Barroness Luna Old
Or were you looking for Luna's daughter, Luna Moonstone?

Luna's Stats


Black Doom (love interest), possibly Shadow the Hedgehog







Dutchess Luna 'le Twilight (or simply Lady Luna) is the mother of Luna Moonstone and the love interest of Black Doom. Luna has been mantoned in the Death from Above RP a few times before making her debute in Life of Heroes RP 3.


Space Coloney ARK

Unexpected Visit


Black Doom

In Death from Above, Black Doom mentioned that he fell in love with Luna durring their time on the ARK. Black Doom seemed to have lamented his and Luna's separation, as he shows in the Solo Story Black Doom Lament. And in the Life of Heroes RP 3, Luna reveiled that back on the ARK she called him "Barron", and knowing who he really is didn't deminish her joy of being with him all thouse years ago.

Shadow the Hedgehog



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