Shadow aiming a gun at you

The User Icon that started it all


Life of Heroes RP was the first RP of the Life of Heroes RP series.

Origin and Development

The RP bagan soon after the SierraSia met Bandicootfan63 in a chat room on the MySims Wiki. The conversation then turned to Bandicootfan's current user icon of the time; Shadow the Hedgehog holding a gun. This soon formed into the beginning of the RP, where Shadow begins attacking SierraSia. After Bandicootfan and their great friend Randy chased Shadow away, more chaos came upon them as the new RP was born.

The game character featured in this RP were mainly from the Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario series, though the Sonic series was 75% of the RP. The only excemption was Crash Bandicoot. And 90% of the OCs (original characters) that debuted in this RP were made from the style of the Sonic franchise, such as Ice the Hedgehog, Luna Moonstone, and the main antagonist of the RP: Demon Sonic.

RP Events

Battle on the Bridge


Chao Guarden Battle

Enter the Koppa King

That's Not Shadow...

Dig for a Hedgehog

Hospital Chaos

Into the Sub-Dimention

A Heart Warming Meeting

The Night Trio

Faceing Demon Sonic

Follow Sia

Final Blow-Out

Back on Earth



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