"Pichu!" - Lex

Lex is a Pichu who appeares in Life of heroes 2: Death from Above: Part 2. It's owned by Laura, Crash Man's and Pinky's older sister, and is Laura's only Pokemon currently. Lex appeares to like eating human food such as candy and hot dogs rather then pokemon food, however when it eats to much, Lex will get a stomach ache. Also, despite the fact that Pichus can't use electric attacks without shocking themselfs, Lex appeares to take no damage from useing electric attacks and is possible that Lex likes useing it's electric attacks to shock people.


  • Ironically, earlier in LoH2 Laura claims Pokemon annoy her.
  • He is named after the Superman villain Lex Luthor.
  • Oddly, Lex has yet to be seen since Life of Heroes 2. He was only mentioned once by Laura in 3.
  • Lex enjoying shocking people, despite hurting itself, is a sly hint towards his owner's enjoyment of sadomasochism, revealed much later in Life of Heroes 3.

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