy goggles* It's got a Bear Coin inside it.
    Sia: You mean inside the Boohmoth?
    Penny: I'm afraid so.
    Mario: Try shining a lot of light on it!
    Sia: The Glow Cube! *takes it out and shines it at the Boohmoth*
    *Glow Block
    Boohemoth: *unaffected*
    Mario: *points to a row of glass circles on the ceiling*
    Mario: Try turning on the lights in those.
    Sia: Okay. *flies to them and turns them on*
    *the lights shine of Boohemoth, defeating it and making it disappear, leaving the Bear Coin*
    Wario: *grabs it*
    Wario: *grabs the phone* We got your money!!
    Sia: Now let's get out of here!
    Boomer: When should I come?
    Sia: How about NOT in the mansion?
    Boomer: Okay! I'll arrive at that planet that looks like a scientist's head, okay?
    Sia: Okay. I'll make this trip quick. *teleports herself and the heroes with her to DR. F's planet*
    *a bear arrives on a Rocket Barrel*
    A bear: Are you guys the ones who asked for my services?
    CM: You're a bear?
    A bear: Yup! All my life.
    A bear: I'm Boomer. We spoke on the phone.
    Sia: Right. Heres the Bear Coins. *gives Boomer the bear coins*
    Boomer: *counts them* ...8, 9, 10. They're all here! *pulls out a briefcase* Lead the way.
    Sia: Okay. *teleports the heroes and herself to where Syrup's ship is*
    Captain Syrup: *sipping a soda while watching her crew work*
    Boomer: *opens his briefcase* So, you wanna blow up that ship?
    Wario: *nods*
    Boomer: TNT, bomb, or Bob-omb?
    Sia: What's the diffrance?
    Boomer: None really, but some people are finicky.
    Sia: Oh, ok. Any one of thouse will be fine I suppose.
    Boomer: *takes out a normal bomb, lights it, and throws it at the ship, then runs* GET DOWN!
    Sia: *runs and hides behind a big rock*
    *everyone else hides*
    Syrup: *sees the bomb* ! *runs and hides behind the same rock as Sia*
    Sia: ?!
    *the bomb explodes, completely destroying the ship and all of it's robotic crew*
    Wario: HAHA!
    *in the rubble, a Power Star is glowing*
    Wario: *grabs it* Oh yeah!
    Sia: Well, at least we got a Power Star. Though it felt like all of that should have been for a Grand Star.
    Boomer: A Grand Star? Heck, I have one of those! I have no use for it though, so you can have it. *gives Sia a Grand Star*
    Captain Syrup: *enraged* I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!!! *flies away in a Koopa Clown Car*
    Sia: Whoa, thanks! *grabs it* Now this is satisfying.
    Sia: Let's get back with the others to find the last Power Star here.
    CM: *teleports them to the others*
    Boomer: *hops onto another Rocket Barrel and flies out of the galaxy*
    Venomiss: Where the heck were you all?! We've been waiting for you forever!
    CM: Shut up.
    Yoko: *to the Dark Chao* Now where did you see them with your eggs?
    Dark Chao 1: *points to a very dark-looking planet*
    *the planet has a Warp Pipe leading inside it*
    Yoko: Okay. Everyone, this way! *finds a way to get to the planet*
    *everyone follows*
    Dark Chao 1: *peeks down the pipe*
    Dark Chao 2: *accidentally knocks Dark Chao 1 down the pipe*
    Dark Chao 2: !
    Dark Chao 2: Oops...
    Yoko: *goes down the pipe to follow Dark Chao 1*
    *Sia, Sal, Sabir, and the File Fiends follow*
    *everyone else follows*
    *they're in a dark cavern*
    *the Dark Chao are all huddled together and shivering*
    YCM: *looks around*
    Yoko: *to the Dark Chao* No no, it'll be okay.
    Sia: *takes out the Glow Black and shines in the cavern*
    *the entire place has some sort of weird sticky black goo all over the walls and some of the floor*
    *the goo drips down onto Sia's head*
    Sia: Ew. What is this stuff?
    Crash Man: Don't ask or we might find out.
    *a Rabbid is trapped in the goo*
    Rabbid: *can't see the heroes because it's head is stuck in goo* MMMMMMPH! *flails around and whacks Venomiss*
    Venomiss: Ow!
    Rabbid: *squirms*
    Sia:*to the Rabbid* What are you doing here?!
    CM: *shoots an energy ball at it and it flies out of the goo and falls on the ground*
    Rabbid: *dizzy* *gets up* Ooh...
    Sia: Do you guys think Black Doom might be involved with this goo?
    Sal: Possibly.
    Mario: *nods*
    Sia: We might find out the deeper we get, so let's go! *goes deeper into the cavern*
    CM: I feel kinda claustrophobic...
    Aerial: Suck it up.
    Crash Man: ...
    Sal: By the way CM, how many siblings do you really have?!
    CM: Well, Mom and Dad and 8 sons and 8 daughters.
    Sal: O.o
    Aerial: What?
    Pinky: *just as confused as Aerial*
    Venomiss: You mean theres actually 16 of you?!
    Crash Man: ...
    Laura: Seriously, what's so weird about that?
    Sia: Guys, just leave it alone. How deep is this cavern.
    Penny: ...It looks pretty deep.
    Sia: Should I just telaport us to the end of this cavern or something?
    Tails: No, the eggs could be anywhere. We might miss them.
    Sia: Alright.
    Sabir: *whispers to Espio* Um, hey. I know it might not be a good time right now, but I need to ask you about something.
    Espio: What is it?
    Sabir: It's, um, well... It's about... girls.
    Espio: Why are you asking ME?
    Sabir: Uh... Because, well... let's just say I trust your judgement better.
    Espio: Okay.
    Sabir: Well, uh, there's this girl that, for some reason, I feel weird when it feels like I'm alone with her, and uh... She's, well... kinda in this group right now with us.
    Espio: The Chao whisperer?
    Sabir: Uh, y-yeah. I don't know why I feel weird when I'm alone with her, it's just... well...
    Espio: *rolls his eyes* You'll figure it out sooner or later.
    Sabir: You think so?
    Espio: Yeah, just give it time.
    Sabir: Okay, thanks. Also, I... I wanted to say that I got you mad yesterday. I don't know what I did, but I'm sorry anyway.
    Dark Chao 4: *gets stuck in some goo*
    Espio: ...
    Yoko: *pulls the Chao out of the goo*
    Dark Chao 4: *looks up at Yoko*
    Yoko: You okay, little guy?
    Dark Chao 4: *nods*
    Dark Chao 5: *runs forward, deeper into the cave and trips*
    Yoko: Okay, good. *sees DC5 and goes to it* Be carefull now, little guy.
    Dark Chao 5: *gets up and dusts itself off*
    Q-Pid: Are we there yet?
    Pinky: No.
    Q-Pid: Awww! Venomiss: Suck it up, Q.
    Dark Chao 1: *walks up ahead*
    Mud-Bud: Goo Goo! *belly flops in the goo*
    CM: .....Wow, NightDusk's got a lotta power eh?
    Sia: What do you mean?
    CM: I mean, well, Mud-Bud went from....sanity to belly-flopping in cr*p and making baby noises.
    *a Metroid appears from the goo and attaches itself to Mud-Bud's head and drains his life energy*
    MD: Urf...
    Venomiss: ! Get off from him! *her nails grow long and she slices the Metroid*
    Sia: What was that thing?!
    Penny: A Metroid, a parasite that feeds off I really need to explain what a parasite is?
    Sia: Could they be responcible for the goo?
    Penny: *scans the goo with her scanner* My scans are showing traces of them in the goo, as well out of the goo.
    Sia: Okay.
    MB: *covered in goo*
    Q-Pid: *steps away from MB*
    CM: *takes a step away from MB*
    MB: I like ceriel.
    Venomiss: *face palm*
    Dark Chao 7: *points* The Chao Eggs!
    *10 Chao Eggs are sitting in a corner*
    Yoko: It said the Chao Eggs are this way! *runs to the eggs*
    Dark Chao 6: That's odd, there were only 9 before.
    Tails: *looks at his scanner, and smashes one of the Chao Eggs*
    Dark Chao 1: !
    Yoko: What are you doing?!!
    *a Power Star was inside the Chao Egg, and no baby Chao*
    Tails: Ta-dah!
    Sia: Sweet! *takes the Power Star* Tails, you're a geniuse!
    Tails: Thanks. But I actually just wanted to get out of this creepy cave.
    Sia: Yeah, let's go.
    Kirby: *inhales the Chao Eggs without swallowing them and goes back out the Warp Pipe*
    *outside the Warp Pipe*
    Crash Man: Um, where do these go?
    Yoko: *to the Dark Chao* Where do your eggs go?
    Dark Chao 1: *points to a big nest on top of the mansion*
    Yoko: They go to the nest at the top of the mansion.
    Sia: Okay. *telaports them all to the top of the mansion*
    Kirby: *spits out the eggs into the nest*
    Dark Chao 1: *@Yoko* Thank you!!
    Yoko: It was my pleasure.
    CM: Well, we're done here.
    Q-Pid: *sees something* Ohh, pretty!
    Sal: What?
    Q-Pid: Looks Like Luna put up a light show on the Observatory. Look! *points to the Observatory*
    *theres flashes of silver light appearing, but is soon followed the sound of gun shots*
    a familiar voice that can be faintly heard: *from the Observatory* Blood Drill!
    Espio: !
    Sia: I don't think that's a light show. Sounds more like a fight. Let's hurry!
    *on the Observatory*
    *a gun shot is heard from the Library*
    Q-Pid: Eep! *hides behind Pinky* I'm scared now.
    *a bunch of Lumas flood out of the Library*
    Espio: *runs into the library and takes out a ninja star*
    *inside, Raphael is holding an unconciouse Luna with a sleep dark in her arm and Red is standing next to him*
    Red: *notices Espio* Oh, I didn't espect company so soon.
    Espio: Apparently, you b*stard.
    Raphael: Wait... Aren't you part of the Chaotix? What are you doing here?!
    Espio: Guess.
    Charmy: *flies in the Library*
    Charmy: *looks at Red, Raphael, then Espio*
    Raphael: Well anywho, if you excuse us, we'll be off to turn in this fugitive.
    Espio: *grabs the R.Y.N.O. and aims it at Raphael's head* Try, I dare you.
    Raphael: Well, you insist. Red?
    Red: *uses his watch device to telaport himself, Raphael and Luna away leaving behind the copy of the WANTED poster of Luna*
    Espio: !
    Espio: *standing there looking like an idiot*
    Sia: *comes in* What happened?
    Espio: Th-They got...
    Charmy: Uh-oh.
    Sia: *sees the poster on the ground* Huh? *picks it up and reads it* What the?!
    Espio: ..........*not moving at all, or even blinking*
    Sabir: *walks in and sees Espio* What's wrong? What happened?
    Espio: *still not moving*
    Sia: Hmm... I think I know where they might have taken her.
    Charmy: Where?
    Sia: *tries to show Espio the poster* I think they're turning her in at "26528, Warehouse #80,799, Lot 3". I think I could teleport us there.
    Laura: *checking Espio's pulse*
    Espio: ..............
    Sabir: Um, I-is he okay?
    Espio: *collapses on the floor*
    Laura: !
    Sabir: ! *shakes him rapidly* Wake up wake up!
    Sabir: *to everyone in the room* Don't just stand there, get some water quick!!
    Laura: *runs with Charmy to go get a bucket of water*
    Sia: *follows Laura and Charmy*
    Sabir: *shakes Espio even more* Come on, please! Dad, wake up!!!
    Espio: ........
    Sabir: Come on, you can't die! Not now!! Please... WAKE UP!!
    *tears start comming from Sabir's eyes*
    Espio: *starts breathing again*
    Sabir: ! D-Dad?
    Espio: .............................................
    Sabir: *puts his ear on Espio's chest*
    Charmy: *flies in and pours a bucket of water on Espio, then tosses the bucket over his shoulder and it hits Sabir's head* Oops, sorry!
    Sabir: Ow! *rubs his head*
    Sabir: *shakes Espio a little bit*
    Espio: ...*briefly opens his eyes, but they close again*
    Sabir: ! *shakes him more*
    Charmy: How is he?
    Sabir: Well, he started breathing befor you came in here.
    Charmy: Oh.
    Charmy: *five seconds later* How is he?
    Sabir: I just told you, like five seconds ago.
    Sabir: *puts his ear on Espio's chest again*
    *Espio's still breathing*
    Sabir: Well, he's still breathing. If only we could wake him up.

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