Laura (ローラ Rōra) is Crash Man's older sister, and is the second-oldest daughter of Joy. She recently confessed in Life of Heroes 3 that she is a lesbian.


Prior to the events of the RPs, Laura was the only one to stay on Mt. Fate to take care of her very young brothers, Noah and "Pinky", after their father's faked death and mother's subsequent breakdown.

She also reveals in LoH2: Part 2 that she took care of the family pets during her period as master of the house, and enjoys their company.

Real Life of Heroes

In Real Life of Heroes, Laura's surname (along with the rest of her family) is Fate and she is much more friendly than in the "main" RP. Like her "main" counterpart she is very knowledgeable when it comes to certain technology, although she is also a bit more ladylike and dainty. It is unknown if she is a lesbian in this continuity.

Events in the RPs

Life of Heroes 2: Death From Above

Life of Heroes 2: Part 2

Life of Heroes 3

Real Life of Heroes


Laura is very smart (even to the point that a cut part of Life of Heroes 2 revealed she was the one who created the Data World), but is often teased about her IQ by her friends and even family. This has made her feel repressed and hesitant to open up to new people (or even speak truthfully to her mother). Because of this she also felt she couldn't confess that she was a lesbian.

Laura's true self was only ever seen entirely by Crash Man and Pinky when they were under her supervision, and because of this neither of them ever criticize her for her intelligence. It was during this period of independence when she also learned to assert herself, a skill she still commonly uses in the RP as a defensive mechanism.


  • Laura is the first human character to be seen owning a Pokemon.
    • Ironically, earlier in the RP (Life of Heroes: Part 2), Laura claimed that she hated Pokemon when Mew was playing with her aboard the Comet Observatory. But much later in the RP, she revealed she owns a Pichu.
  • Laura is a huge fan of Sia's uncle's work.

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