Lala Satalin Deviluke

Lala Satalin Deviluke is the princess of the planet Deviluke. Due to an accident, she ended up on Earth, where she met Hatsune Miku, who let her stay at her house until she "got better", believing Lala to be insane after hearing her story and witnessing her odd habits such as walking around outside in the nude, and also thought Lala's devil tail was fake.

Real Life of Heroes

As the daughters of Devilukean royalty, Lala and her sisters are sent to Fourside to experience cultural exchange, attending Hakoniwa Academy in Planeptune. They're escorted from the airport by Snake and Kazuhira Miller in a limousine, joined inside by Sara on behalf of the Student Council. Their ride is interrupted by Trevor Philips, who is promptly dispatched by their escort helicopter, which had actually been following in secret and was hired by the Public Morals Committee.

After being delivered safely to their hotel, Lala gifts Sara with a large some of money, which is later used to help Neptune and her sisters.


Sia Sapphire

Main article: Sia Sapphire

During Pessimis' Shadow, Lala attempts to console Sia after she scares Noah during an emotional moment regarding their relationship, although she is standoffish after remembering her father hired Golden Darkness to kill him.


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