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Death from Above Part 2

  • In a Dream Telempathy*
    Luna: *alittle confused* ? *sees Espio* ! *hides behind a tree*
    Espio: *dosent notice Luna*
    Luna: Tiss this real, or a dream? What would he think if he saw my appearance. Perhaps I should remain unseen. *starts climbing the tree to hide, but the branch breaks and she falls to the ground* Ah!
    Espio: *turns and sees Luna*
    Espio: *gets hearts in his eyes*
    Luna: *gets up and rubs her arm*
    Luna: *notice Espio seeing her, but not the hearts in his eyes* Espio, um... Please allow me to explain. I understand if my appearance as this monster in unfavoring. However, um...
    Espio: Um...
    Luna: Y-yes?
    Espio: Um...nice pants?
    Luna: Um, I thanks thy... Is thou disturbed upon myself as a vampire?...
    Espio: A little. But you look...uh....
    Luna: *thinks for a bit but then gets the idea and slighty blushes*
    Luna: I ensure thy, I have no urge to devoure blood. I am tempting to controll my sences as much as I am able to.
    Espio: *gulps*
    Luna: ?
    Espio: Uh...*staring at Luna's butt*
    Luna: ? *looks at her butt* Is there a stain upon me rear end?
    Espio: No,, never mind.
    Luna: *suddenly hugs Espio* I have miss thou.
    Espio: I missed you too.
    Luna: In fact, my stomach has behaved strangly because on this. (she was feeling home sick, but dosen't know what that even means. Cause, ya know, she dosen't have a home, sadly)
    Espio: Don't bite me!
    Luna: No, not such a strange behavior as thou belived. I mean I have felt lonely without thou and our comrads.
    Espio: Oh.
    *suddenly, Charmy shows up eating Bee Mushrooms*
    Charmy: Bee, bee, bee! *munch*
    Luna: Charmy? When has he appeared in this relmb?
    Espio: I dunno.
    Charmy: *sees them* Hi, Espio! Hi, vamp!
    Charmy: *eats another Bee Mushroom* Bee, bee, bee, bee!
    Luna: Charmy, tiss myself, Luna.
    Charmy: That's YOU?
    Charmy: You look hot!
    Luna: Huh?
    Luna: *to Espio* What dose Charmy mean by "hot"?
    Espio: Nothing.
    Charmy: *eats a Boo Mushroom and turns into a Boo*
    Boo Charmy: Whoa!
    Luna: Tiss the simaler reason how I transformed into a vampire! Only twas not a mushroom, but a candy I have discovered.
    Boo Charmy: ...They're delicious! *eats more Boo Mushrooms*
    Luna: Hmm... Espio, here. *takes off her necklace and gives it to Espio* I wish for thou to hold onto this star. I trust thou, and only thou with this.
    *when they wake up*
    Luna: *notices that her necklace is gone* Espio...
    Espio: *wakes up with the necklace*
    Sia: *streches her arms* Ah, what a nice sleep.
    Crash Man: *still asleep*
    Sia: *sees CM* Hmm... I wonder what he's dreaming of...*reads his thoughts*
    *in Crash Man's dream*
    CM: *marrying Sia*
    Sia: *blushes*
    *suddenly, Spark shows up in a bikini*
    Sia: ?
    Sia: What's Spark doing in there? And why is she in a bikini?
    CM: *wakes up* Huh?
    Sia: Oh, hi CM.
    Crash Man: I had this weird dream...I was getting married to you, but then Spark showed up in a bikini.
    *Polari flies in*
    Polari: Chop chop! We've got Power Stars to find!
    Sia: *thinking to herself* He sounds like my dad on my first day of the school year.
    Q-Pid: *wakes up and rubs her head* Oww... Man that cement guy really hurt me...
    Pinky: *instantly wakes up* do you feel alright? Do you need an aspirin? Do you need some band-aids?
    Q-Pid: No, I'm okay, thanks. *smiles*
    Pinky: Are you sure? Cuz I can get something for you.
    Q-Pid: I'm sure.
    Pinky: Hey, how do we get off the plane and back to the Observatory?
    Polari: There are Pull Stars for you.
    Pinky: ...Oh.
    CM: Well let's go.
    Q-Pid: Let me try! *uses the pull stars to go to the Observatory* Wee! That was fun!
    Pinky: *does the same as Q* Woohoo!
    CM: *does the same as Pinky*
    Sia: *dose the same as CM*
    *when everyone is on the Observatory*
    Lubba: Took ya long enough! We've detected Power Stars in Honeyhop again.
    Sia: How many?
    Lubba: 4 or 5.
    Q-Pid: Thats alot!
    Sia: Then lets get started!
    *at Honeyhop*
    ???: *in a cage somewhere in a deep cave inside one of the hills* Help!
    Sia: Looks like someone is in trouble. Let's go! *goes into the cave*
  • ???: It smells like honey in here.
    CM: Good for you. Now WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?
    ???: I'm where it smells like honey!
    CM: This whole freakin' cave smells like honey!!
    Venomiss: Exacly my thought!
    ???: Oh! Look up.
    Sia: *looks up*
    *Jowee is in a cage with a Baby Globox*
    Venomiss: What the heck are you? A alien rabbit of something?
    Jowee: I'm a Raposa!
    Sia: *sees the baby* Globox, is that one of your babies?
    Baby Globox: Daddy!
    Globox: Yup.
    Venomiss: A Rapo-what?
    Jowee: Just get us out of here.
    Sia: *flies up and gets Jowee and the Baby Globox out of the cage* Here you go, Globox. *gives Globox his baby*
    Globox: Hi, son! ...Or daughter.
    Lake: You don't even know it's gender?!
    Globox: Well it's hard to determine when you have as many kids as I do.
    Lake: I... can't even think of something to counter that.
    Venomiss: Let's just get out of here. Mud-Bud is allerjic to honey.
    Mud-Bud: *sneezes*
    Jowee: ...HONEY! *throws a gallon of honey on Mud-Bud*
    Mud-Bud: *his face suddenly swells up*
    Venomiss: Way to go! Now his head is a ballon again!!
    Jowee: Cool!
    Q-Pid: Last night I dreamed of a couple playing in honey. What happened in your dream, Espio?
    Venomiss: No, not cool. If he eats this stuff. Well... let's just not go there...
    Jowee: *eats some honey* Yum!
    Sia: Well, maybe we should leave and find thouse power stars.
    Espio: Um...nothing.
    CM: *@Sia* Good idea.
    Jowee: Power whatsits?
    Q-Pid: They're stars with electricity!
    Sal: *facepalm*
    *a weird noise is comming from outside the cave*
    Sia: Huh? *goes outside*
    *a spaceship is crashed on one of the moutains and Zim is lying on the gound supossaly dead*
    *GIR is rocking back and forth on his butt*
    Sia: Oh man! *goes to Zim and shakes him* Um, are you okay?
    CM: *comes outside* AHH! AN ALIEN!
    Zim: *wakes up* huh? *sees Sia and CM* Ah! *puts on his disgise*
    Sia: You're alive, that's a relife.
    Zim: WHO ARE YOU?!?!?!
    Sia: First, you didn't have to yell. And I'm Sia.
    Zim: Oh.
    Zim: Get away from me!
    Sia: We won't hurt you.
    Q-Pid: *sees GIR* Aw, a cute robot.
    Zim: He's not a robot! He's a dog!! Um... from forin exchange.
    Q-Pid: I don't know. He looks more like a robot.
  • GIR: Yaaaay for Earth!
    Q-Pid: Yaaay indeed!
    Venomiss: *thinking to herself* Oh great, now theres two anoying people on this planet...
    Zim: Now let us be, filthy stink creatures! *walks away* Come, GIR!
    CM: *whispers to Sia* Do I stink?
    Sia: *whispers back* Of course not.
    Q-Pid: Bye alien man, bye Ger!
    Zim: I'M HUMAN!
    Q-Pid: Me too!
    Zim: *tries to climb the mountain to the Voot Cruiser, but fails epicly and falls and lands on Jowee*
    Sal: Ohh. That's gotta hurt.
    Q-Pid: Yay epic fail!
    GIR: YAY! I'M GONNA BE SICK! *barfs a bunch of chocolate and sawdust on Q-Pid*
    Q-Pid: EWWW!!!
    Zim: Um...could you kind, filthy creatures give Zim a hand?
    GIR: But I want a foot!
    CM: *@Zim* Um...okay.
    GIR: Where's my walnuts?
    Sia: Um, sure. *picks up Zim and GIR and flies them up to the Voot Cruiser* Here you go.
    Q-Pid: I need a bath!
    Zim: *hops into the cruiser and presses a button, and the VC falls to the ground and lights on fire*
    Zim: Ooh ee ahh AHHHH!!!
    Sia: Whoa! *goes down to the cruiser and make the fire go into the river* (I remember a river or a streem in this galaxy(
    Zim: *whew!*
    Sia: Are you okay?
    GIR: *takes a rubber piggy out of his own head and squeezes it*
    Zim: That is none of your business, worm-baby!
    Sia: "Worm baby"?!
    Zim: Now, all of you have the privilege of helping me, ZIM!, repair my ship!
    GIR: Yay!
    Jowee: "Privilege"?
    Sal: Um... *whispers to the others* Should we?
    CM: Yeah, whatever.
    GIR: *nods*
    Sia: Okay then.
    Zim: You had no choice anyway. NOW GET TO WORK! *sits down and sips some lemonade* G'wan, don't be shy.
    Crash Man: *looks at some of the wires* How are we even supposed to fix this?!
    Lake: Well, you have my intelligance and Q's technition skills.
    Venomiss: *gets an idea and smerks, then whispers something into Q-Pid's ear*
    Q-Pid: Ok! *to Zim* Do you know about an alien race called the Black Arms?
    Zim: *upon hearing the words "Black Arms" he squeezes his lemonade glass so much it breaks* *gets really angry and starts screaming* DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THEM! WHAT AN INFERIOR RACE!!!! THEY DON'T DESERVE EARTH!!!!! IT WAS MARKED FOR IRKEN CONQUEST, DO YOU HEAR?!?!!
    Zim: ...Oops. I LOVE EARTH! *hugs Lake*
    Lake: Uh...
    Venomiss: *laughs* Somehow I knew you would freak out like that*
    Q-Pid: But they're invading earth right now.
    Jowee: You're spitting on me.
    Q-Pid: Aw. *hugs Zim like a teddy bear* You poor thing. They were so mean to you.
    Venomiss: *laughs so hard that she falls on her butt, but still laughs*
    CM: *laughs at Venomiss*
    GIR: *hugs Zim* Awww!!
    Zim: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!
    Venomiss: *her fingernails grow longer and glow light purple and points the at CM's face* Don't make me slice you.
    CM: Uh...
    CM: *telep on Sia* HELP!
    Lake: *works on the cruiser*
    GIR: *at Lake* HI! YOU GOT A TINY HEAD!
    Sia: *pulls Venomiss away from CM* Okay, how about you go and make out with your boyfriend? Will that help? Venomiss: Ugh, fine... Lake: I belive the reason for that is for my short hair.
    GIR: ...*runs off making random animal noises*
    Lake: Such a strange creature... *continues working*
    GIR: *puts on his doggy disguise*
    GIR: *jumps on Q's head*
    Q-Pid: Aw, a doggy!
    GIR: *falls asleep on Q's head*
    Q-Pid: Aw, it's sooo cute. Can we keep him?
    Lake; Help me with this, and we'll see.
    Q: Okay! *helps Lake with GIR still on her head*
    Zim: No! He's MY evil minion!
    Sia: *in a seriouse tone* You what?
    Zim: I LOVE EARTH! *hugs Venomiss*
    Venomiss: Get off of me befor I turn you into sushi!
    Zim: Eeyeesh! *stops hugging her*
    Venomiss: That's what I thought.
    Q-Pid: Ok, I think we're almost done.
    GIR: YAY!
    CM: *points to a cave* What's in there?
    Lake: Just one more... There, it's fixed.
    Sia: I'm not sure. Wanna check it out?
    Crash Man: *runs into the cave*
    CM: *runs into the wall and gets knocked down* Ow!
    Zim: Looks like there's two paths.
    Zim: ZIM declares that we shall split up and have each group take a different path!
    Sia: Good plan. So, whos going in witch path?
    Sia: You okay. CM?
    Zim: Me, GIR, Whatserface (he means Sia) and Whatshisname (he means Crash Man) will take the left path. The red mustache (he means Mario), the glowing tall human (he means Rosalina), the one who makes sushi (he means Venomiss) and the one who loves to hug (he means Q) will go on the right path. Any questions? No? Good, cuz I wasn't gonna answer'em. Let's move!
    Zim: *marches down the left path* Doo, dee doo dee doo, da da dee dee doo, doo, doo...
    GIR: *beatboxes*
    Sia: Never expected someone like to you make music like that.
    GIR: I know, right?!
    Mario: I'm-a sleepy...
    Sia: I'll light this cave a little. *forms a energy ball in her hand and lights up the cave*
    Q-Pid: Me too.
    Mario: *yawns*
    Rosalina: .....*yawns*
    Q: *yawns in a cute way*
    ???: *on Sia's path* Someone help me!
    Zim: AHA! The sound of an Earth larva in danger!
    Zim: *laughs along with GIR* Stupid larva! *laughs some more*
    CM: *glares at them*
    Sia: Let's go. *follows the voice*
    *Daria is in a cage hanging from the ceiling*
    Zim: *laughs at her*
    Sia: Are you alright?
    Daria: I will be when you get me out.
    Sia: Okay, just hang on. *frees Daria*
    Daria: Yay! Thanks.
    Daria: *at Zim* Why are you green?
    Zim: It's a skin condition.
    GIR: Ah-huh.
    Daria: A PUPPY!!! *hugs GIR*
    GIR: I love ham!
    Sia: Uh huh.
    CM: *staring at Daria*
    Sia: Um, were you going to bed when you were captured?
    Daria: *@Sia* Yeah. My sister and I got separated when we were caught.
    CM: *eyes widen* Sister?
    Sia: Do you know where she is?
    Daria: No...but do you have a towel or something I can put on when we go outside? This nightgown is kinda see-through when I go out into the light, and I don't need a bunch of people staring at me.
    GIR: *beatboxes the Invader Zim theme music*
    Sia: Sure thing. *pulls a towle from her bag and gives it to Daria*
    Daria: Thanks.
    Sia: No prob.
    Daria: By the way, I found this thing. *pulls out a Power Crystal*
    Sia: Whats that?
    GIR: Duuuhhhhh, it's shiny!
    CM: I think it's a Power Crystal. It's covered in honey, though, so it's hard to tell.
    Sia: Well whatever it is, it may be useful. *takes the crystal*
    Sia: Should we go back to the others or search this cave some more?
    Zim: ONWARD! *marches onward*
    GIR: *beatboxes to the Green Hill Zone theme music*
    Sia: *shrugs and follows* *thinks to herself* I wonder how the others are doing. I hope the question I asked Shadow yesterday didn't bother him...
    Sia: Um, does anyone have a flashlight or something? Cause I'm getting tired from useing my energy ball like this.
    Daria: *shrugs* Sorry.
    Sia: Anyone else?
    CM: Not me.
    Zim: Zim has none.
    GIR: I likes me some biscuits!
    Sia: Oh well.
    CM: *runs down the cave again and hits another wall* Owwie!
    Sia: Are you okay, CM?
    CM: Y-Yeah...
    Sia: Theres more seprate paths?
    CM: No, just one path this time.
    Sia: Oh, ok.
    Sia: I wonder if there is anyone else traped in cages in here. What's at the end of this cave anyway?
    CM: I dunno.
    Crash Man: *walks down the path and there's a door*
    Sia: A door? In a cave? That's unusual.
    CM: *opens it and there's a bunch of Nitro Crates*
    CM: !
    Sia: What with all these Crates?
    CM: *shuts the door gently* Um...let's leave before these things explode.
    Sia: They what?!
    CM: They're explosive!!
    Sia: Oh man. We've gotta find the others, and quick!
  • Mario: *sees a door* ? *opens it and sees the same Nitro Crates as CM and the others*
    Mario: What's-a this? *picks one up*
    Q-Pid: What is that stuff?
    Mario: *tries to open one and it explodes, setting off the others*
    Q-Pid: AH!
    Sia: *hears it* What was that?!
    Zim: *opens the door* AAAAAH! *shuts it* RUN!
    Sia: *runs*
    CM: *runs with Sia and GIR and Zim, and notices something about the cave's walls, floors and ceiling* Guys...this cave is made of Nitro Crates!!!
    Sia: SAY WHAT?!?!?
    Rosalina: *runs* Everyone run!
    Sia: *telemp with everyone outside of the cave* Get away from the cave! It's really made of explosives!!!!
    Q-Pid and Venomiss: *runs for dear life*
    Mario: *long-jumps out of the cave*
    Venomiss: *to Mario* Show off...
    Jowee: How was it? Find anything?
    Sia: Get clear! The cave is going to explode soon!!!
    *everyone runs as fast as they can away*
    *the cave explodes and all that's left is a lone Power Star*
    Lubba: So there it is!
    Yoshi: Wahoo!
    Q-Pid: *covered her ears*
    Sia: *grabs it* Why are these things hidden in places that will endanger our lives?
    Black Yoshi: *shrugs*
    Sia: So if I'm right, we have 3 or 4 more power stars left in thie galazy.
    Lubba: Yup! But our evil readings are off the charts...
    Polari: be careful!
    Baby Luma: I'm hungry.
    Sia: No problem. We've dealed with evil stuff befor.
    Mario: Uh-huh!
    *on BD's Starship*
    Luna: *looks around for a way to escape the room* Hmm... *sees an airvent, smerks, and goes through it*
    Luna: *comes to a shaft and peeks through it*
    *Bowser is eating a pizza*
    Luna: *passes by* (btw, I was planning to add Mew to this. If it does come in this RP, do you want to controll it?)
    Luna: *comes to the shaft that leads to the cells*
    ???: *from one of the cells* *in a scared and sad tone* Mew...
    Luna: Oh my, a creature must be traped in one of the cells. *exits through the shaft and goes to the cell*
    *a Mew is traped in the cell*
    Mew: Mew?
    Luna: Fear not, dear creature. I will realese thy. *opens the cell and Mew flies out*
    Mew: Mew!
    *the alarms go off*
    Luna: Oh dear. *holds Mew in her arms and runs out of the cell area*
    Luna: *trips when she gets infront of the door of the room BD is in*
    Mew: Mew.
    *a Shy Guy comes walking down the hall and stands on Luna and knocks on the door*
    Luna: ?!
    Shy Guy: *looks down at Mew and Luna* What an interesting welcome mat.
    BD: *inside* Come in.
    Shy Guy: *goes in*
    Luna: *sees BD* Oh dear...
    Luna: *tries to sneak away*
    Luna: *accidentally finds the room where the 6 Chaos Emeralds are ketp* The Chaos Emeralds. Father has discovered 6 of theme. Oh dear...
    *a Kritter walks in without noticing Luna or Mew and starts polishing the Chaos Emeralds*
    Luna: !
    Mew: ?
    Luna: Quietly takes 2 steps to the exit*
    Mew: *snezzes*
    Kritter: *turns around, but they're both too short for him to see them*
    Luna: *notices this and sneeks to one of the Emeralds and takes it*
    Kritter: *turns back to the Emeralds and laughs quietly and evilly and takes out a sack and puts all 5 of the emeralds in it, then runs out the emergency escape with them*
    Luna: !! *runs after him and shoots a Lunar Slash at the back of his head*
    Kritter: AGH! *the emeralds all fall out of the sack and the Kritter falls down to the ground*
    Luna: Oh dear... *to Mew* I need assisstance from thy. Please, capture thouse six Emeralds on Earth befor another creature does. I will remain here to keep others away from thy.
    Mew: Mew! *flies down to catch the Emeralds*
    *Bowser walks in*
    Luna: *notices Bowser*
    Luna: *charges a Lunar Slash in her hand*
    Bowser: *sees that the Emeralds are missing* !
    Luna: *looks back to see if Mew was comming back, then turns her head back to Bowser*
    Bowser: *sees Luna and roars* GIVE ME THOSE CHAOS EMERALDS!!!
    Luna: Thou will never recive the Chaos Emeralds, nor will my father!
    Bowser: *sucks his breath in, then lets it out and shoots a fireball at Luna*
    Luna: *jumps and dodges it, then shoots her Lunar Slash at Bowser*
    Bowser: *dodges*
    Luna: *shoots another*
    Bowser: *jumps up into the air and gets stuck in the ceiling* Hey! Who turned out the lights?!
    Luna: *giggles*
    Mew: *flies back to Luna with the Emeralds* Mew!
    Luna: Exilent accomplishment, my comrad. Now we must escape. *begins to walk out of the room with Mew and the Emeralds*
    Bowser: Hello? ...Is anyone still there? Hello?!
    Solar: *walks down the cordor, sees Luna and Mew with the Emeralds, and runs to the room where BD is* Yo B.D., A gal who looked alot like me is with this pink flying cat thing and stealing your oddly colored emeralds.
    Black Doom: *just looking at her like she's crazy*
    Solar: What? Don't belive me? Well here. *goes to a computer and zooms a camera onto Luna and Mew*
    Solar: Here. See it and weep, dude
    Black Doom: It can't be!! *pushes a button that causes a self-operating version of the Death Egg Robot to emerge in front of Luna*
    Jade: Wait a sec... doesn't she have the Emerald we're missing? Or at least knows where it is?
    Luna: *gasp* *shoots a Lunar Slash at it*
  • Mew: Mew!
    Death Egg Robot: *its arm turns into a chainsaw and it tries to slice Luna and Mew*
    Luna: Ah! *grabs Mew and dodges the chainsaw*
    Mew: *shaking it's fist up and down fast* Mew! Mew mew mew mew mew mew!
    *the chainsaw slices a huge divot in the floor and walls*
    Luna: Ah!
    Mew: *slaps the DER's head with it's tail*
    Death Egg Robot: *the chainsaw turns into a flamethrower and shoots flames at Mew*
    Mew: Mew! *flies around dodging the flames*
    Luna: *attacks DER muntiple times with her Chaos Moon attack*
    Death Egg Robot: *suddenly turns and flies away*
    Luna: Yes. *high fives Mew*
    Solar: *to BD* C'mon, man. She's your creation, so can't you controll her like the other Black Arms guys?
    Black Doom: Uh...hmm. *goes to a filing cabinet and pulls out a file titled, "Dark Black"*
    Solar: *snoops in* Whatsa Dark Black?
    Black Doom: Quiet, fool!
    Black Doom: Solar, Jade, go find Bowser for me.
    Solar and Jade: *finds Bowser* Jade: *laughs* Well look who had their head in the sky.
    Bowser: Get me out of here!
    Jade: Alright, alright. *jade and Solar get Bowser unstuck from the ceiling*
    Bowser: *falls down and lands on Jade* Oof!
    Jade: Ow! Get off of me!!
    Solar: *to Bowser* B.D. needs ya.
    Bowser: *gets up and walks to the room BD's in* Whatcha want?
    Black Doom: Do the plan.
    Jade: *gets up* Why me?... *gose back to BD with Solar*
    Bowser: Okay. *stomps out and goes to the room Red's in* Hey, Red!!
    Red: *unseen*
    Red: *suddenly jumps down from the ceiling and kicks Bowser in the face*
    Bowser: OW! *falls down, but quickly gets back up* Who did that?! *sees Red*
    Jade: Um, what plan are you talking about?
    BD: You didn't hear that. I'll tell why later.
    Bean: Is it his birthday?
    BD: No, now shut up!
    Red: *frezze slashes Bowser and has him paralized for a little bit* Solar: I love birthdays!
    Bowser: *a growling sound comes out of his mouth*
    Red: *to Bowser* I will not be d***ed to turn into a f***ing trophy, you hear me?!?!
    *a shadowy figure comes up behind Red without him noticing*
    ???: *aims a Dark Cannon at Red*
    ???: *shoots him and he's a trophy*
    Red: Sorry Bowser. You were a great ally to BD, so was I. And if I'm going, then so are-- Ack! *turns into a trophy*
    *the figure steps out of the shadows, revealing itself to be Dry Bowser*
    Dry Bowser: Bwahaha!
    Jade: *sees him from the cameras* What the f*** is that?!
    Black Doom: Dry Bowser. *speaks on the PA* Dry Bowser, bring the Red trophy to the trophy room.
    Luna: *sees the way outside, but then stops*
    Mew: Mew? Luna: I do apologise, my conrad. I am unable to return outside in the sunlight.
    Mew: Mew...
  • Luna: *gives Mew the red Chaos Emerald* Here, I wish for thou to search for my conrads. Search for my brother, a black hedgehog with red stripes, he should be with my other conrads. Search for them and warn them of Black Doom's posession of the Emeralds. Mew: Mew. *nods*
    Luna: *runs into the room BD is in as Mew flies away*
    BD: !
    Luna: Hello, father.
    Luna: I have questions for thou to answer.
    Black Doom: Like what?
    Luna: First, why has thou transformed Red into a trophy? Was he not a great ally to thy?
    BD: Indeed he was. ...Emphasis on "was". He just isn't vicious enough anymore, I'm afraid.
    Luna: Has thou forgoten his Blood X form? Tiss the most vicious form I have seen.
    Black Doom: Maybe so, but the last time he turned into Blood X, no one was dead when I stopped him. Normally he kills three or four people.
    Luna: How suprising... Why has thou rescuded me from Dark Black's wrath from but a couple days in the past?
    BD: Because you're a valuable pawn we can use in our little game of chess. Egg Pawns, take her back to the infirmary.
    *two Egg Pawns take Luna by her arms and drag her away*
    Luna: *uses Chaos Blast to break free*
    Luna: What makes thou believe I would assist thy?!
    BD: Who said you'd WILLINGLY assist me? But don't worry, pet, if your friends cooperate, no one will be hurt.
    Luna: What does... thou mean?
    BD: ...*presses a button and Luna falls through a trap door*
    Luna: Ah!
    Sia: So, wheres that next Power Star?
    Tails: H-Huh?! Something's interfering with my scanner!!
    Zim: Oh, sorry, that must be MY scanner.
    Tails: Oh.
    Venomiss: Oh gosh, two geeks.
    Zim: I'm detecting something over....*points at a quaint little shop*....THERE!!!!!
    Sal: Why would a Power Star be at a shop like that?
    Mario: That-a place looks-a familiar...*runs over to it*
    Sia: *follows Mario*
    Mario: *looks at one of the shelves and points at a Power Star that's on it* There it is!
    Sia: Well, at least this place isn't deadly.
    Sia: *grabs the star*
    *Broque Monsieur is at a checkout counter*
    Broque: Ah, excellent choice, madame!
    Q-Pid: Can we have a discount on it? We're trying to save the universe.
    Broque: *comes out from behind the counter* Maybe if you do moi a favor.
    Sia: Like what?
    Broque: My cute doggy companion Monsieur Broggy has gone missing! If you could bring him to moi, I will have zee gratitudes.
    Sia: Lost dog, no problem.
    GIR: I wanna play with the doggy!
    Q-Pid: Me too!
    Broque: Zen, I will wait here for you!
    *Bowser walks into the shop*
    Sia: *sees Bowser* !
    Broque: *to Bowser* Ah, Monsieur Turtle Bits! How are you this fine day?
    Bowser: Hungry, block guy! Got any cheap snacks?
    Broque: I have little pouches of Star Bits for only 10 cents!
    Sal: *whispers to Mario* Should we attack him?
    Mario: Only if he attacks Broque or us.
    Sal: Alright.
    Bowser: I'll take a dozen of'em. *sees the Power Star on the shelf* Hey, how much is that?
    Venomiss: Oh no! That star is ours!
    Broque: Oh, zat is a bauble I found zee other day.
    Bowser: How much is it, I said?
    Broque: Oh, it is not for sale, Monsieur Turtle Bits!
    Broque: I have it on reserve for my amis over zere. (amis=friends)
    Sia: That's right.
    Sia: Now let's go find that dog.
    Bowser: Dog?
    Sia: Um, I mean cat.
    Broque: *@Bowser* Oui, my cute doggy is amiss! I'm willing to give zat Power Star to whoever brings Broggy to me first!
    Sia: *face plam* Crud. Let's go guys.
    Bowser: Piece of cake! *walks out of the shop, then comes back in with Bowser Jr., Dry Bowser and False Bowser* Let's find that dog, boys!
    Bowser Jr.: Yeah!
    Mario: You big bad Bowser!
    Bowser: Me? Bad? I'm just tryin' to find a lost dog! Bwahahaha!
    Dry Bowser: Enough chatter. The sooner we find it, the better.
    Sia: *to the heroes* Everyone who can fly, we're searching in the skies for that dog. Everyone else needs to search the land.
    Mario: Okay!
    Sia: *flies up in the air with everyone who can fly*
    CM: *stops on a cloud and sees a Pipe going into the cloud*
    CM: ? *goes in the pipe*
    Sia: CM? *follows him*
  • Q-Pid: *on the ground* *to Charmy* So what did you dream of last night, cute bee?
    Charmy: I was eating mushrooms.
    Charmy: *looks up* Wait, I can fly! *follows the others*
    Q-Pid: Bye bye!
    Sia: *in the pipe* CM?
    CM: Look what I found. *has a Power Crystal*
    Sia: Nice job, CM!
    Bowser: *jumps in the pipe and lands on CM and crushes him* Whatever it is, it's mine! *takes the Power Crystal* Aw, just a dumb crystal. *gets up and tosses the crystal over his shoulder*
    Sia: Are you okay, CM?
    CM: I'm okay. Where's that dog, though?
    Sia: Still haven't found him yet.
    Charmy: I smell honey!
    Sal: And that has to do with the dog how exacly?
    Charmy: It doesn't. But I'm hungry!
    Sal: Well I heard the star bits are suppost to tast like hiney, so... *hands Charmt a couple starbits*
    Charmy: *eats them*
    Sal: well?
    Charmy: They just aren't the same...
    Sal: Sorry to hear that, little guy.
    Rosalina: Find anything?
    Sia: We found a Power Crystal.
    Baby Luma: *at Sal* Wait! Don't girl bees make the honey?
    Sal: I think so, why?
    Baby Luma: So doesn't that mean that if Charmy wants some honey, he wants a girlfriend?
    Sal: O.O Um... isn't he a little too young for that?
    Charmy: Um, actually, I was hungry.
    Baby Luma: Oh!
    Sal: *thinks to himself* Thank goodness for that.
    Zim: *looks around*
    Venomiss: Found anything yet?
    Zim: Nope.
    ???: Grrrr...
    Venomiss: Q, if that was your stomach, I swear...
    Q-Pid: It wasn't me!
    *the growling is coming from a pipe*
    Q-Pid: *sticks her head in the pipe* Hellooooooo?
    Venomiss: *face palm at Q's action* Good grief..
    Bowser: *plows past everyone, knocking them over* Outta the way, chumps! *gets into the pipe*
    Q-Pid: Ow! Meanie! *gets into the pipe*
    *Broggy is in the pipe*
    Q-Pid: Doggy! *yels to the other heroes* The doggy is in here!
    Broque: *appears flying with a jetpack* Ah! You have found mine petit Broggy!
    Q-Pid: *yells through the pipe again* He's in here! *to Broggy* Here lil' doggy, here boy.
    Broggy: *bursts out of the pipe* BARK BARK!! *knocks Q down*
    Q-Pid: Ow! *gets up and gets out of the pipe* He's energetic!
    Broggy: *snarling*
    Q-Pid: *temps to pet Broggy*
    Broque: *lands* Come to moi, petit Broggy!
    Broggy: *runs and knocks Broque down on his side* Bark bark!
    Q-Pid: Aw, what a cute lil' doggy!
    Bowser: Whoa! What's wrong with your dog?!
    Broque: He is not his usual self today, non?
    Q-Pid: Maybe he has a thorn in his paw or something.
    Broque: Non, he is simply being a naughty Broggy!
    Q-Pid: Oh.
    Broque: Oui, you must teach him what happens when he is a naughty Broggy!
    Q-Pid: OK! *shoots an arow at Broggy's butt*
    *the arrow just bounces off of Broggy*
    Q-Pid: What the?!
    Bowser: That's it, I've had enough of this! *rears back and punches Broggy*
    Broggy: *doesn't even flinch*
    Q-Pid: Wow, tough dog.
    Broque: Oui, Broggy laughs at your petit punches! You must use ze energy!
    Bowser: Like from candy?
    Broque: Non! Ze energy from fire...or electricity!
    CM: Hey Sia, try hitting Broggy with an energy ball.
    Sia: Okay. *shoots Broggy with an energy ball*
    Broggy: *seems weakened*
    Sia: It's working! *shoots another at Broggy*
    Lake: It must be from Sia being the Aura Energy Guardian of the fire element.
    Bowser: *punches Broggy's back*
    Sia: *shoots Broggy with another energy ball*
    Sal: Is it just me, or is this getting way to easy?
    Broggy: *lies down*
    Sia: *picks him up gentally* Well, I think he's done.
    Rosalina: Well, Broque Monsieur, we'll need our Power Star now.
    Sia: *looks at Broggy* He's kinda cute after you defeat him in battle.
    Broque: Ah, yes! Let us go back to zee shop. Oui?
    Sia: Agreed.
    *at the shop*
    Bowser: *takes the Power Star* Well, thanks, I'd better be going.
    Venomiss: Hey, that's our power star!
    Venomiss: *swipes the Power Star from Bowser*
    Bowser: WHAT?!
    Venomiss: We defeated the dog, so it's ours.
    Bowser: Grrr...*stomps out of the shop with the other Bowsers*
    Venomiss: Well that's two Power Stars discovered. Now where are the others?
    CM: Where?
    Venomiss: Yeah, where?
    Daria: Near where that Nitro Crate cave was.
    Sia: Let's go then! *leaves to store*
    *on BD's Starship*
    Jade: *to BD* So why again did you turn Red into a trophy?
    Black Doom: It's a simple reason, really. He's still a good minion--um, I mean ally.
    Jade: And that simple reason would be?
    BD: If Red goes missing, Dark Black will believe either Luna or Shadow killed him. So, she eliminates both, I de-trophify Red, and everyone's happy.
    Jade: Slik. But then what are you planning with vampire girl (Luna)? You said something about her friends cooperating or something.
    BD: That was to get her to shut up.
    Jade: Ah. *sits down and reads a comic book* WHOA! That;s some seriouse evil there!
    BD: Thank you. I try my best.
    Jade: No, I mean what this guy does to his daughter. You gotta read this. *hands the comic to BD*
    BD: Oh. *tosses it away*
    Jade: No seriously, look. It might come in handy. *picks it up*
    BD: Huh.
    Jade: I mean, someone showing every evil to a girl, that's pretty evil. I'm even a little scared at the thought of that.
    Black Doom: Jade, can you go get Bowser, Nack, and Professor Barranco for me?
    Jade: Sure. *leaves the room and finds Bowser* Hey, BD needs you.
    Bowser: Already?! *stomps to BD's room*
    Jade: *finds Nack* Hey, BD is calling a meeting of somekind, and you're invited.
    Nack: Thanks. *goes to Black Doom*
    Jade: Don't menton it, weasel. *brushes her tail softly on Nack's cheek as he walked by befor finding Professor Barranco* Hey, BD needs you.
    *there's an explosion in Barranco's lab and he comes flying out the door and smashes into the wall, charred*
    Barranco: Ughhghg....
    Jade: What the heck were you doing in there?!
    Barranco: Bwah bwah bwah bwah-bwah bwah.
    Jade: Uh... Riiight. Anyway, BD needs ya.
    Ripper Roo: *inside Barranco's lab* He sounds like a cow. A LEMON COW!!! *bounces around the lab in his straitjacket* NYAHAHAHA!
    Jade: Uh... *thinks to herself* Crazy dumb a**
    Professor Barranco: *gets up and dusts himself off, then zips down the corridor to the room BD is in*
    BD: *yelling* YOU TOO, JADE!
    Jade: *yells* Yeah yeah, I'm comming. *goes back to the room BD is in*
    Black Doom: I need you all to go on a mission to the Earth's surface. You know, to take slaves and all that. And take as many minions as you can and conquer as many places as you can.
    Jade: Right.
    BD: Now get going, you lazy bums.
    Jade: *gets her gun and goes to about 20 Shy Guys* Alright, I need you guys to help me with a mission.
    Shy Guy: Swell! Let's go!
    *all the Shy Guys run over Jade, toward the exits*
    Jade: Ow!
    Bowser: *goes to about 40 Goombas* All right, lunkheads! We've gotta go take over the Earth!
    Goombas: Yes sir!
    Professor Barranco: *goes to Serguei, and Serguei commands about 20 Rabbids to take over the Earth with them*
    Nack: Um........................................................*goes to about 10 Egg Pawns* Uh, I need you to help me with a mission.
    *the alarms go off*
    BD: ?!
    Jade: Shy Guys, go see what the problem is, all of you!
    *the Shy Guys storm towards the trophy room*
    *Spark is in the trophy room with a revived Red who turned into Blood X*
    Red: *sees the Shy Guys**to Spark* You might wanna leave the room. Time me till I get out.
    Spark: Fine. *leaves the room and watcher her rist watch*
    half of the Shy Guys: *all run away screaming*
    *two minutes and a half*
    Dr. Cortex: Security breach! *at a bunch of Spikes* SECURITY BREACH, YOU IDIOTS!
    *the Spikes all head to the trophy room*
    Red: *leaves the room still as Blood X*
    Spark: Two and a half minutes. What were you doing anyw-- *sees that Red has large blood spots on his fur and blood all over his mouth* OH MY GOSH!
    Red: *licks the blood off one of his fangs* I think theres more solders comming.
    Spike 1: ROOAAAAAR! *causes razorsharp spikes to come out of the ground and stab Blood X*
    Red: ARGH! * gets a bad injery* Heh, how pathetic.* Pounces on Spike 1 and slaughters it*
    Spark: *looks away*
    Red: Let's go. *runs down the corridoor with Spark*
    *a Birdo appears out of a shaft and shoots a fireball at Red, then goes back in the shaft*
    Red: Ah! *one of his quills catch on fire**to Spark* Looks like BD has more allies then I though. Get out of here, I'll handle myself.
    Spark: Alright... *telaports away*
    *suddenly a silver Lunar Slash hits Red*
    Red: Argh! *turns to see Luna charging silver chaos energy in her hand* You?!
    Luna: Red, thou's rampage ends here! *shoots another Lunar slash at Red then uses Choas Blast on him*
    Red: ARGH! *gets hit so hard that it made a whole in the wall of the room BD is in and Red is now in the room*
    Red: *gets up and sees BD* YOU! You shouldn't have-- *gets hit in the head by another Lunar Slash from Luna* Ah! *gets knocked out*
    BD: *poker face*
    Luna: *pant* *pant* *sigh* Well, Red is defeated. I truely hope thou is happy, father.
    BD: ..............................
    BD: ................................................................
    BD: ...............................................................................
    BD: THAT MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Luna: ?!
    Black Doom: Egg Pawns, throw his body in the incinerator or something.
    Luna: ...
    Egg Pawns: YES SIR. *take Red's body away*
    Luna: His fate was sealed when he agreed to assist thy, father. I am not suprised if this is to be Red's end.
    Q-Pid: *calling* Power Star?! Where are you?!
    Daria: Keep looking near the pools of honey.
    Charmy: *eating the honey* Mmm.......yeah.....mmm......yummy.....
    Sal: *to Charmy* Looks like that honey is makeing you happy.
    Lake: *dives into a pool of honey looking for the Power Star*
    CM: I feel all sticky....
    Sia: Me too.
    Daria: I think it feels nice.
    Pinky: *whispers to Q* This girl is nuts....
    Q-Pid: I know, right? *dives into a pool of honey and swims around* Actually, it feels kinda nice.
    Pinky: I'm not goin' in...
    Q-Pid: Okay! *swims some more*
    Lake: *burstes out of the honey pool* That's NOTHING like swimming in normal water!
    CM: *sees something shiny down deep below*
    Sia: *sees it to* Do you think that could be a Power Star?
    Crash Man: Has to be.
    CM: How do we get to it?
    Charmy: YUMMY!!! *eats the entire pool of honey in a split second*
    Charmy: *really fat*
    Crash Man: That helps.
    Smerk: Chao!
    Mario: Wahoo! *grabs the Power Star*
    Sia: Nice job, Charmy.
    Venomiss: *looks at Charmy* :OOO
    Broque: ALLO! WHERE ARE YOU???
    Broque: *sees them* Oh! Zere you are! Slippery little devils!
    Broque: I have just learned zat mine burly best customer Monsieur Turtle Bits is working with Black Doom!
    Sia: You mean Bowser?
    Broque: Oui! In case you 'ave not heard, Monsieur Doomy Doom caused moi to lose more zen half of my profits!
    Sia: Oh man. Sorry to hear that.
    Smerk: Chao.
    Broque: Zo, I would like my shop to zupply you with helpful items at half-price!
    Venomiss: Sweet.
    Sia: What kind of helpful items?
    Broque: Well, you'll 'ave to zee! I accept cash, Coins, or Rings as payment! My petit Broggy will also sell you helpful things, but only in exchange for zee Coins! Zey are his favorite food.
    Broggy: Woof!
    CM: He eats Coins?
    Sia: Okay, thanks!
    Broque: Zat is not all! I have a favor to ask of you kind people!
    Sia: Okay, what is it?
    Sal: Kind people? He obviously didn;t get to know Venomiss. Hehe. *slaped by Venomiss* Ow!
    Broque: Zey are.... BLITTIES!
  • Sal: I beg your pardon?
    Broque: Blitties! Zey are adorable! Zey are cute! Zey are fuzzy! And zey are wanted by moi!
    Sia: Okay then. What do they look like?
    Broque: *shows Sia a picture of some Blitties*
    Sia: Aw, they are cute.
    Q-Pid: *looks at it* Cute? THAY'RE ADORABLE!
    Sal: *whispers to Shadow* Sorry Shadow, we're going to deal with more cute things.
    Shadow: *runs away screaming* ( XD )
    Sia: ? What's wrong with Shadow?
    Venimiss: If he ends up dog piles by the Blitties, I'll laugh my a** off, I swear.
    Broque: Zere are 20 of zem scattered across this sector of zee universe!
    GIR: *sees the picture of the Blitties* Awwww. I wanted a squirrel.
    Lake: The universe...terrific, just splended.
    Zim: What will you do if we collect these......Blitties?
    Broque: Ah, yes! Zee gratitudes! You will love my gratitudes!
    Q-Pid: Fair enough.
    Broque: Oui, you will receive my gratitudes in zee form of my petit Broggy!
    CM: Huh?
    Broque: Oui, I will let you take my petit Broggy with you! He will bonk zee foes!
    Sia: Well, he is a stong little guy. Why not?
    Broque: Anyway, run along now and remember, I have a shop in every galaxy in zee universe!
    Broque: Except for zee galaxies zat are too dangerous.
    Mud-Bud: No suprise there.
    Broque: For THOSE, I will send one of my Hovering TeleShoppy Blocks!
    Mario: ?
    Broque: It is a block with a TV screen upon it! Hit it, and it will activate! And I will come onscreen!
    Broque: Zo will Broggy.
    Sia: Neat.
    Broggy: Arf!
    Broque: To pay for what you buy during our communications on zee block, I will send a Fly Guy to deliver zee goodies to you! And you just give him zee currencies!
    Broque: Now, go!
    Sia: Thanks you.
    Sia: Um, we better look for Shadow first.
    Mew: *behind Shadow* Mew!
    Shadow: *turns around* AAAAAAAH! TOO MUCH CUTE! *passes out*
    Mew: *flies to Shadow* Mew? *shakes him* Mew! Mew mew!
    *Mario runs over to Mew and Shadow*
    Mario: *to Mew* What happened?
    Mew: Mew mew mew mew. Mew mew mew!
    Mario: ...Oh. Wait, huh?
    Mew: *facepalm* *uses transform to turn into Shadow*
    Mew: *even talking useing the same voice as Shadow* All I did was come up to him, and he fainted. Said something about alot of cute.
    Mario: *freaked out by what Mew just did* AAAAH! *passes out*
    Mew: *facepalm again* *slaps Shadow on the cheek* Hey, wake up! We have crices on out hands!
    Zim: Hey, where'd Red Mustache go?
    SiaI think he went after Shadow. C'mon, let's go find them. *flies to where they are and sees Mario, Mew and Shadow* What on earth?!
    Q-Pid: Um, why are there TWO Shadows? And why is one of them and Mario on the ground?
    Mew: They fainted. I just appeared to that guy and he fainted. *points to Shadow* And they call him the "Ultimate Lifeform"? He fainted by just looking at me.
    CM: I would, too.
    Mew: how would you know what I look like? You haven't seen me in my real form.
    Mew: *pinches Shadow's nose* Come on, wake up already!
    Shadow: ................................*wakes up gasping*
    Mew: Finnaly.
    Sia: He could have sufficated from that!
    Mew: But he didn't, so theres no problem there.
    Sia: ...
    Shadow: *sees Mew, then sees Mario on the ground, and thinks that Mew is False Bowser pretending to be Shadow*
    Shadow: Chaos Spear! *uses Chaos Spear on Mew*
    Mew: Ow! *turns back to it's mew form**gets up and looks p***ed off* Mew mew mew mew!
    Shadow: ? Oh. Sorry.
    Mew: Mew... *flies to Shadow* Mew mew mew! *pulls out the red Chaos Emerald* Mew mew mew mew.
    Sia: A Chaos Emerald?! What's that doing with you?
    Q-Pid: And what the flippin cheese nuggets are you saying?
    Mew: *facepalm again and transformed into Luna's Vampire form*
    Shadow: WHOA!
    Mario: *wakes up and sees Mew* AAAAAAAAAH!
    Mew: *points to self* She told me to find you and warn you.
    Shadow: About what?
    Mew: Black Doom has found the other Emeralds. We managed to get one away, but he still has five of them. She said she couldn't leave for some reason.
    Lake: Well, since she apperantly has turned into a vampire, she can't go into sun light, or else she would burn to death.
    Lubba: Um...
    Mew: What?
    Mew: ... Anywho, she told me to give this to you. *hands Shadow the Emerald* Black Doom is probally looking for the other Emerald and most likely this one now too.
    Shadow: Thanks.
    Mew: He captured me and my friend. I think it had something to do with this. We found it while we were in a spooke mastion. *pulls out a Power Star*
    Sia: A Power Star?
    Lubba: Lookit that. *points to a big beehive*
    Sia: Whoa.
    Sal: That's some hive.
    Q-Pid: Can we go in?
    Mario: It-a looks like it.
    Charmy: *flies in*
    Q-Pid: It looks fun! Let's go in! *just runs into the big beehive*
    Sia: Hey, wait up guys! *flies in*
    *everyone goes in*
    *inside, a bunch of Bees are buzzing around*
    Q-Pid: Holy bees knees!
    *all the bees stop what they're doing and stare at Q*
    Q-Pid: What?
    Charmy: Sorry, she won't say it again!
    *all the bees continue what they're doing and stop staring*
    Q-Pid: Um, what was that all about?
    Charmy: The "bees' knees" thing offends them, I guess.
    Q-Pid: Oh. Sorry bee people!
    Mario: Where's that Power Star?
    *suddenly, there's a big boom*
    Sia: What was that?!
    *all the Bees are running around panicking and screaming*
    Sal: Man, the bees are freaking out
    *there's an explosion that blasts a hole in the bee hive*
    Sia: Whoa!
    *one of Bowser's airships fly through the hole and launch a bunch of Bullet Bills*
    Venomiss: Look out for thouse Bullet Bills!
    *one hits Zim and knocks off his disguise*
    Zim: AUGH! *flies back*
    Q-Pid: I KNEW you were an alien man!
    Sia: No we're not. Not on my watch! *flies to the airship* You better stop if you know what's good for you crooks!
    *Iggy Koopa is at the helm of the ship*
    Q-Pid: *sees Iggy* Whoa crazy hair!
    Iggy: Outta the way! *the airship goes forward and knocks Sia out of the way*
    Sia: Ow! *regains her balance in the air and flies to Iggy* You're not getting away with this!
    *Kamek appears and shoots a ball of magic at Sia*
    Sia: *sees it and dodges* Too easy.
    *70 other Magikoopas appear*
    Sia: O.O
    Sal: Oh my...
    Kamek: Nyahahaha!
    Sia: *to the entire hero group* Um, a little help here guys?
    Espio: *throws a bunch of shurikens at the Magikoopas*
    Zim: *knocked out*
    *an Egg Pawn targets a Bullet Bill at Zim*
    Q-Pid: *pokes Zim with a stick*
    GIR: Oh no! My master's in danger! *tears off his disguise*
    Venomiss: *files her nails* Give me a sec here...
    GIR: *shoots missiles out of his butt at the Egg Pawn*
    Egg Pawn: *gets destroyed*
    Sal: Nice, er... poop missiles.
    GIR: I'M DANCIN' LIKE A MONKEH!!! *dances and shakes his butt*
    Sia: *shoots energy balls at some of the Magikoopas*
    Sal: Uh, yes you are.
    GIR: *hops on Sal's face and covers up his eyes*
    Sal: Hey, get off! *accidentally shooting energy balls randomly*
    CM: *gets hit by one* OW!
    Laura: *gets hit by one* What the h***'s wrong with you?!
    Sia: *heard CM* ! *pays attantion to CM while still flying* Cm, are you alright?
    Crash Man: Yeah! *gets hit by another one* OW!!!
    Sia: *to Sal* Sal, stop that!
    Zim: *wakes up and blinks*
    Sal: I can't unless someone get's this thing off my face!
    Zim: *realizes he has no disguise* AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!
    Q-Pid: *still pokeing Zim with a stick* This is fun.
    Zim: *quickly puts his disguise back on*
    GIR: *hops off of Sal*
    GIR: ... *runs away with Sal's pants* HEEHEEHEE!!!
    Sal: *stops shooting energy ball* Finally. *sees that his pants are gone. HEY! *chases GIR*
    Iggy: This isn't going too well!
    Yellow Yoshi: *eats Iggy and lays an egg*
    Iggy: *inside the egg* *muffled* !*(#*(@&$(!*$
    Sia: *sees YY* ... Well I guess that's one way to stop a bad guy.
    Shy Guy: *sees that the captain's been eaten*
    Shy Guy: Uh-oh.
    GIR: *eats Sal's pants and fires a missile made of flaming trash out of his head at the airship*
    Koopa Troopa: Trash at 12:00!
    *the airship gets hit and goes down, wrecked*
    Sal: He did not just eat thouse.
    Q-Pid: Boom Boom Boom Boom! I want you in my room!
    Sia: Well I guess we're done with the bad guys for now.
    ???: *in the rubble* Help!!
    Sia: Hmm... *goes to the rubble where the voice came from and moves it*
    *Princess Peach is in the rubble*
    Mario: Peach! *runs to her*
    Sia: What were you doing on that airship?
    Peach: *at Sia* Bowser had just kidnapped me, and was taking me hostage on his airship.
    Sal: *yells at GIR* What am I suppost to do now?! That was my only pair of pants for this saveing the universe trip!!
    CM: *laughing at Sal*
    Sal: Grrr... *shoots an energy ball at CM's butt*
    GIR: *cries* WHY MUST YOU BE SOOOOOOOOOOOO CRUEL?!?!?! *runs away crying*
    CM: *dodges* Missed.
    Sal: Grrr... *kick's CM in the butt really hard*
    Crash Man: *dodges again*
    Sal: Dude, I swear I'm gonna-- Sia: Sal, leave him alone! Sal: Hump!
    Peach: I found Baby Mario, too. *pulls out Baby Mario*
    Q-Pid: Aw, a cute baby!
    Baby Mario: It's-a me, Mario!
    Mud-Bud: Okay, I'm starting to get tired of seeing doubles ov everyone.
    CM: How come you used to be insane, but now you're fine?
    Venomiss: Void of our worst nightmares. Dark Black. Remember?
    Venomiss: *to Peach* Um, you didn't happen to see a Power Star, did you?
    *Mud-Bud: *to Peach*
    Peach: There was one somewhere on the airship...
    Sia: So all we need to do is search through all this rubble to find it. No problem.
    Sal: *looks through the rubble**grumbles about loseing his pants*
    Mario: *looks through the debris*
    Venomiss: Argh, this is going to take forever!
    Mario: I found it!
    Venomiss: ?! That was faster then I though.
    Sia: Four down, one to go. We're almost done with this galaxy!
    Mew: *in it's normal form* Mew!
    GIR: *stares at Mew*
    GIR: *reaches behind him and takes out a little rubber pig and shoves it in Mew's face* TASTE THE PIG.
    Mew: ?! *creates a phycic big pink bubble and bounces on it adorably and really cutely* Mew!
    Laura: *sees Mew* I think I'm gonna be sick.
    Q-Pid: Aw, that's sooo CUTE!
    Mew: *uses phycic to make Laura and GIR bouce on the pink bubble* Mew mew!
    Laura: AGH!!!
    GIR: *beatboxin'*
    Mew: *pops the bubble causeing Laura and GIR to fall on their butts*
    Laura: Ow!
    Mew: *giggles*
    Laura: I hate Pokemon.....
    GIR: Whee!
    Q-Pid: Aw, it just wants to play.
    Sia: So wheres the last star?
    Bee: *flies up to Sia* Thanks for saving our hive before they did any more damage! If you're looking for another Power Star, Koopa The Quick has one! He hangs out near the Honey Ocean.
    Sia: Hey thanks. Alright everyone, lets go! *heads to the Honey Ocean*
    *Koopa The Quick is hanging out near a Hovering TeleShoppy Block*
    Sia: *to Koopa* Um, excuse us, but we're loking for a Power Star.
    Koopa The Quick: Yeah, I've got one!
    Sia: Great! So can we have it please? We need it to save the universe.
    Koopa The Quick: No way!
    Sia: What? Why not?
    Koopa The Quick: Unless you can beat me in a race.
    Koopa The Quick: Which you can't.
    Mario: *hits the TeleShoppy Block*
    Sia: Um, sure. No problem. We can race.
    Koopa: You sure? It's kinda dangerous here.
    CM: Why?
    Koopa: The Honey Ocean's High Tide comes around this time.
    Sia: No problem. We handle danger all the time. A Tide won't be a big problem to us.
    Koopa: You might get stuck in honey...but whatever. It'll be me laughing when they have to fish you out!
    Sia: We'll see about that.
    Broque: *comes on the screen of the TeleShoppy* Greetings and salutations, monsieurs and madames!
    Sia: Oh, hi Broque.
    Broque: Care for some delicious Vampire Candy? Only 5 cents, 3 Coins, or 5 Rings!
    Sia: What's a vampire candy?
    Broque: It's delicious! It transforms you into a vampire, but all you have to do is eat the wrapper to return to normal!
    Sia: Eat a wrapper to turn back to normal. I guess if there's a way to turn back to normal. *to CM* Can we afford it?
    Broggy: *somewhere offscreen* Arf! Arf!
    CM: I have some money.
    CM: *gives Sia five cents*
    Broque: I will have a Fly Guy deliver your candy to you!
    Sia: Alright.
    Sia: I'll save it in case we need it.
    Sia: How long will it take till the package comes?
    *a Fly Guy flies to Sia with a Vampire Candy*
    Sia: Thanks. Here you go. *gives him the five cents*
    Fly Guy: *flies away*
    Broque: Would you like to scratch a Scratch Card?
    Sia: *puts the Vampite Candy in her bag* A what card?
    Broque: It's like zee lottery! Go ahead, scratch one! *a Scratch card comes out of the block's slot*
    Sia: *to CM* Should we?
  • Crash Man: Sure, it's free.
    Sia: Ok. *takes the Scratch card*
    Sia: *scratches the card*
    *an image of Peach's face appears on the scratch card*
    Sia: Peach? What does that mean for the card?
    Broque: Congratulations! You get one free item!!
    Sia: Cool!
    Broque: Pick an item, any item! *a big catalog comes out of the slot*
    Sia: Wow, theres alot of stuff. What should we get?
    CM: *looks at it*
    Crash Man: Hey, look! Pants!
    Broque: Is zat your order?
    CM: Yup.
    *a Fly Guy flies to them and gives Sal a pair of pants*
    Fly Guy: *flies away*
    Sal: FINNALY! *puts them on quickly*
    Broque: Good day! *the screen turns off*
    Sia: Okay, ready to race?
    Koopa The Quick: Bring it on! But who's gonna race me?
    Sia: CM, do you want to race?
    CM: *sees a huge wave of honey thrash down on the shore and cover up a Shy Guy, and then pull the Shy Guy back out and drown him* *gulps* Nah, I'll sit this one out.
    Sia: Alright then, I'll race.
    Koopa: Bring it on, sucker!
    Sia: *gets ready* Okay, I'm ready!
    *a Bee flies down with a checkered flag*
    Koopa: Whoever gets to the next beehive wins!
    Bee: 3...
    Bee: 2...
    Bee: 1...
    Bee: GO!!
    Sia: *runs really fast*
    Koopa: *runs to the right and quickly wades through a small pool of honey and is about eight feet ahead of Sia*
    Q-Pid: *pulls out a radio and plays "Escpae from the city" as backround music*
    Sia: *flies and gets ahead of him* See ya!
    Koopa: *bursts forward like Sonic when he's Boosting and knocks her away*
    GIR: *breakdancing to the music*
    Sia: Ow! *gets back up and flies super fast and gets ahead*
    Koopa: *spins past her in his shell*
    Koopa: *still in his shell* *hits a palm tree and bounces of it and goes even faster*
    Sia: Hmm... *pulls back on a tree, and uses it to fling her faster ahead of Koopa*
    Koopa The Quick: *comes out of his shell and runs faster than Sia, then takes a shortcut up a steep hill*
    *a wave of honey thrashes down on Koopa The Quick*
    Koopa: AH! *gets pulled out to sea*
    Sia: ! *flies to Koopa and pulls him out while still flying in the air* Are you alright?
    Koopa: *gets up and shakes the honey off of himself, then runs past Sia* Yeah!
    Sia: *flies really fast and eventually gets past Koopa**thinks to herself* Man, this guy is really fast.
    Koopa The Quick: *gets ahead of Sia*
    *a Snifit runs in front of Sia*
    Sia: What the?
    Snifit: *shoots Sia with a ball out of its "mouth"*
    Sia: Whoa! *dodges it and keeps flying* What was that for?!
    *a Tower O' Goombas runs in front of Sia*
    Sia: Oh come on, what now?
    *the Tower O' Goombas runs into a Sia and topples over*
    Koopa: *far ahead of Sia by now*
    Sia: Ah! *gets up and keeps flying*
    Sia: Grr... How can I catch up to him now?
    *Yoshi runs up to her*
    Yoshi: Hop on!
    Sia: Ok. *hops on Yoshi*
    Yoshi: *eats a Dash Pepper and runs really fast*
    Sia: Whooa!
    Yoshi: *speeds past Koopa The Quick and stops right in front of the beehive*
    Bee: Finish! Sia wins!
    Sia: Alright! *to Yoshi* Awesome job, thanks!
    Yoshi: Don't mention it!
    Koopa: Darn it! Oh, well. You won, fair and square. Take this! *gives Sia a Power Star*
    Sia: Thanks. Now we have all the Power Stars in this galaxy.
    *the others catch up to Sia*
    Baby Luma: Can we go home now? I'm hungry!
    Rosalina: Sure.
    Sia: Yeah, I'm beat.
    Yoshi: *panting*
    *when they are all on the Observatory*
    Rosalina: We'll see you later. *heads to the Fountain with Baby Luma*
    Baby Luma: Bye-bye!
    Sia: Ok. *yawn* I'm gonna hit the hey.
    Lubba: So early?
    Sia: Yoshi and I ran really fast in that race.
    Sia: We could go for a little nap.
    Lubba: Okay. But be up soon!
    Sia: No prob. *goes to her room and takes a nap in her bed*
    Q-Pid: *follows Rosalina*
    Rosalina: *takes the teleporter to the Fountain with Baby Luma and then goes inside*
    Q-Pid: *uses the teleporter as well and follows them*
    Rosalina: *goes to the wall and pushes a certain brick, and the wall opens up revealing another room*
    Rosalina: *goes in the room with Baby Luma and the wall closes*
    Q-Pid: ? *pushes the brick Rosalina pushed*
    Rosalina: *filling a tub with water*
    Baby Luma: I feel sticky!
    Q-Pid: Um, are you takeing a bath or something?
    Rosalina: *turns around* Um, yes. Would you mind not watching?
    Q-pid; oh, ok. Sorry. Um, actually, can I join you? I'm really sticky from swimming in the honey.
    Rosalina: Don't you have bathtubs on your plane? Besides, there's only one in here.
    Q-Pid: *thinks for a sceond* Oh yeah! Thyanks! *leaves the room*
    Spark: *walks behind Shadow* There you are. i need to talk to you about something important.
    Shadow: *turns around* ? ...!
    Spark: Yeah yeah, it's me. But look, this is actually important on your part. It involves your sister and Maria.
    Shadow: Okay.
    Spark: You know how GUN invaded the ARK looking for you?
    Spark: Well, they weren't looking for you exaclly. They were looking for the Ultimate Nightmare, but they thought it was you.
    Shadow: Yes?
    Spark: The truth is, your sister was actually the Ultimate Nightmare, but GUN didn't know about her being created at that point. Black Doom tricked Gerald into creating her so the Black Doom could use her as a wepon of destrucion. So, in a way, it's your sister's fault that Maria is, well, you know.
    Shadow: *eyes widen*
    Spark: Oh yeah, and one more thing. I snuck onto BD's Starship, and it looked like he turned on Red. And when Red was on a rampage of destruction on BD's ship, I saw you sister stoping him.
    Shadow: ...
    Spark: ... Um, do you want to be alone to think about this?
    Shadow: What the f*** do YOU think?
    Spark: Just that. See ya. *telepots away*
    Sia: *gets out of her room**sees Shadow* Shadow? Are you alright?
    Shadow: Yeah. I'm fine. *walks away*
    Sia: *a little concerned**goes and meets with the others* Well, that was a good nap.
    CM: *asleep on the floor*
    Sia: *smiles* Look like someone is sleepy.
    *Rosalina and Baby Luma come out of the fountain*
    Venomiss: *to them* 'sup?
    Baby Luma: Feel me! I'm squeaky!
    Q-Pid: Me too!
    *a bunch of multicolored Lumas bodyslam Q*
    Q-Pid: Oof!
    A red Luma in the bunch of Lumas: Play with us!
    Q-Pid: *giggles* Okay!
    Yellow Luma: Okay, let's play "Feed The Lumas Star Bits!"
    Lumas: YAAAY!
    Q-Pid: Okay! *gets some starbits and gives them to the Lumas*
    *all the Lumas scarf them down, then dogpile Q*
    Lumas: MORE!
    Rosalina: That's enough, Lumas. Don't spoil your appetite for dinner.
    CM: What's for dinner?
    Rosalina: Cake.
    Lumas: OOOOOO! CAKE!
    Q-Pid: Yay! I love cake!!
    Baby Luma: Cake!
    Rosalina: And for dessert, ice cream and cookies.
    Sal: That's alot of sugar.
    Laura: Do you eat sweets all the time?
    Rosalina: Pretty much.
    Rosalina: It's a secret.
    Baby Luma: She's wearing a--*Rosalina covers Baby Luma's mouth*
    Rosalina: Like he was saying, I'm dress!
    Sal: That's kinad obviouse.
    ???: NyAhAhAhAhAhAhA!!!
    CM: That voice--!
    Sal: ?
    Shadow: Is that who I think it is?
    Sia: Oh goodness no...
    Zim: HEY! Who's imitating me?!
    Venomiss: What are you all talking about?
    *Doctor Nebula is standing on a platform that's rocket-powered*
    Sia: Not YOU again!
    Doctor Nebula: FoOlS! yOu ThOuGhT yOu HaD dEfEaTeD Dr. NeBuLa!!
    Baby Luma: I'm scared, Mama...
    Rosalina: It's okay...
    Dr. Nebula: YeS! bE aFrAiD! bE vErY aFrAiD!!!
    Sia: Please, like we would be afrid of a crazy lonatic like you.
    Dr. Nebula: I rEmEmBeR yOu AlL!! *points at Sal* yOu CoMpLaIn ToO mUcH!!
    Sal: Uh, come again?
    Dr. Nebula: WhErE's ThE hEdGeHoG wItH pGnUeMoNiA?!?!
    Sia: With wha?
    Dr. Nebula: EnOuGh WiTh YoUr MiNd GaMeS!
    Dr. Nebula: GaH!!!! *pulls a fish out of his pants* i'M sTiLl ReCuPeRaTiNg FrOm My SwIm!
    Q-Pid: *laughs at Dr. Nebula for the fish in his pants*
    Dr. Nebula: SiLeNcE, pOoP!
    Q-Pid: *laughs even harder and louder* You said "poop" *continues to laugh*
    GIR: I like him. HE'S CRAZY! *GIR's head explodes*
    Nebula: GwAh!!!! i HaTe YoU aLl!
    Nebula: LeT's SeE yOu LaUgH aT.........
    Venomiss: *files her nails, not careing what's going on* Of course you are.
    *a huge, rocket powered metallic Taz Android flies out of nowhere*
    CM: *jaw drops*
    Sia: O.O
    Pinky: *soils his pants*
    Sal: Oh cheese nuggets...
    Nebula: TaZ aNdRoId 3.0!
    Q-Pid: *stops laughing when she sees the android* Oh poop...
    Nebula: HaHa!! I tOlD yOu No OnE wOuLd LaUgH!! HaHaHaHaHaHa! wAiT, wHo'S lAuGhInG?! oH, iT's Me.
    Q-Pid: So wait, if you said no one would be laughing, then why are YOU laughing?
    Nebula: Uh...Um................
    Nebula: ShUt Up!
    Q-Pid: Make me! *pulls down the bottom of one of her eye lids and stiks her toung out at Nebula*
    Nebula: GrAh! *TAndroid 3.0 punches Q*
    Q-Pid: OW! *gets knocked into a wall hard*
    Venomiss: *uses her long fingernails to slice one of TAndroid 3.0's arms*
    *the TA's arm doesn't fall off, but it winces in pain*
    TA: *finally starts screaming in pain* OW OW OW OW OW OW OW!
    Venomiss: Yeah, that'll show you!
    Nebula: My BaBy! *takes out a first aid kit and flies to the TA 3.0 and patches it up*
    Venomiss: Yeah, that's right. Let mama help your wittle boo boo *laughs*
    Sal: *to himself* d*** she's crul...
    Zim: I have a plan! Keep the inferior Earth robot distracted while I take GIR to the top of the Observatory, then I'll fire the Big Poop Missiles at the robot!
    Venomiss: No prob. *to the android**spanks her butt at him*
    Taz Android: *all patched up and it roars at Venomiss, then eats her*
    Taz Android 3.0: *rubs his belly*
    Mud-Bud: Venny! *shoots a giant mud ball at the andoid*
    Taz Android: *wipes off the mud*
    Zim: *climbing the steep slope of the Observatory*
    Zim: *grunts, then slips* AAAHHH! *drops GIR*
    Mud-Bud: *just punches the android's foot* Let my girlfriends go right now!!!
    Zim: *grabs onto the edge* GIR, help!
    TA3.0: OW! *coughs up Venomiss*
    GIR: *grabs Zim*
    Venomiss: Ahh!
    MB: *catches Venomiss* Are you alright?
    Venomiss: *blushes a litle* Um, y-yeah. I'm okay.
    Zim: FIRING BIG POOPS NOW! *GIR launches a really big poop missile at the TA3.0
    Taz Android: *gets hit by the Big Poop Missile* Argh! *Nebula flies in and heals it*
    TA3.0: *winds up a punch and punches MB in the head sideways really really really really really really hard*
    MB: ARGH! *gets hit into a wall and losses conciousness*
    Nebula: SuCh GuStO! eNcOrE! eNcOrE!
    TA3.0: *bows*
    Zim: How did that not hurt it?! *uses an Irken telescope from his PAK and sees Doctor Nebula* Aha!
    Zim: SIA!!!!!!!
    Zim: SIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sia: Yeah?
    Sia: Okay!
    Zim: *tries to fire another big poop missile*
    Zim: What the--HEY! What's wrong?!
    GIR: I can't.
    Zim: Hmm...*sees a taco* Aha! C'mon, GIR....*leads him to the taco*
    Dr. Nebula: *pulls out a ray gun and shoots at the heroes* GiT aLoNg, LiL' dOgGiEs!
    Sia: Look out! *dodges the ray gun*
    Taz Android 3.0: *burps a bunch of poison gas at the heroes*
    Sia: *covers her mouth and noes*
    GIR: *picks up the taco* Where has you been all mah life???
    Venomiss: *uneffected by the gas*
    GIR: *eats the taco and then there's a loud farting noise*
    Venomiss: *to Zim and GIR* Hey, you guys wanna speed up sometime here?!
    Zim: *aims GIR*
    GIR: Ah like poop. *shoots a Big Poop Missile at the Taz Android 3.0*
    TA3.0: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH--*gets hit in the stomach* Oooof!
    Nebula: *flies over to repair the TA3.0*
    Sia: *flies up to Nebula and punches him right in the kisser*
    Nebula: Ow! ThAt HuRt, JeRk!
    Sia: Good! *punches him again*
    Taz Android 3.0: *shakes*
    TA3.0: *grows sharp metal claws and gets bigger*
    Sal: Oh c***...
  • Venomiss: *uses her long nails to try to slice the sharp metal claws*
    TA3.0: *punches her*
    Venomiss: Ow!
    Doctor Nebula: TaZ aNdRoId, DeStRoY tHe CrAfT!
    Taz Android 3.0: *targets the Beacon of the Observatory*
    Sia: ! *gets infront of the Beacon*
    TA3.0: *fires its laser eyes at Sia*
    Sia: Ow! *crashes down, but gets up quickly*
    Nebula: WhAt ArE yOu WaItInG fOr??!!!
    TA3.0: *targets the Beacon again*
    Zim: *sweating and climbing to the top with GIR*
    Sia: Oh for the love of. *flies to Zim and GIR and carries them to the top*
    Zim: *looks down and gulps*
    Zim: *aims GIR*
    Venomiss: Hurry up already!
    Sal: You're so impashent, Venomiss.
    CM: Um, is anyone guarding the Beacon?!
    Sia: *gards the Becon*
    TA3.0: *shoots a huge laser at the Beacon*
    Sia: *makes a sheild around her and the becon to be protected from the laser*
    Nebula: ArGh!!
    Q-Pid: Nice job, Sia!
    Crash Man: ZIM, HURRY UP!
    GIR: Sorry...
    Zim: *sees a plate of waffles and grabs it and shoves it in GIR's mouth*
    GIR: Om nom nom nom nom nom nom........*fires a Big Poop Missile at the TA3.0*
    *the missile hits the android*
    Sal: Alright!
    Nebula: *tries to repair the android*
    Sal: *punches Nebula befor he had a chance*
    Nebula: Ow! *flies away*
    Sal: Well, he's gone for now!
    TA3.0: *gets bigger and bigger and bigger*
    CM: Whoa.......
    Venomiss: How the f*** can we stop this thing?!
    Mud-Bud: *gets up and rubs his head*
    TA3.0: *opens his mouth wide and inhales Zim and GIR, and then closes his mouth and swallows them*
    Zim: *inside* Well, this is dark.
    Venomiss: *to MB: Are you alright, Mud-Bud?
    MB: I... i need... i need...
    Sal: C***!
    Venomiss: Yeah? MB: I need... A TACO SHOE!!! *runs around like crazy*
    Crash Man: Oh s***....
    Venomiss: *face palm* Oh perfect. He's back to being crazy again! It was probally from getting hit in the head really hard. At this point, he'll probally wreck the place befor the giant robo does.
    Taz Android 3.0: *roars again and this time, a black hole comes out of his mouth*
    Sal: Oh c***, we're s****ed
    Lake: I have an idea! *commands the water from the foutain to pick up MB and makes MB go down the android's mouth.
    Taz Android 3.0: *spits Mud-Bud out*
    Lake: Darn, he was suppost to eat him.
    Venomiss: And what good would that do?!
    Lake: If MB get's inside, he might just wrech the inside of the android. But I guess that plan failed.
    Tails: Wait! Guys!
    Tails: I need some people who are good with techy stuff.
    Lake: that would be me and Q. Q-Pid: Present!
    Tails: Good! *gives them each a box like Sia's*
    Tails: I need you to take these to The Vile Fiends' Plane and the top of the Observatory and press the button on the side.
    Tails: I've got one too, so I'll be heading to Starship Mario.
    Lake: No problem. *uses the water to get to the top*
    Q-Pid: Okey dokey! *goes to the Vile Fiends' plane*
    Lake and Q: *presses the button on their boxes*
    Mud-Bud: PAFARTI!
    Tails: *flies to the Starship Mario and presses a button on his box*
    *a broken laser comes out of the boxes, one laser each*
    Q-Pid: Neat!
    Tails: Find a way to fix them!
    Lake: *find's a way to fix his laser*
    Q-Pid: *found a way faster then Lake did*
    Tails: *fixes his*
    Tails: Fire!
    Q and Lake: *fires their lasers*
    Tails: *fires his laser at the black hole*
    *the black hole gets huge, then sucks in Taz Android 3.0 and disappears*
    *Zim and GIR appear*
    GIR: I'm falling!
    Zim: AAAAAAH!!!
    *they land*
    Sia: *stops makeing the sheild* Are you guys alright?
    Zim: Why wouldn't I be? An Irken invader can survive anything your filthy planet can nestle in its womb of evil!!
    Sia: What?
    Zim: Nothing.
    Q-Pid: What's an Irken?
    *the Lumas instantly start repairing*
    Zim: I wouldn't know! I'm a perfectly normal human worm-baby.
    Sal: Uh, right...
    Sal: No, I never said that.
    Zim: ...Oh.
    Zim: Um...never mind then.
    Sia: I'm just glad that everything is okay now.
    Lubba: Whew! Glad THAT guy's gone! Now, let's go get some Power Stars!
    Sia: Where are we heading next?
    Lubba: The *shivers* Ghostly Galaxy.
    Sia: What kind of galaxy is that?
    Lubba: Duh...
    Sia: Ah. Well lets go then!
    *on BD's starship*
    Black Doom: Someone get me Jade.
    Shy Guy: OK! *gets Jade*
    Luna: *to BD* Father, if I may, i wish to return to the location thou has taken me befor returning me here. There is no point in escape, considering I am unable to go into sunlight.
    Jade: Yeah, what?
    Black Doom: *to Luna* Okay.
    Luna: I thank thy.
    BD: Jade, you're now my new consultant, to replace Red.
    Jade: Seriously? In my whole carrir as a bounty hunter, I was never put in a position like that. Thanks!
    Black Doom: Your first order of business: Take over Earth. Get busy.
    Jade: Of course, on my way. *leaves the room*
    Luna: Um...
    Luna: I uh... do not have a transportation.
  • Black Doom: Take, um........a Koopa Clown Car.
    Luna: Vary well then.
    *in Dr. Noah Bluesmith's Research Lab*
    Dr. Bluesmith: Hmm... *writes something down on a clipboard*
    *suddenly, a red-haired 17 year old girl busts down the door
    Dr. Bluesmith? *looks up* ?!
    Girl: Professor Bluesmith! We have to get off of Earth!!
    Dr: Why? What's wrong?
    *another girl comes in that looks exactly like the first girl*
    Girl: *irritated* The alien invasion outside...does it ring a bell at all?!
    Girl 2: ...
    Dr: *looks outside* Oh... I was so bussy in my lab that I wasn't paying atention.
    Girl 1: UGH! Anyway, we'll explain who we are later. Do you have a rocket or something?!
    Dr: No, but I do know someone who does have a something we can rid on.
    Dr: *goes to a phone and calls someone* It's me, Bluesmith. I need a ride... Ok, thanks. *hangs up* She'll be here in a minute.
    Girl 2: *looking out the window looking very scared*
    Girl 1: Anyway, have you seen your niece in the last month?
    Dr: No, but I'm sure she's alright.
    *a space plane lands infront of the lab*
    Girl 2: !
    Girl 1: *sees it too* Whoa.
    *Ruby runs out of the space plane*
    Ruby: C'mon! The invation could come attack us anytime now!
    Girl 1: *gets on the plane*
    Girl 2: *gets on the plane*
    Dr: *goes back inside, gets alot of sciance crud, ans gets on the plane*
    Ruby: *pilots the plane into space*
    Dr: *whew* *to the girls* Now, can you please explain who you are now?
    Girl 1: We're two of your niece's boyfriend's sisters.
    Girl 1: *points to Girl 2* She's Athena, and she's mute.
    Girl 1: I'm Aerial.
    Dr: And I can predict that you two are twins, correct?
    Aerial: Yup.
  • Aerial: *looks out a window, back at Earth*
    Dr: *stes up his sciance stuff in another room of the space plane**comes back out* I've put up my equipment in the spare room, Ruby.
    Ruby: Okay.
    Athena: *takes out a yo-yo and does some tricks, but then accidentally lets go of it and it hits Ruby in the back of the head*
    Ruby: Ow! *takes one hand off the handel and rubs the back of her head* Could you be more carefull, please?
    Athena: *embarrassed*
    *theres arguing in another room that can be heard*
    Athena: *hears it* ?
    *suddenly, a grey hedgehog and a brown raccon burst out of the door from the other room ressaling and arguing at the same time*
    Ruby: Oh dear. *puts the space plane on auto pilot and break them up* Do you two ever stop rough houseing?!
    both the hedgehog and raccon: He/She started it!... I did not, you did!
    Aerial: ?
    *they argue for a little bit about stuff unrelated to the main subject, but then laugh, call a truce, and shake hands*
    Aerial: ...Who are you?
    Hedgehog: *notices Aerial, her sister, and the Dr.* Oh, we have guest. My name is Sabir. I'm... *does some funny and weird hans circular movement* From the future!
    Aerial: *blinks, then bursts out laughing*
    Raccon: *face palm* Oh geez Sabir, you're such a kid.
    Sabir: *to Aerial* It's true! *to the raccon* But you're younger then me!
    Aerial: *still laughing*
    Raccon: And your point is?
    Sabir: ... Why do I even try?
    *a young lion peeks his head into the room*
    Lion: I-is the fighting over?
    Raccon: Yes, Diamond, you can come out now.
    Diamond: O-okay. *comes out*
    Sabir: *to Aerial* Want proof? Alright then, ask me a question... if you dare!
    Aerial: Okay.....who does Crash Man marry in the "future"?
    Sabir: Lets see... I remember that big heroes reunion party... I think her name was Sia.
    Aerial: *looks at Athena*
    Sabir: But that shouldn't mess up the time-space thing to much. I mean, you aren't related to him... right?
    Aerial: I am, actually.
    Sabir: *face palm* Oh crud, Silver and Blaze are sooo gonna kill me for this...
    Q-Pid: This place scares me...
    Mario: Me too.
    ???: *far away* HELP ME, BRO!!
    Sia: What was thta?
    Mario: It sounds like Luigi!
    CM: *sees a huge mansion on the main planet* Maybe he's in there.
    ???: *with Luigi* Mew!
    Mew: ! Mew! Mew mew!!
    *on that planet*
    CM: Look for a door....
    Zim: Brrr....*shivers*
    Q-Pid: *to Zim* What's wrong?!
    Zim: This place
    GIR: *quietly* Ah like pie....
    Venomiss: Wait... YOU'RE scared of this place?! *laughs*
    CM: *finds a big door and opens it*
    Sia: Nice job, CM.
    *inside, there's a stairwell that leads to a wall with a portrait of a Boo on it*
    Q-Pid: Oooooh.
    *to the left of the portrait, there's a corner, then another set of stairs*
    Sia: I guess we might have to go up these stairs.
    *in a corner, there's a girl sitting in the dark playing a handheld videogame*
    Q-Pid: *to the girl**talksing sweetly* Hiya!
    Gaz: *without looking at her* Go away!
    Mud-Bud: *to Gaz* I like rubber piggies!
    Gaz: *looks up and glares at all of them, then goes back to playing her game*
    Venomiss: Geez, someone's anti-social. *files her nails*
    Gaz: If you're looking for a star, my stupid brother has one. He got scared and ran upstairs. *scoffs* Whiner.
    Sia: Okay, thanks.
    ???: *upstairs* AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
    Sia: !? *goes upstairs* Hello?
    *lightning strikes outside*
    *there's a metal grate blocking Sia's way*
    Q-Pid: EEEP! *hugs Pinky in fear*
    Sia: What the?!
    Pinky: *has hearts in his eyes*
    *the Boo in the portrait comes to life and sneaks up on Sia*
    Sia: *tries to break the gate, but fails* Dang!
    Boo: *scares Sia silly* BOO!
    Sia: YAAH! *shoots an energy ball at the Boo from fear*
    Boo: *disappears*
    ???: THE HORRORS!!!!!
    Gaz: WHINER!!!
    Sia: What the flippin' Vanilla Fudge was that?!
    *lightning strikes again*
    Gaz: Leave me alone!
    Mario: A Boo!
    Pinky: *winces*
    Gaz: !! *gets up and stomps out of the mansion and sits in the rain playing her video game*
    Venomiss: She would really play her game in the rain? Wouldn't her game get ruins in the water or something?
    CM: *shrugs* Not our problem.
    Sia: How are we gonna get through this thing?
    CM: How are we not gonna get eaten alive by ghosts?
    *there's a Boo Mushroom sitting in another corner, all dusty*
    Q-Pid: Silly boy, ghost can't eat things. They would go through the ghost.
    *a Boo appears through the wall and eats Pinky alive*
    Pinky: AGH!
    Q-Pid: AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    CM: *shoots an energy ball at the Boo*
    Boo: *gets hit* Ow! *disappears*
    Pinky: *on the floor shivering*
    Q-Pid: *to Pinky* Are you okay?
    Pinky: I g-guess...
    Mario: *eats the Boo Mushroom*
    Mario: *turns into Boo Mario*
    Boo Mario: Whoa!
    Boo Mario: You should try this!
    Boo Mario: *turns transparent and flies through the grate*
    Sia: Hmm... *funds another one and eats it and turns into Boo Sia* Neat!
    Boo Mario: *pushes a button on the wall and the grate goes up*
    CM: Whoa Sia, did you gain weight?
    Pinky: *laughs*
    Sia: ...
    Sal: The gate's open. Let's go!
    Laura: Now YOU eat one! *puts a Boo Mushroom in CM's mouth and forces him to swallow and CM becomes Boo Crash Man*
    Boo CM: HEY!
    Boo Mario: C'mon, let's-a go!
    Q-Pid: *giggles*
    Sia: *follows Mario*
    Zim: *scared as h*** from all the ghost versions of characters*
    GIR: *eating pie*
    Sia: wait, how do we turn back to normal?
    Boo Mario: *flies under a light and returns to normal*
    Venomiss: *sees Zim* Heh. *sneaks up on him and scares him*
    *they all go into a room upstairs that has a bunch of framed portraits*
    Zim: AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs out of the mansion screaming* THE HALLOWEENIES!!!!!!
    Venomiss: *laughs out loud*
    *there's a portrait of Demon Sonic*
    Boo CM: !
    Sia: *sees the potrit* !
    Q-Pid: Ooh. *about to touch the portrait*
    Venomiss: Q, don't you dare! You know what happened last time!
    *there's also a portrait of Pandora*
    Lake: *looks at the portraits* Hmm... Interesting/
    *there's a portrait of King Boo*
    Sia: Why are their portraits of evil people?
    Boo Crash Man: I think they're just portraits of ghosts.
    Boo CM: ...Very, very evil ghosts.
    Sia: Oh.
    *there's a portrait of Dib*
    Boo CM: ?
    Q-Pid: Oh, an inocent little boy.
    Boo CM: Look. He's holding a Power Star in the portrait.
    Sia: So how are we suppost to get it?
    *suddenly, a blank framed portrait becomes a portrait of Zim without his disguise*
    Boo Crash Man: What the f--?!
    Sia: I know, how is that possible?
    Boo Crash Man: Pinky, go outside and see if Zim is still there.
    Pinky: *goes outside of the mansion*
    Q-Pid: I hope he'll be okay...
    *a few moments later, another blank portrait becomes a portrait of Pinky*
    Boo Crash Man: My theory is proven.
    Q-Pid: ?!
    Mario: Maybe Luigi can help us.
    Boo CM: Right. Let's keep moving!
    *a scream is heard in the next room*
    Sia: What was that?!
    Boo CM: *goes in the room*
    *a Big Boo has Fat Cat cornered*
    Sia: *follows him*
    Q: Who and wha?!
    Big Boo: *turns around and sees them* *makes an angry Boo noise and heads towards them*
    Q-Pid: Ahh!
    Big Boo: *eats Sia and Venomiss*
    Sia and Venomiss: ARGH!!!
    Fat Cat: *runs away while Big Boo is distracted*
    Tails: Hey! That blue thing's got a Power Star! I detect it on my scanner.
    Shadow: *uses Chaos Spear on Big Boo*
    BB: *makes a wimpy Boo noise and disappears, leaving Sia and Venomiss*
    Sia: *turned back to normal somehow* Thanks, Shadow.
    Venomiss: *heard Tails and tackles Fat Cat to the ground* Give us the Power Star now!
    Fat Cat: Owcherz!
    Venomiss: Pretty much, yeah. (XD)
    Sia: *facepalm at Venomiss* Get off of him, girl.
    Venomiss: *ges off*
    Fat Cat: *gets up* WHO ARE YOU PEOPLES?!
    Sia: We're heroes, and we need that Power Star to save the universe.
    Fat Cat: You mean da shiny thing I ate?
    Boo Crash Man: *facepalm* He ate it......
    Venomiss: You've got to be @#$%^&* kiding me!
    Fat Cat: Your face is funny.
    Venomiss: Maybe I could rib him open and pull the star out. *nails grow long*
    Fat Cat: AAAHHH! *runs out of the room*
    Boo Crash Man: *glares at Venomiss* ... *eats her*
    Venomiss: ARGH!
    Boo CM: *chews her up and rolls her around in his mouth*
    Sia: CM, spit her out. You don't know where it's been.
    Boo CM:'re right. *spits Venomiss out*
    Venomiss: You are SO lucky I didn't cut your tounge and posioned you!
    Boo CM: *sticks his tongue out at her*
    Mario: Hello? Power Star? Luigi? Portraits?
    Sia: Oh, right. Let's go!
    Boo CM: *goes to the room Fat Cat went in*
    Sia: *follows him*
    *there's a portrait of Fat Cat on the wall*
    Sia: Dang it, what's with all these portraits?! It's starting to creep me out now.
    Boo CM: NOW it's creeping you out?
    Sia: Yes. Yes I am.
    Tails: Weird.
    Sia: I don't get creeped easaly.
    Tails: No, I meant the footprints.
    Sia: Huh? *looks at the footprints* Oh.
    Tails: They lead directly to the he walked right into it!
    Boo CM: ?
    Q-Pid: Who cares, I'm pooped. *layes her head on the portrait*
    Tails: *moves the portrait and reveals a small hole in the wall* So, he walked through here.
    Q-Pid: *takes her head off the portrait* Oh, neat!
    Tails: *goes through the hole*
    *King Boo is sitting in a big throne*
    Sia: *goes through the hole as well*
    Sia: Whoa.
  • Q-Pid: *sees King Boo**shiveres*
    King Boo: *wearing Zim's disguise* Trick or treat! *takes off the disguise* Heeheehee! Are you enjoying your tour?
    Q-Pid: That depends on how you define "enjoying"...
    King Boo: Hee! Well, keep your strength up! If you want to get out alive!
    Sia: Mind explaining what's with all these portraits that suddenly have people appeare on them?
    King Boo: I'll give you a hint! Some are portraits that have your friends....or foes....trapped in them! And some are fakes, like the one of me!
    Sia: Please tell me the one of Demon Sonic is a fake.
    Q-Pid: Demon Sonic? I wonder if theres a Demon Shadow too.
    King Boo: Nyarharhar! Of course it is! He's DEAD!!
    Sia: *whew* Thank goodness.
    King Boo: The a secret! *KB and his throne disappear*
    Sia: What the?!
    Q-Pid: *to Shadow* Do you have a Demon Shadow?
    *a bunch of Octoboos appear*
    Venomiss: *sarcasticly* Perfect...
    *the Octoboos don't go after them, they just hover around the room*
    Tails: Well, there's no more use for THIS room. Let's head back into the hall.
    Sia: Agreed. *leaves the room*
    *everyone follows*
    BCM: *sees a Bomb Boo heading towards them*
    Venomiss: Um, why is that Boo black?
    Bomb Boo: *makes a Boo noise and charges at them, then explodes*
    Sia: What the vinilla fudge?!
    Tails: *looks on what looks like a Pokedex, but it's black and says "Boodex"*
    Tails: That was a Bomb Boo.
    Mew: *sees the "Boodex" Mew?
    Sia: Well that explains why it blew up like that.
    Tails: *at Mew* It's a Boodex. I've also got a Koopadex, a Birdodex and a Siadex.
    Tails: I invented them.
    Mew: ??? Mew mew mew?
    Mew: *transforms into Tails* I said do you have a Pokedex too?
    Tails: A what-dex?
    Mew: It's like thouse thingys that you said, only it has infomation on pokemon. Like this one! *transforms into a Joltik*
    Boo CM: ? Where'd it go?
    Tails: *accidentally steps on it*
    Mew: Joltik!!
    Tails: ! *falls over*
    Mew: *really mad* Joltik Jol!!!
    Mew: *transforms back to Mew* Mew mew!
    Tails: *gets up* *looks at his scanner* What the.....
    Sia: What is it?
    Tails: I'm detecting a bunch of weird spirit readings, but I don't know if they're just regular ghosts or something else.
    Sia: Hmm, how strange.
    Tails: And it's coming from..........*the Cosmic Spirit appears*
    Sia: What on earth is that?
    Cosmic Spirit: I am here to help you....
    Sia: Who or what are you?
    Cosmic Spirit: I am the Cosmic will need this to progress further.....*waves her wand and a Glow Block appears* Light is your weapon in this galaxy.................
    Cosmic Spirit: May the stars shine down on you...*disappears*
    Sia: Okay, thanks.
    Polari: That sounds like someone familiar....
    Q: I know, right?
    Boo Crash Man: *picks up the Glow Block* What's this thing do--*the Glow Block glows brightly* AAAHHH! *turns back into Crash Man*
    Sia: CM, are you alright?!
    CM: I'm fine.
    CM: Apparently this thing provides light...
    Tails: We'll need it to fend off the ghosts and the other beasties.
    Baby Luma: *laughs* You said "beasties"!
    Sia: Right. *picks the Glow Block up*
    CM: *runs down the hall and goes around the corner*
    CM: Whoa, it's dark.
    Crash Man: Hey Sia, come over--AAAHHH!! *runs back to Sia*
    CM: *shivers* There's something there...
    Sia: Hold on, I'll check it out. *goes down the same hall*
    *a Dry Bones is standing in front of her*
    Sia: ?! *uses the Glow Block on it*
    Dry Bones: *still standing there*
    Dry Bones: Click clack, click clack!
    Dry Bones: *bites Sia*
    Sia: Ow! *shoots energy balls at it*
    Q-Pid: *to Shadow* Are you worried about your sister? I mean, it must be hard, lossing your sister right after to found out it was her, that's hard yo think about.
    Dry Bones: *crumbles*
    Shadow: Shut up and go to H***.
    Sia: *whew* *looks around some more*
    Q-Pid: Sorry. But don't worry, I'm sure she's fine. i mean, it's not like Black Doom can mind controll her or anything, right?
    Dry Bones: *the body parts start shaking*
    CM: *sees it* Oh. It's just a Dry Bones.
    CM: It's safe!
    Venomiss: *walks while fileing her nails*
    Wario: *somewhere in the attic, up above, running around* C'mere, little Goombas!
    Sia: What was that?
    Shadow: Go away...
    Q-Pid: ?
    Wario: *trips and falls through the ceiling* OOF!
    Wario: *slowly gets up, then sees the heroes*
    Sia: Wario?!
    Venomiss: Treasure you say? *gets dollar signs in her eyes*
    Lake: Oh grief...
    Wario: It's MINE! ALL MINE!
    Venomiss: Suure. And the ones we find are ours.
    Sia: Let's just go find the Power Stars.
    Wario: Well, gotta go take a gold bath! Later! *jumps back up into the attic through the hole he made*{
    Q-Pid: What's a gold bath?
    Lake: Nothing of your intrest.
    Sia: Tails, do you detect a Power Star near by?
    Tails: Yep. But, um...*points up*
    Sia: You don't mean.
    Tails: Yup. It's in the attic.
    Sia: *sigh* Well let's hope Wario didn't find it. *flies up there*
    Wario: *swimming in millions of gold coins* La-dee-da-dee-da....
    Wario: *sees Sia* Hey! This is all MINE, understand?!
    Sia: Uh, yeah, sure. *looks around for the Power Star*
    Wario: Hey!! get out of there.
    Sia: Sorry, trying to protect ans save the universe here. *continues looking*
    Wario: Protect the universe, my butt! You want a slice of my golden pie!
    Sia: Um, no thanks. I'm not hungry right now. (XD)
    Wario: You forced me to do this! *takes out a really really really really stinky piece of garlic*
    Sia: *smells it* Ew.. *closses her noes* Next time, warn me when you're gonna relese you'r fart, okay?
    Wario: GOLD GOOMBAS!
    *four Gold Goombas come out of a pile of coins and pick up Sia, then throw her out the hole and back to the hall*
    CM: Got it?
    Sia: No, some Gold Goombas threw me out.
    Sia: *flies back up and shoots energy balls at the Goombas*
    Pinky: Gold Goombas? *looks at Sia like she's crazy*
    Sia: *calls to Pinky* It's true.
    *the Gold Goombas escape out the hole and run to random spots around the mansion*
    Wario: *growls* WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!
    Sia: The Power star!
    Wario: *pulls one out* You mean THIS one?
    Sia: That's it!
    Wario: Tell you what I'm gonna do: You bring me my lost Goombas, and I'll part with my Star.
    Sia: Okay, sounds fair. *goes back to the Heroes* We need to find the Gold Goombas if we want to get the Power Star.
    Wario: I'll be waiting here!
    Sia: *calls to Wario* Okay! *to the heroes* Let's hurry.
    Mario: Let's-a-go!
    Sia: *walks aroud looking for the Gold Goobas*
    Tails: *building an odd device*
    Pinky: Whatcha makin'?
    Tails: A Goombadex!
    Mew: *turns into Shadow again* You have alot of Dexes.
    Tails: It's kind of a hobby.
    Tails: ...Hey! Maybe I'll make a Hedgedex!
    Mew: That'd be so cool!
    Venomiss: So that's what Shadow would look like if he was energetic. *snikers*
    Shadow: *hits Venomiss in the back of her head with a rock*
    Venomiis: Ow! *rubs the back of her head* Well SOMEONE's in a bad mood today.
    Tails: ......
    Tails: ..............
    Tails: ...........................
    Mew: ?
    Tails: ..............................................................
    Tails: Brrr...
    Sia: Tails, are you okay?
    CM: Can I have the Glow Block for awhile now?
    Sia: Sure. *gives it to CM*
    CM: *goes farther down the dark hall*
    CM: *sees something in the shadows*
    CM: AGH!
    Sia: CM?! *follows him*
    Crash Man: *drops the GB and runs away*
    Sia: CM? *picks it up and looks around the dark hall*
    * Evil Crash is standing in front of Sia growling*
    Sia: Ah! *shoots an energy ball at EC*
    Evil Crash: *gets knocked over* *grunts*
    Sia: That was kinda easy.
    Evil Crash: *gets up and suddenly appears larger than before* *snarls in Sia's face*
    Sia: Um... *yells to the other heroes* Help!
    CM: *sees that Evil Crash has a Gold Goomba hiding behind him*
    Sia: *sees the Goomba too* Um, could you give us that Goomba, please?
    Evil Crash: *looks behind him, then back at Sia*
    Evil Crash: *snarls something*
    Tails: *has a translator* He says he'll give you the Goomba if you can beat him in a race.
    Sia: Um,sure, no problem.
    Evil Crash: *jumps out a window and gestures for someone to follow him*
    Sia: *to the heroes* Okay, so is there anyon who want's to race this thing?
    Pinky: *shoves Venomiss forward*
    Pinky: *does an imitation of V* I'll do it!
    Venomiss: Ugh, why me?!
    Sia: Just suck it up and race!
    Venomiss: Urgh, fine!
    Venomiss: *follows EC* Let's get this over with.
    Evil Crash: *jumps up onto the roof of the mansion and chucks the Gold Goomba to the other end*
    Tails: He says, "Whoever gets to it first keeps it."
    Venomiss: Fine.
    Venomiss: *ready* I'll make sure this gets done quickly.
    Tails: 2...
    Tails: 1...
    Tails: ...PSYCHE!
    Tails: ...GO!
    Venomiss: *begins to run really fast*
    Evil Crash: *runs really fast, then grinds on a gray Warp Pipe that is on the side of the roof*
    Venomiss: Aha. *grinds on the gray Warp Pipe on the other side of the roof*
    *a Lakitu shows up riding on a cloud*
    Lakitu: *throws a Spiny Egg at Venomiss*
    Venomiss: *dodges* Hey, watch it!
    Lakitu: *throws a Bob-omb at Venomiss and it explodes*
    Venomiss: Ah! *falls off* D*** it! That's cheating!
    Evil Crash: *gets off the pipe and starts running*
    Tails: *lifts Venomiss back onto the roof*
    Venomiss: Thanks, kid!
    Tails: *salutes, then flies to the Lakitu and distracts it so it can't throw anything at V*
    Venomiss: *runs past EC*
    Evil Crash: *picks up a Golden Mushroom of Acceleration and speeds past V*
    Venomiss* D***! *runs faster then befor*
    *a Boo hidden inside the roof lifts up part of the floor and trips Venomiss*
    Venomiss: Ah! *falls, but gets back up quickly and runs*
    *a Gold Lakitu flies in riding a Golden Cloud*
    Venomiss: Oh what now?!!
    Gold Lakitu: *throws a Golden Mushroom of Acceleration at Venomiss*
    Venomiss: *catches it* Thanks! *eats it and runs really fasy and gets past EC*
    Gold Lakitu: *throws a Dodgeball at Evil Crash*
    EC: *gets hit and knocked off of the roof* !*!(#*!#{($%&#
    Q-Pid: That's not nice to say!
    Lakitu: *brings EC back onto the roof*
    Venomiss: *runs to the Golden Goomba and grabs it* YES!
    Evil Crash: *has a temper tantrum*
    Pinky: Wow! I guess you're not just all talk after all, Venomiss.
    Q-Pid: *gives EC a smoothie that came out of no where* Here!
    Evil Crash: *looks at it and blinks, then eats it right out of Q's hand in one bite, then does a swan dive off the roof of the mansion*
    Q-Pid: *blinks*
    Venomiss: *goes back into the mansion*
    Venomiss: Score one for Venomiss!
    Mario: Now where's-a that other Golden Goomba...
    Venomiss: *shrugs*
    Mario: *looks around*
    Sia: *looks for the Goombas as well*
    ???: *clanking*
    CM: *shines some light on it*
    *it's a Goomba Mech*
    Q-Pid: Holy mech it's a mech!
    *there's a Gold Goomba operating it*
    Sia: Another Gold Goomba!
    Gold Goomba: *sees them and the Goomba Mech runs away*
    Sia: *sigh* They always run... *flies after it*
    Goomba Mech: *stops abruptly, making Sia hit it and hurt herself*
    CM: Hey! *runs after it*
    Sia: Ow!
    Goomba Mech: *turns around, ready to battle*
    Sia: *gets up and meets up with CM*
    Goomba Mech: *aims it's cannon at Sia and fires a Bob-omb at her*
    Sia: *dodges it*
    Sia: *shoots 10 Energy Balls at it*
    Goomba Mech: *not damaged at all*
    CM: Wha?!
    Sia: What the?!
    *the Bob-omb lands in Venomiss's hands*
    *a Hovering TeleShoppy Block flies to Sia*
    Venomiss: AH! *throws it back at the Mech Goomba*
    Broque: *onscreen* Oui! Do you sense zat?
    Sia: Sense what?
    Broque: Zis..............zee opportunities! You do not sense zem?!
    Sia: No really, sorry.
    Broque: *the block hovers over to Goomba Mech* Inside zis mech is zee opportunities! For oui, inside zis mech is ZEE BLITTY!
    Broque: It is hidden from zee sight, non?
    Sia: It is? Neat.
    Broque: But, sadly, zee mech is undefeatable now, non?
    Sia: *sarcasticly* Perfect!
    Broque: For, zee mech must be PULVERIZE-ED!!!!!
    CM: Right....
    Broque: Zee plumbers, zey have zee hammers, and zee Bob-ombs...HAVE ZEE FUSES!!!!
    *the Bob-omb blows up and damages Goomba Mech*
    Sia: Nice!
    Broque: Oui, let zat be a lesson unto you!
    *the TeleShoppy block flies out a closed window, smashing it*
    Broque: *outside* ...Oopsy! ( XD )
    Sia: Ok, so we need to throw Bo-ombs at it to beat it.
    Mario: Or hit it with hammers!
    Venomiss: Riiiiiight, like theres a giand hammer we can use. Why not add a pink hedgehog or something?!
    Mario: Um...?
    Mario: *takes out his hammer*
    Mario: *hits the Goomba Mech with his hammer*
    Goomba Mech: *aims the cannon at Venomiss and shoots a Fuzzy at her*
    Venomiss: Ow!
    Fuzzy: Meork! Meork!
    Pinky: *picks up the Fuzzy and chucks it at Goomba Mech*
    Venomiss: Thanks.
    GM: *takes no damage*
    Sia: *looks for Bob-ombs*
    Goomba Mech: *aims its cannon at Sia and shoots a Sledge Bro at her*
    Sia: Ah! *dodges**whew*
    Sledge Bro: *throws a hammer at Sia*
    Sia: Ow! *rubs her head then pisk it up* How convinient.
    CM: *musters up all his strength and picks up the Sledge Bro, then throws it out a window*
    Sia: Whoa. Thanks CM.
    Crash Man: *flexes his muscles* No prob.
    Sia: *blushes and giggles*
    Laura: Oh, go get a room.
    Q-Pid: AWW! So CUTE!
    Goomba Mech: *aims at Shadow and shoots a Bob-omb at him*
    Shadow: Chaos Shield! *forms a shield around him that knocks the Bob-omb at the Goomba Mech*
    *the Bob-omb explodes and damages the Goomba Mech*
    Gold Goomba: *dizzy*
    Sia: I think we're almost done with this thing!
    Crash Man: *walks up to the mech, rears back and hits it with a monster punch*
    Goomba Mech: *destroyed and the Gold Goomba is still dizzy*
    *a Blitty hops out from the rubble*
    Shadow: *eyes widen* AAAHHH!
    Sia: *grabs the Goomba* Shadow? Are you alright?
    Shadow: I'm...fine. Let's keep going.
    Laura: Better be careful, might snuggle you to death. *laughs*
    Crash Man: *grabs the Blitty*
    Sia: *to Lauar* Leave him alone.
    Laura: *@Sia* Make me.
    Sia: *sigh* At least we're almost done getting the Golden Goombas.
    CM: *to himself* Who do I side with, my sister or my girlfriend?...
    Shadow: 2 more.
    Blitty: *hops out of CM's arms and jumps on Sia's head and falls asleep*
    Sia: Aw, it's cute.
    Smerk: *jealous*
    Mew: *turned back to a Mew and sits on Shadow's head* Mew.
    Shadow: AAAHHH!
    Shadow: *jumps out the window*
    Mew: Mew?
    Pinky: Spaz... ( XD )
    Shadow: *lands on the hard ground* Oof!
    Shadow: *realizes his leg's broken and screams in pain*
    Gaz: *next to him* *scoffs* Whiner.
    Sia: Shadow?! *flies out the window, look down, and goes to him* Shadow, are you alright?!
    Shadow: I'm.....OW!!!!!!!................Fine..
    Sia: *looks at Shadow's leg* Your leg! I-It's broken! That's definetly NOT fine.
    Shadow: My leg's shattered...
    Gaz: So what?
    Sia: Here, maybe theres something on the Observatory that could help. *picks up Shadow and flies up till she sees the other heroes* I'm takeing Shadow back to the Observatory. His leg is broken.
    Mario: Okay.
    Rosalina: *nods* There should be bandages in the Terrace.
    Sia: Okay, thanks. *flies to the Observatory and goes to the Terrace* (ok)
    Shadow: I can feel my bone turning into dust.....
    Sia: Here, rest here Shadow. *puts Shadow down on a bed and finds some bandages* These might help.
    *suddenly, a Choomba appears in the terrace*
    Sia: Huh?
    Choomba: *charges at Sia*
    Sia: ! *dodges* If you're here to cause trouble, then I won't let you hurt one of my great friends!
    Sia: *shoots an energy ball at the Choomba*
    Choomba: *isn't even affected*
    Sia: Huh?!
    Choomba: *charges past Sia and body-slams Shadow*
    Sia: Shadow! *pushes the Choomba away* Are you okay, Shadow?
    Choomba: *charges at Shadow again*
    Shadow: *moans in pain*
    Choomba: *jumps high in the air and lands on Shadow*
    Shadow: OOF!
    Shadow: *now bloody and bruised*
    Sia: Get away from him! *punches the Choomba*
    Shadow: Can't........feel...........anything.........
    Choomba: *gets knocked away right into the sky*
    Shadow: *sees it* Whoa....
    *an orange Birdo appears and shoots a fireball at Sia*
    Sia: Shadow, I'm so sorry. I can't belive that I let you got hurt like thi-- Ah!
  • Orange Birdo: *runs away*
    Sia: *goes and gets the bandeges and raps them around Shadow's injeries*
    Shadow: What happened?
    Sia: Something came in and hit hme with a fire ball
    Venomiss: *viles her nails*
    Mew: *to Tails, transfored into Shadow* Did I do something that scared him?
  • Tails: It's a looooong story...
    Mew: Oh! Can you tell me when we get the Power Stars?
    Crash Man: *sees a door and enters it*
    Crash Man: ?
    CM: Hey! This room's empty!
    Venomiss: Whoopy-doo, you win a gold star.
    Q-Pid: *looks in the room* Oohhh.
    Tails: Something weird about this room....
    Tails: ....
    Tails: ......
    Tails: ..........................
    CM: ? What?
    Venomiss: *viles her nails... again*
    Tails: *starts feeling around on the ground for a trap door*
    Tails: *finds one and steps on it, going down* Whee!
    Q-Pid: Oh, now my turn! *goes down* Whee!
    CM: *goes down*
    *a Gold Goomba is alone in a room lit by lanterns*
    MB: *grabs Venomiss and jums down with them* CHOCOLATE MILK!
    Gold Goomba: ! *pulls a lever and the wall opens up into a hall*
    Gold Goomba: *runs down the hall*
    Sal: *goes down the and follows the Goomba* Hey, slow down!
    Sia: *flies back carrying Shadow* What's up, guys?
    CM: Come down here and help us get this thing!
    Sia: *flies down and sees the Goomba* Another one. *flies after it still carrying Shadow*
    Crash Man: *sprints after it*
    Gold Goomba: *tossing obstacles behind it as it runs*
    Gold Goomba: *drops a hurdle in front of CM*
    CM: *trips*
    Sia: You okay, CM?
    CM: Just keep going after it!! *gets up and runs*
    Sia: *continues flying after it*
    Gold Goomba: *drops a Bill Blaster that shoots a Bullet Bill at Sia*
    Sia: Ah! *dodges*
    Bullet Bill: *turns around and chases after Sia*
    Sia: *sees it* Oh come on! *flies faster*
    Bullet Bill: *explodes*
    Gold Goomba: *gets tired and slows down*
    Crash Man: *grabs the Gold Goomba*
    Sia: *flies up to CM* Nice job, CM!
    CM: Thanks.
    Crash Man: *goes back to the room*
    Sia: *follows CM*
    MB: *sees Shadow's blood* BLEEDING HEDGEHOG!
    Tails: *programming his Hedgedex* Ooh, good one. *adds "Bleeding Hedgehog" to the Hedgedex*
    Venomiss: I thought the dude just broke his leg.
    Sia: Well we had some unwanted company while we were in the Terrance and they hurt Shadow.
    Shadow: Ow............big.........smokey
    *the rest follow Sia*
    Shadow: ...
    Venomiss: So you were attacked by an orange? Weak.
    Mario: Let's go! We've got one more Gold Goomba to find!
    Sia: It wasn't an orange.
    Sia: *follows Mario**to Shadow* Are you doing okay, Shadow?
    Shadow: I'm...*coughs*...fine.
    Sia: ...I... I'm sorry. It feels like it's my fault for letting thouse thing hut you... *sheds a tear*
    Yellow Yoshi: *looks around, then realizes something from earlier*
    Yellow Yoshi: Wait a minute!
    Yellow Yoshi: Before Sia told us about Wario's deal, I remember eating one of the Goombas!
    Q-Pid: *tp YY* Yeah?
    Venomiss: You ATE a Goomba?!
    Yellow Yoshi: Yeah! It was tasty! Hold on....*lays a Yoshi Egg*
    *the Egg breaks, revealing a Gold Goomba*
    Sal: *grabs the Gold Goomba* So now we have all four.
    Wario: *busts through the ceiling*
    Wario: *grabs the Gold Goombas* Nice job!
    Sal: Can we have the Power Star now?
    Wario: Here's your crummy Power Star. *throws the Power Star to the ground, then goes back into the attic with his Goombas*
    Mario: At last, a Power Star!
    Q-Pid: *grabs the Power Star* Yay, we win!
    Sia: How many Power Stars do we have left?
    Mario: Two, I think....
    Mario: Let's-a-go find Weegee!
    Mario: *runs down the hall*
    Q-Pid: Who?
    Tails: Luigi.
    Tails: *flies down the hall*
    Q-Pid: Ok! *follows them*
    Sia: *follows them*
    *lightning strikes the mansion, causing ALL the lights to go out*
    Mario: ...Mamma mia!!
    CM: Who has the Glow Block?
    Yellow Yoshi: *burps*
    CM: *sighs*
    Venomiss: You ate the flash cube?!
    Yellow Yoshi: I got hungry!
    Yellow Yoshi: *lays a glowing Egg*
    MB: Radiation!
    Mario: *picks up the Yoshi Egg* Maybe we can use this.
    Q-Pid: I wish I had one of thouse for easter.
    Mario: *breaks the Yoshi Egg* Maybe not.
    Mario: *carries the Glow Block* Let's go! *runs down the hall*
    Sia: *follows him* Tails, does your scanner detect any more Power Stars?
    Crash Man: *follows him* This place is even darker than before.
    Tails: Nope, no Stars...but I'm picking up a trio of large, moving beasts.
    Q-Pid: *hides behind CM, scared*
    Q-Pid: B-beasts?
    Crash Man: *thinks Q's a ghost* AAAHHH!
    Q-Pid: AAAHHH!
    Venomiss: *viles her nails* Whimps.
    CM: ...DON'T DO THAT!!
    Q-Pid: Sorry. I was s-scared...
    Gaz: *at CM, from outside* WHINER!!!
    Mario: I don't see any beasts.
    Tails: They're moving down the hall. They're......?! Oh. They're not beasts. They're SOMETHING, though......
    Sia: Get ready to face anything, guys. Don't let your gard down for a moment.
    Ripper Roo: *emerges from the shadows in his straitjacket*
    Ripper Roo: Grrr! Woof! Woof!
    Sal: Who and what is that?
    Jowee: Hey! Don't imitate Crazybarks!
    Smerk: ?
    MB: *barks back at Ripper*
    Ripper Roo: Ha-ha! I'm INSANE!!
    *Bowser emerges from the shadows*
    MB: Potatoes!
    Bowser: Miss me?!
    Tails: Gah!!
    Venomiss: Oh not YOU again.
    Mario: You big, bad Bowser!
    Q-Pid: Yeah, you big, bad cow!
    Tiny Tiger: *appears from the shadows*
    Sia: *sees Tiny* Haven't seen YOU is a LONG time.
    Tiny: Tiny squash puny things!!
    CM: Well, I guess Venomiss is safe.
    Venomiss: Grr... *punches CM's arms*
    CM: *dodges*
    Venomiss: You DON'T want to p*** me off here!
    Laura: Would you morons cut that out?!
    Bowser: *growls* Getting a little impatient here...
    Sia: What do you want, anyway?!
    Ripper Roo: Rawr!
    Tiny: Tiny want to SMASH!
    MB: I want bacon soap!
    Tiny: Tiny smash your brains!!!
    Sia: Again, what do you guys want?!
    Bowser: King Boo sent us!
    Ripper Roo: Bouldergeist, Bouldergeist! *laughs maniacally*
    Sia: Any he sent you three for what reason now?
    Bowser: To keep you from getting out of this mansion...alive!
    Luigi: *somewhere far off* GHOSTS!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!
    Q-Pid: What was that?!
    Mario: LUIGI!!!
    Mario: *runs past Bowser and Tiny and RR*
    Bowser: GRRR! You idiots! You actually let him through?! GO GET HIM!
    Ripper Roo: *bounces after Mario*
    Sia: Comming through! *flies past them as well and follows Mario*
    Tiny: *sprints after Mario*
    Bowser: *blocks Sia*
    Sia: *was about to shoot an energy ball at him, but remembers that she's holding Shadow* Uh... *kick him in the face and continues flying*
    Bowser: *grabs her by her head and chucks her out a window*
    Crash Man: !
    Sia: Ah! *gains her balance and hovers in the air* *whew* That was clost. You alright, Shadow?
    Shadow: *fell onto a distant rock platform*
    Sia: Shadow! *flies to him*
    Zombie Chicken: *appears out of the ground and drags Shadow underground*
    Sia: ! *shoots an energy ball at the Zombie Chicken*
    Zombie Chicken: *goes back underground without Shadow*
    Sia: Shadow, are you alright?
    Shadow: Yeah. ! *points behind Sia*
    Sia: *looks behind her*
    *Bouldergeist is towering over her*
    Sia: Oh come on, you gotta be kidding me!
    Bouldergeist: *claps, and crushes Sia*
    Sia: AAHHHHHH!
    Bouldergeist: *sinks back into the ground*
    *a strange airship emerges out of the stormy clouds near the mansion*
    Sia: *lying on the ground* Urf...
    *Captain Syrup is at the helm of the airship*
    Sia: *lifts her head up to see the ship* Whats... that?
    Q-Pid: *looks out the window and sees the air ship* Uh, guys?!
    CM: *looks out the window* ?!
    *the airship stops moving at the side of the mansion*
    Captain Syrup: *to a bunch of Egg Pawns dressed like pirates* Fire!
    Venomiss: Oh #$%^&*!
    *the airship fires a bunch of Bill Blasters at the mansion*
    Q-Pid: Take cover! *takes cover*
    Wario: *pops out of the ceiling* What's goin' on?!
    Q-Pid: We're being attacked by a pirate lady!
    Wario: Pirate l--OH NO! *runs to the window* It's HER!
    Venomiss: You know her?!
    Wario: Yeah! She's my biggest rival!
    Wario: *flies out the window in a Koopa Clown Car, leaving a gaping hole in the wall*
    Wario: *flies up to Captain Syrup* Who do you think you are, trying to steal my treasure?!
    Captain Syrup: I think I deserve it more.
    Wario: Well, ya don't!
    Captain Syrup: *yawns* You bore me. *the ship shoots a Bullet Bill at Wario*
  • Q-Pid: Look out!
    Wario: *dodges* Oh, you wanna play THAT way, huh?! *flies behind the mansion and flies back at the helm of another airship manned by Gold Goombas*
    Wario: FIRE!
    Venomiss: I did NOT come here to see a pirate show. *to the heroes* Let's go find the other Power Stars while they're distracted with each other!
    CM: But what about Sia?
    Venomiss: Fine, anyone who is worried about Sia and the hedgehog that's on his last leg, go and make sure they're okay. Anyone else, help find the Power Stars.
    Tails: Uh...
    Mario: Hmm....
    Rosalina: *looks at Sia, then Venomiss, then Sia again*
    GIR: *eating a live chicken*
    Venomiss: *to herself* Oh gosh.
    MB: *to GIR* You ate a chicken!
    GIR: Ah likes me some ham. *burps in V's face*
    GIR: Heeheeheehee!!
    Q-Pid: How about all the nice heroes go to Sia, and the rest find the Power Stars?
    Venomiss: *to GIR* EEW! Why you little...
    GIR: *eats his hand off*
    Venomiss: O.O
    GIR: *poker face* Whut?
    Venomiss: Uh... Nevermind.
    Lake: How about all the remaining Aura Energy Guardians go to Sia, while the rest find Power Stars?
    Crash Man: ...
    Lake: What?
    CM: ...
    CM: ...Nothing.
    CM: *glares at Lake*
    Lake: Okay?...
    Mario: Okay, let's go!
    Q-Pid: Right behind you!
    Mario: *runs down the hall with the Glow Block*
    CM: *follows*
    Q-Pid: *follows*
    Wario: *outside* Ow!
    Captain Syrup: Owchers!
    Sal: *flies to Sia and Shadow* Are you guys alright?
    Sia: *able to get up on her knees* does it look like it?
    Shadow: *watching the airship battle*
    Captain Syrup: *trips Wario*
    Wario: *falls* Ow! *pokes CS in the eyes*
    Syrup: OW!
    Shadow: ...
    Sal: *sees the battla too* Wow, just wow.
    CS: *shoves Wario*
    Sia: *looks at where Bouldergeist sunk into the ground* I don't think that thing is gone.
    *a rumbling noise is heard in the distance*
    Sia: *looks in the distance*
    *Bouldergeist is heard on the other side of the mansion*
    Sia: Oh no. If it gets to the others, then theres no telling what could happen. *stands up and pick up Shadow and holds him in her arms* We need to get over there quickly! *flies to the manion*
    Sal: Hey, wait! *follows Sia*
    Bouldergeist: *trying to smash Kirby with his huge fists*
    Sia: *sees Kirby* !
    Sal: *shoots an energy ball at Boldergeist*
    Bouldergeist: *looks up at Sia*
    Kirby: *inhales a Bomb Boo and turns black with yellow eyes*
    Kirby: *explodes near Bouldergeist, then turns back to normal amid the smoke and dust*
    Sal: Wow, that was unexpected.
    Bouldergeist: *part of him cracks open* Arrruuughhh!!
    Sia: *to Bouldergeist* serves you right!
    Kirby: Kirby! *inhales another Bomb Boo and explodes, revealing Bouldergeist's true form*
    Sal: What the flip is that thing?!
    Kirby: *back to normal*
    Kirby: *floats up to the red thing and kicks it hard*
    Bouldergeist: AAARRRUUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!
    Sia: Nice!
    Bouldergeist: *flies away with his Bomb Boos to the airship battle and accidentally gets blasted with a Bullet Bill by Wario*
    Wario: HEY! MOVE IT!
    Sia: Well that takes care of him for now I guess.
    Sal: *flies down to Kirby* Nice moves. Did that thing hurt you?
    Kirby: ?
    Sal: You know. Hurt. Like it hit you or.. *Sia flies down to them with Shadow* Like him. *points to Shadow*
    Kirby: *shakes his head "no"*
    Sal: Okay, that good.
    Kirby: *sneezes and a Power Star flies out of his mouth*
    Sia: Whoa!
    Sal: Now THATS what you call convinient. *takes the Power Star*
    Randy: Thats awesome!...kinda weird...but cool!
    Sia: Now we only need to find three more!
    Kirby: *looks around for something to eat, then puffs up and flies away to the mansion*
    Sal: Let's get back to the others.
    Sal: *flies to the mansion*
    Sal: *flies through it too*
    Randy: Austin! another one please!
    Dustin: And me to!
    Sia: *fies through it too being carefull with Shadow in her arms*
    Austin: *sigh* *draws 2 more*
    Kirby: *walks down the hall*
    ???: MARIO!!! WHERE ARE YOU, BRO?!
    Sia: Huh? *to the voice* Hello? Who was that?
    Randy: Who was that?
    Kirby: *dashes toward the voice*
    Sia and Sal: *follows Kirby*
    Kirby: *comes to Luigi, who is trapped in a space between two metal grates*
    Sia: *sees Luigi* Oh my. Um, are you alright?
    Luigi: I'm fine!! But I'm kinda scared of getting eaten by ghosts, you know, so, um...........get me out of here!!
    Kirby: *sees a Boo Mushroom on the other side of the "cage" Luigi's in*
    Sia: *sees it as well* A Boo Mushroom.
    Sal: But we can't reach it from here. We'll need someone to get over there... Where are the others anyway?
    Mario: *down the hall* *his footsteps can be heard*
    Sia: I can hear someone comming. *shouts to Mario* Hey, over here!
    Mario: *runs to the cage* Hi, Luigi!
    Luigi: Hey, bro.
    Mario: *eats the Boo Mushroom, turns into Boo Mario and turns transparent, going through the grate*
    Sia: Hmm... *thinks to herself* I wonder if Shadow would be able to walk temporary if he ate a Boo Mushroom... or, float, that is. (lol)
    Luigi: There's a door in here, but it's locked.
    Kirby: ?
    Kirby: *takes a deep breath, then blows out a key*
    Sal: Did you eat everything we'll need in the future or something?
    Boo Mario: *grabs the key, and unlocks the door*
    Boo Mario: *opens it*
    Sia: Nice work.
    *Magolor is in the closet*
    Sia: *sees Magolor* Oh, hi there.
    Magolor: Whew! Thanks for getting me out of there!!
    Magolor: I'm Magolor.
    Kirby: Hiiii!
    Sal: Um, nice to meet you, I suppose.
    Sia: Hello.
    Magolor: I found a weird thing in that closet.
    Sia: ! Did that weird thing happen to be some kind of star?
    Magolor: Nope. It was a shiny crystal thing. *pulls out a Gem*
    Sia: Oh. What is that?
    Magolor: I don't know.
    Sia: Hmm... Well, we might need it later. *takes the Gem*
  • Sal: But we still need to find 3 more stars.
    Magolor: Stars? Like Power Stars?
    Sia: Yes. Do you know where one is?
    Luigi: *gives Sal his Power Star* Here. I got lost, but this makes up for it, right?
    Sal: *takes the Power Star* Great! Now only 2 more.
    Kirby: *looks around, then seems disappointed*
    Sia: *to Kirby* what's wrong?
    Kirby: *his stomach growls*
    Sia: Oh, you must be hungry. Um... *looks around in her bag and pulls out some Star Bits* How about these?
    Kirby: *gets a disgusted look on his face*
    Sia: Oh, so you don't like these. Okay, um... *searches some more and pulls out an apple* How about this?
    Kirby: *inhales it*
    Kirby: Mmm!
    Sia: You like apples. That's good. *feels something in her bag* Huh?
    Kirby: ?
    Sia: *pulls it out and it's a Black Chaos Emerald* I forgot I still had this in here.
    Sia: Shadow... This is the same Black Chaos Emerald you gave me 6 months ago.
    Shadow: *stares at it*
    Sal: What's with him?
    Kirby: Ooh...*inhales it, then quickly spits it out because it tastes bad*
    Sia: Um, thouse aren't edibal. *picks it up*
    Kirby: *blinks*
    Sia: This Emerald sure brings back some memories.
    Sal: Uh, right. Well, how about we go find thouse other Power Stars?
    Sia: Um, sure Sal. *puts the Chaos Emerald in Shadow's hand* It might give you good luck while we're here. *smiles kindly at Shadow*
    Shadow: ?
    Dustin: Heh...sia's so cute when she smiles
    CM: *down the hall, and comes in right when Dustin says that* WHAT!?
    Austin: Yeahhhh. I thought he was over it to ...but of course...nope
    Sal: *to Dustine* Dude, CM is Sia's girlfriend.
    Crash Man: *about to strangle Dustin, and Boo Mario and Luigi are holding him back*
    Sia: Cm, please calm down. He wasn't going to do anything. Right Dustin? *looks at Dustin with a serious look on her face*
    Randy: Okay WOAH WOAH! @Dustin: Dude...give it @CM: Dont mind him...he was just kidding
    Dustin: @Randy: He needs to chill! @Sia:..Aww...fine
    Sia: Good. Now let's look for Power Stars!
    Randy: Alright lets go!
    Austin: Yay. more star finding.
    Dustin: You know Austin, youve become alot more sarcastic nowdays
    CM: *growls*
    Austin: *Searching* Uh...thanks i really try my hardest.
    CM: *to everyone else still at the other hall* HEY!! WE'RE OVER HERE!!
    Magolor: There's others?
    Sia: Yep. A whole lot of us.
    Magolor: Can I join? Some evil guy took my Starcutter!
    Randy: Im alot faster with this skateboard! woo! *skates*
    Austin: Oh dear *facepalm*
    Randy: *Crashes into Luigi*........Ouch....maybe i should work on these skills just a bit more..
    Luigi: Ow!
    Sia: Sure. And what did he look like?
    Magolor: He was really big and ugly. He had red hair and a spiky shell. Bad temper, too.
    Sia: That sounds like Bowser if you ask me.
    Magolor: Bowho?
    Sia: That's the name of the person who toke your starcutter.
    Crash Man: Where's Bowser now, anyway?
    Randy: Sorry luigi..still friends?
    Sia: I'm not sure. Last time I saw him, he threw me out of a window.
    Magolor: Really?
    Magolor: I wonder if he knows what's on the Lor...
    Sia: The what?
    Magolor: My Starcutter! The Lor!
    Sia: Oh, I see.
    *A big plane arrives*
    CM: ?!
    Sia: Huh?
    ???: HAHA! It is I, Anti Randy! Gimme your power stars now!
    CM: C***.
    Sia: Him again? *to Anti Randy* Never!
    Kirby: *gets in a fighting stance*
    AR: Gimme your power stars now or she gets it!
    Sophie: HELP!...HELP!
    Randy: SOPHIE!!!!!....grrr....
    Kirby: *busts down a wall and puffs up and flies to the airplane*
  • CM: *to Anti Randy* Why do you even WANT our Power Stars?!
    AR: THAT IS NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS! NOW DIE...or you can gimme your power stars and i can let your friend sophie here go
    Sal: *flies behind AR**in a diffrant tone in voice* Special dilivery!
    AR: Huh?
    Sal: *punches AR in the face*
    AR: ugh!....*laughs* You think im dumb enough to not have evil robot minions?.....MINIONS ATTACK!
    Randy: You are sad bro. Sad! *starts attacking to get to sophie
    Sal: *attacks the robots*
    Kirby: *inhales one of the robots and turns into Boom Kirby*
    Sia: *looks around and finds a hidden spot, goes there and puts Shadow down* I don't think they'll see you from here. Stay here, I'll be back.
    Kirby: *takes out a mike connected to a huge amp and screams into it, sending out shockwaves that damage the plane badly*
    Shadow: Be careful.
    Sia: Thanks. *flies up and fights the robots*
    AR: Hey Randy, while your little puny friends are going against these minions. You and i must duel...and dont worry about will just be 1 on 1..because once they defeat my minions that is if they can. Then they will have to face these 3 big robots!
    Randy: *gasp* Robot Mom, Dad, and Sis?....ARE YOU KIDDING!?
    Sia: *shoots Energy balls at more robots* How many of these things are there?
    AR: MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *throws a sword to Randy* Austin: Ugh...just to much of them..geez Dustin: *Uses his big fist move* Ha! to much for you? Austin: Whatever. @Sia: unlimited..but if you keep looking..i belive there are plugs somewhere over there
    Sia: *looks for the plugs while fighting robots*
    Kirby: *blinks, then screams into the microphone again*
    Sal: *covers his ears* D*** that's loud.
    Kirby: *gets irritated, then takes out an electric guitar and connects it to the amp, then plays it*
    Randy: GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!...thanks....
    Randy: *Quickly unties Sophie*
    Sophie: Thank you. *covers her ears*
    Randy: No problem...even though all i hear is long beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep sound.. :O
    Kirby: *stops playing and smiles*
    AR: *Runs and quickly tries to slash Randy*
    Dustin: Cr*p Dude! Look out!
    Randy: Huh?
    *Wario's airship crashes into Anti Randy's plane*
    Wario: GAH!
    Sal: Whoa! *flies away from the plane*
    Sia: *flies off the plane*
    Austin: *Blocks AR's sword* Randy Keep going!
    Randy: Thanks Man!
    Kirby: *jumps off the plane and lands on his butt on the roof of the mansion*
    Kirby: *inhales a brick and spits it at AR's head*
    AR: Ouchies!
    Randy: *Knocks off AR's sword*
    Sia: *finds the plugs* There thay are. *pulls them*
    Dustin: WOO!
    Randy: *Kicks AR in the back, which flew AR all the way to his broken plane*
    Sal: Whoa, some kick.
    Randy: Thanks i time in the house and i accidently kicked the wall creating a huge hole...
    CM: o.O
    Sal: o.O
    Randy: I know, I know
    AR: Argh!....defeated again...
    Wario: *his airship flies back to where it was*
    Sia: *flies up to AR's face* Leave now, or we'll all kick your butt... NOW!
    Smerk: *kicks AR in the butt*
    Sia: Heh, nice one Smerk.
    Smerk: *smiles*
    Randy: *grabs a something that looks like a golf stick..thing* Hold still man..
    AR: Uh oh
    Sal: *to AR* You better run, dude.
    Randy: *Swings and AR goes flying away*
    Sal: And it's out of the Ball Park!
    Sophie: Thank you for saving me Randy
    Randy: Heh heh....No problem...heh heh
    Kirby: *holds up a sign with a 10*
    Smerk: *holds up a sign with a 10*
    Magolor: *holds up a sign with a 9.08*
    Randy: ha..thanks guys
    Dustin: The robot machine is destroyed more robot then..HII YA! *destroys the robot* ...WOO ONE HIT WONDER!
    Randy:...Anyways..what should we do now?
    CM: Find King Boo.
    Sia: That, and look for more Power Stars
    Luigi: King Boo? He's in the cellar!
    Randy: Really?
    Luigi: Yes, really.
    Sia: Then let's go!... Oh, hand on a sec. *goes back to Shadow and picks him up* Sorry if that was long.
    CM: Okay! *goes into the cellar of the mansion*
    Shadow: It's fine.
    Sia: *goes to the celler with the others*
    CM: Hey! Where's he hiding?!
    *a Boo is in the cellar*
    Boo: King Boo? He just left! He told me not to tell where he was going!
    *on the ARK*
    Luna: *goes into the room where Project Shadow was created* This place... feels familier in a way. I hope to find answers of my creation, if I was created here. *looks at a computer and searches some files* (CM, you can have a file of Shadow, Luna or anything of Gerald's if you want)
    *there's a file of a "Cowplant" on the computer that has the "Status" on "FAILED"*
    Luna: Huh? What is this "Cowplant"? *clicks on the file*
    *there's a picture of a cow with a flower on it's head and it's tail is a vine*
    *Dr. F is riding it*
    Luna: Oh my. Who would create such a thing? *searches the files more* (neat)
    *there's a file titled "FWFULXL29"
    Luna: Oh? *clicks on the file*
    *there's an image of a robotic version of Fawful from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story*
    Luna: Oh dear.
    Luna: *searches for "Project Shadow and Project Moonstone"*
    *three files show up*
    *one's called Project Shadow*
    *one's called Project Moonstone*
    *one's called Project: GET INTERNET*
    Luna: Brother... *clicks on the Project Shadow*
    *an image of Super Shadow appears*
    *suddenly, the page goes blank and an image appears*
    Luna: ?!
    *the image is a GIF image of Kirby sleeping, and in big blue letters on top: SORRY! THE INTERNET HAS STOPPED. PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER.*
    Luna: What on? *tries to refresh the com*
    GIF image of Kirby: *wakes up with a startle and pulls up the web page Luna was on*
    GIF image of Kirby: *walks offscreen*
    Luna: *whew* *accidentally click on Gerald's diary* Oh, uh.
    *an image appears onscreen*
    Luna: Huh?
    Luna: What on earth is this?!
    Luna: Password? Uh... *suddenly remembers Maria's name being mentioned 50 years ago* ! Hmm... *types in "Maria" for the password*
    Image: ...Aw! You got it right! ...And LIMMY WAS HUNGRY, YOU B*STARD!!!!
    Luna: This programe is quite rude...
    Luna: But... Maria. Who is this-- ! *pulls out the picture of Shadow with Maria* Could this be Maria?
    *on bottom-right corner*
    Image 1: Wanna get a soda?
    Image 2: Sure! *walks away with Image 1*
    Luna: Uh... *searches through the diary*
    *there's an entry involving fruitcake*
    Luna: ? *read the fruitcake entry*
    Entry: Today I ate fruitcake.
    Luna: Um. *searches for entrys about Project Shadow and Project Moonstone*
    *an entry shows up about Shadow and Luna*
    Luna Aha! *reads it*
    *the entry has a buncha notes and techy stuff*
    Luna: Hmm... *reads some of the notes*
    Luna: I wonder if there is anything here with infomation of my creation.
    *there's notes about Luna*
    Luna: Oh. *looks at the notes*
    Entry: Today, I put Luna in a bear suit. SHE LOOKED SO CUTE!
    *in the far corner of the room is a dusty old bear suit*
    Luna: A bear suit? Wait... So I was born here? *sees the suit and walks to it*
    *there's a little tag on it that has "Luna" written on it*
    Luna: *reads the tag* This was mine...
    CM: WHAT?!
    Sal: Tell us where he is or so help me...
    Boo: Heeheehee!
    Venomiss: Do we have to bribe you or something?
    Boo: *disappears*
    Venomiss: D*** it...
    Randy: Aww man..
    Luigi: I forgot to tell you something!
    Dustin: Which was.....
    Sia: What is it?
    Luigi: I know how to free the people in the portraits!
    Luigi: Let's go to the portrait room! *goes to the room*
    Sia:*follows Luigi*
    Luigi: *shines his flashlight at Dib's portrait*
    Randy: Woah!..that looks weird
    Dib: *pops out of the portrait* Ouch!
    Sia: Whoa!
    Gaz: *outside still* WHINER!
    Luigi: *shines the flashlight at Fat Cat's portrait*
    Fat Cat: *about to pop out, but gets stuck* Nnnnnngh! *pops out* Hi!
    Dib: What happened? Who are you people?!
    Sia: We're heroes, and we need Power Stars if any of you two have any.
    Luigi: *shines his flashlight at Zim's portrait*
    Austin: Ugh...a blue fat cat?
    Zim: *pops out* Whoa! Ow!
    Q-Pid: Hi alien man!
    Zim: Aufgh!
    Zim: *scratches his head*
    Zim: *feels his antennae and realizes his disguise is off* !
    Randy: These are actually starting to creep me out..
    Venomiss: How was the portrait? *snickers*
    Dib: AHA! *takes out a camera and takes some pictures of Zim*
    Q-Pid: But we already know you, silly!
    Zim: AAAHHH! *runs away and jumps out the window*
    Zim: My spine....
    Venomiss: *to Shadow* Looks like you'll have a room mate with a broken leg too. *laughs*
    Randy: Heh...whats Zim's problem
    Gaz: *sitting next to Zim* *scoffs* Whiner.
    Sal: *calls to Zim* Are you alright?!
    Zim: ...
    Sal: Um... *flies down to Zim and checks his pulse*
    GIR: *jumps down and helps Zim up, then puts him in a dress*
    GIR: Heeheehee!
    Zim: *slaps Sal*
    Sal: Uh...
    Sal: *flies back to the heroes* Well, he's alive
    Zim: GIR! Eat his head off!
    GIR: *salutes* Yes, my lord!
    Crash Man: Oh dear.
    GIR: *bite Sal's head and sucks on it*
    Sal: Ow! Hey, let go!
    GIR: *gets down and kicks Sal in the crotch*
    Dustin: *grabs GIR and throws him out*...what i paniced
    GIR: *Dodges Dustin*
    Sal: ARGH!!! *kneels down*
    Venomiss: owch, that's gotta hurt.
    GIR: *shoves Sal into a wall and beats him with a live gopher*
    Sal: OW! Hey, Get off of me-- OW!!!
    Gopher: *gets in Sal's underwear and bites him in places*
    Q-Pid: Should we help him?
    Venomiss: Eh. *fileing her nails*
    Sal: ow ow ow! *runs around weird* Ow!.... OW!
    CM: o.O Is there a gopher in his pants?!
    Pinky: *videotaping it*
    Pinky: Bet this'll get a million hits on YouTube....
    Laura: *takes away Pinky's phone*
    Pinky: *heartbroken*
    Q-Pid: I think it's more like in his underwear.
    Gopher: *jumps out of Sal's skivvies*
    GIR: *walks away dragging Zim*
    Sal: *shivers a little* That... was... horrible...
    CM: *laughs cruelly at Sal*
    Sal: Grr... Why you little!
    CM: *shoots an energy ball at Sal's butt* Dance, lil' doggie!
    Sal: Ow! THAT DOES IT! *takles CM and reaches for his throught*
    Sia: ! *was going to shoot an energy ball at Sal, but remembers that she's holding Shadow* Um, could you hit him wiht your Chaos Sphear for me, please Shadow?
    Shadow: *shoots a Chaos Spear at Sal*
    Sal: Ow! Fine, I get it... *gets off of CM*
    CM: Good doggie.
    Sal: Watch it, buster!
    Crash Man: "Watch it, buster!"
    Venomiss: Will you two stop acting like ideots?!
    CM: YOU'RE telling US to stop acting like idiots?
    Venomiss: Yeah, I am. *gets up in CM's face* you got a problem with that?
    CM: No, but...*grabs Sal and puts him right in front of Venomiss* He does. He says you're stupid and have body odor, and your face is hideously disfigured.
    CM: But don't worry, it's all part of the plan. *shoves Sal into Venomiss in a way that makes it look like Sal pushed her intentionally, then runs*
    Venomiss: ...
    Sal: Uh... *steps away* It was his idea, I swear.
    Venomiss: ...
    Smerk: *shoves Sal into Venomiss the same way CM did, and follows CM*
    Lake: *face palm* Good grief.
    Sia: wow thouse 6 moths with Cm sure made Smerk alot like him. It's kinda cute.
    Smerk: *comes back and kicks Sal in the crotch, then leaves again*
    Laura: Yeah........
    Sal: URGH! *kneels again*
    Laura: Um, maybe a little TOO much.
    Smerk: *appears again and shoves Sal so his head rams into V's crotch, then leaves again*
    Venomiss: ...................
    Smerk: *flies behind Venomiss and trips her*
    Smerk: *picks up Sal and spins him around, then chucks him at V*
    Venomiss: *gets up*................... *screems* @#$%^&*(^%$#$%#$%^%$#$%^&^%$%^ *her nails grow long and she chases after CM and Smerk*
    CM: *runs* AAAHHH
    Smerk: *flies* CHAAAOOO
    Q-Pid: *to Rasalina* I can't belive you're letting your baby Luma see and hear all of this.
    Rosalina: *points to a soundproof pod that Baby Luma is in*
    Baby Luma: *waves to Rosalina*
    Rosalina: *waves back*
    Q-Pid: Okay... But what about the seeing part?
    Rosalina: I'm standing in front of him.
    Q-Pid: Oh, ok. You're sure one protective mother.
    Rosalina: *puts some Star Bits into a chute that leads into the pod*
    Baby Luma: *eats them and turns on his little flatscreen TV he has in the pod and watches SpongeBob*
    Baby Luma: *falls asleep with a little Rosalina doll*
    Lake: she'll cool down... eventually. But for now, we need to find Power Stars. And as I recall, you had one. *turns to Fat Cat*
    Q-Pid: *sees Baby Luma* Aww, so cute!
    Fat Cat: ...Oh, yeah!
    Fat Cat: Hold on.
    Fat Cat: ...Nnnnnngh! *looks like he's trying to poop* ....I can't!
    Mario: Mamma mia!
    Lake: *covers Q's eyes*
    Sal: Ever tried a barito?
    Fat Cat: Mmm-hmm! They're delicious!
    Dib: I'VE got a Star.
    Dib: Sure. *gives her it*
    Sia: Thanks! Um... Shadow, could you grab that for me please?
    Shadow: *grabs it*
    Sia: Thank you.
    Lake: I'm fasinated on how you two are serving as a subsitite for one another's body part. Sia as Shadow's legs, and Shadow as Sia's arms. Interesting.
    Fat Cat: Ooh! I has an idea!
    Fat Cat: *takes out a big bottle of bleach and drinks it all*
    Lake: Is that bleach? Wouldn't that harm your body if you drink all of it?
    Fat Cat: *shakes his belly around so the bleach gets all bubbly*
    Fat Cat: *turns green*
    Fat Cat: *barfs up all the bleach and the Power Star*
    Fat Cat: *his stomach comes out of his mouth*
    Fat Cat: Oops. *sucks his stomach back down*
    Lake and Sal: O_o
    Q-Pid: *still has her eyes covered by Lake* What just happened?
    Baby Luma: *still asleep*
    Rosalina: ! Um....
    Rosalina: ...Polari, take that Star to the Observatory.....
    Sal: I am NOT touching that Power Star...
    Polari: Um....okay. *takes the Star to the Observatory*
    Fat Cat: Ugh.....*runs off and there's another barfing noise*
    Sal: He really shouldn't have done that...
    Sia: I'm kinda disgusted...
    Shadow: KINDA?
    Sia: Okay, i'm mortafied disgusted.
    Shadow: ...
    Tails: I think that's all of the Power Stars in this galaxy.
    Tails: Let's get outta this place.
    Sia: Yeah, I agree.
    *on the Observatory*
    Fat Cat: *in the bathroom*
    Pinky: *slams on the door* Hurry up!! I gotta GO!!!
    Q-Pid: I feel kinda sorry for the blue kitty.
    Sia: How are you feeling, Shadow?
    Shadow: *in a cast Rosalina put him in* Fine.
    Sia: *gets an idea* I think I know how to heal you faster.
    Sia: *pulls out two more Black Chaos Emeralds from her bag* If I do that same thing I did this these things to you 6 months ago, it might help your injeries.
    CM: *sees her* Two??
    Sia: Yeah. I still have the three me and CM used to heal SHadow 6 months ago.
    Sal: speaking of your boyfriends, where is he?
    Crash Man: I'm right here.
    Venomiss: *yells at CM ans Smerk and gave them a bunch of scratch marks* And if either of you two f*** with me like that again, I will poison you!!!
    Sal: Ah.
    CM: Go soak your head!
    Smerk: *hiding behind CM*
    Venomiss: *scratches CM one more time befor walking away*
    CM: ...B****. *walks to Sia* What's up?
    Sia: Could you do that thing we did 6 months ago to heal Shadow with me please?
    Sia: *places the black Chsoa Emeralds around Shadow* The servers are the black Chaos Emeralds...
    CM: The servers are the black Chaos Emeralds...
    Sia: Chaos is power,
    Sia: enriched by the heart.
    Crash Man: Chaos is power,
    CM: enriched by the heart.
    Shadow: *his leg heals and he pops his cast off*
    Sia: It worked!
    Sia: *to Shadow* How does your leg feel now?
    Shadow: Great. How long until the next galaxy?
    Lubba: We're getting a reading...
    Lubba: What the?! There appears to be some weird artificial galaxy blocking our way!!
    Sia: Artificial? You mean like fake?
    Lubba: Yup.
    Sia: What's that galaxy called?
    Lubba: The Plob Galaxy.
    Tails: It sounds REALLY weird.
    Venimiss: What kind of Galaxy is called "The Plob"?
    Tails: We're about to see...
    *at the Plob Galaxy*
    Lake: Well, this is... um...
    *the galaxy is basically made of bricks, and it appears to be really shady, like a street that has a lot of crime*
    Q-Pid: Suddenly I don't feel safe here...
    *there's a building made of bricks rising out of the ground*
    CM: What's in there?
    Sia: Let's see. *goes inside*
    *a Platypunk is at a desk talking on the phone*
    Platypunk: I don't care! Buy it! The Plob needs all the territory it can get.
    Sia: Uh...
    Dustin:....whose this guy talking to?
    Platypunk: Shut up for a minute, someone just walked in. *puts the caller on hold* You the mugs the Plobfather asked to see?
    Sia: No, we're heroes.
    Platypunk: HA! Good one, but I had spaghetti for lunch.
    Dustin: And im the handsom one here! yep were heroes
    Sia: I was seriouse, we're heroes out to save the universe.
    Austin: Telling the truth
    Platypunk: Seriously, whatcha want?
    Sal: Um, do you happen to have any Power Stars?
    Platypunk: Maybe we do, maybe we don't. I can't seem to remember...odd.
    Randy: Of course you dont remember....
    Sal: Can we see your "Plobfather" to see if he has any?
    Platypunk: Look. The Plobfather would get mad if I leaked any info about this....
    Platypunk: Look. The Plobfather would get mad if I leaked any info about this....
    Sia: About what?
    Platypunk: Don't play games with me.
    Sophie:Play Games?
    Sal: Just tell us.
    Platypunk: No.
    Sal: Why not?
    Platypunk: *flicks Dustin away*
    Q-Pid: Can we have the Power Star, pweeeeeaaaaase? *adorable look to Platypunk*
    Platypunk: Stop it before I barf.
    Q-Pid: *pouts* How rude.
    Platypunk: Besides, we don't HAVE any Power Stars.
    Platypunk: We just ordered some, though.
    Sia: Well we need the Power Stars you ordered.
    Platypunk: NO.
    Sia: Why not?!
    Platypunk: Unless you buy them from us.
    Sia: Fine. How much?
    Platypunk: W-ell.................................................we'll sell if you pay us $50,000 dollars per Star!
    Randy: What?!
    Platypunk: We've ordered 3.
    Sophie: Um...Mr, dont you think thats a little high?
    Venomiss: How the @#$%^* are we gonna get $150,000?!
    Platypunk: Get it, or cry!
    Sia: *rubs her fore head* *to the Heroes* Does anyone have any ideas on how we can get the Power Stars or the money?
    Dustin: Sell Stuff?
    CM: Yeah, like Dustin.
    CM: *slapped by Laura*
    Sia: We're the good guys, we can't steal stuff!
    Dustin: YEAH! Like me! wait what?
    Crash Man: *gets an idea* Hey, what's over there? *Platypunk looks and CM steals his wallet, which is on the desk*
    Sia: CM!
    Dustin: Nice one man! Austin: Hmm...sneaky
    Sal: Guys, I have a better idea.
    Randy: Jump him?
    CM: *takes out a bunch of random wads of cash and lays them on Platypunk's desk* Here's the money.
    Platypunk: Great! It's even more than we need.
    CM: And we'll sell you this great wallet for 50 dollars.
    Lake: O.o *thinks to self* That Platypunk's an ideot...
    Platypunk: Sure! *buys it* The shipment just arrived out back. Should be in a crate.
    Sia: Great, thanks. *heads to the back*
    Randy: Heh heh. Pleasure doing buissness with ya!
    CM: *telep on everyone* Let's leave before he finds out we swindled him.
    Sal and the File Fiends: *nods and leaves with him*
    *everyone leaves*
    Sia: *looks for the crate with the Power Stars*
    *there's a wooden Crate*
    *next to it is a big bulldozer and a crane*
    Sia: *opens the crate*
    *there are three Power Stars in the crate*
    Sia: Yes! *takes the Power Stars*
    Randy: Alright! awesome!
    Dustin: *Takes one of the power stars* Dude, these look cool! SOOOO SHINY!
    Sal: so are we done here?
    CM: Guess so.
    Tails: Yup.
    Sia: Okay then, let's get to the next real galaxy!
    *on the Observatory*
    Q-Pid: *to Espio* How are you doing?
    Espio: Fine.
    Q-Pid: Really? Even though your girlfriend is trapped with our arch enemy who planes to take over the world?
    Espio: *takes out a knive and points it at Q* Shut up or I'll slit your throat.
    Q-Pid: ! ... So you DO love her.
    Sophie: *gasp*
    Espio: *turns to Sophie and glares at her*
    Sophie: Uhh..hello..

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