Kyu Sugardust

Kyu is a fairy serving under the Love Goddess, Venus.

Role in the RP

Life of Heroes 4

Kyu is present during the meeting of deities in LoH4, and backs up Venus when she is challenged, as well as when Demon Sonic arrives.

Real Life of Heroes

Kyu runs a small cam girl ring out of the PC District, using her street smarts to boost her income and recruit unsuspecting new girls. Despite this initial deceit, she genuinely cares for her employees and will even fight for them herself if need be.

She lures S-Sha, an attractive convenience store clerk, into her business with the promise that she'll get into the film industry, but soon after reveals their first order of business to be a lewd photo shoot to attract followers. Believing herself to be in the morally right, she scolds S-Sha when the latter claims she has no choice over what she does with her body, immediately assuming the church to have a role in her life.

Following the first shoot, Kyu claims during the cab ride to S-Sha's apartment the reason for Lowee's exceedingly high rate of pedophilia is because of Blanc's refusal to show skin, citing the other two Patron Units (notably excluding Neptune) as having "some sort of sex appeal." This leads S-Sha to plainly remind her that there is only one adult Patron Unit before parting ways. This remark leaves Kyu nervous as she texts someone with S-Sha's photos in her lap.


Real Life of Heroes

Kyu's usual clothing is extremely reminiscent of her fairy counterpart in the real world, her first appearance consisting of a pink polo shirt, panties, and pink ballerina slippers. She retains her pink pigtails. All of her other appearances feature her in similar styles.

During S-Sha's first photo shoot Kyu wears butterfly underwear, which is the very same as her real self's, and when the former points it out she simply claims she dressed up for her new employee.


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