Kujira Kurokami
Kujira Kurokami
Vital statistics
Full Name Kujira Kurokami/Youka Naze
Age 18 (LoH1-LoH3)

19 (LoH4-present)

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Debut Life of Heroes 2: Death From Above (Part 2)
Alignment Neutral
Role Extreme introvert
Home(s) {{{home}}}
Species Human
Gender Female
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Transformations  ?
Family Medaka Kurokami (younger sister) Maguro Kurokami (older brother)
Allies  ?
Enemies Dark Black, Chaos Heart
Nicknames Black White, Naze With Nothing
Status Alive

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Abilities include manipulating body temperature. She can seal her wounds with ice.

Real Life of Heroes

Unlike in the main RP, Kujira, Medaka and Maguro live under one roof in Fourside. She's still just as closed off for the most part, although she does talk to her sister frequently in private. She allows few people into her room, which serves essentially as her laboratory. She has a variety of tools necessary to toy with the human body, and maintains the same nihilistic outlook on life.

When stepping out she assumes her alter ego of Youka Naze, and does her best not to have to interact with anyone. When she does make her presence known, however, she appears quite sporadically, creating a bit of an urban legend in Planeptune. She used this persona to intimidate Fue Yobuko into submission.

Life of Heroes 4

During the events of Pessimis' Shadow, Naze has somehow escaped Dark Black's grasp and is back in Fate, where she meets four of the Forbidden Seven after recognizing Comfort.

When Demeter goes to speak with her, Naze toys with her until she leaves in frustration. A minute or so later she follows the group and mentions Demeter's similarities to the Fate daughters, sparking a conversation about the history of Joy's family and that of Mt. Fate itself.

After informing them of Joy's children having unique abilities, Blizzard debunks the claim that they are "nothing special" by showcasing the fact that his cold breath can be seen in warm air, Naze for the first time uses her temperature manipulation on-screen. She demonstrates her own ability by blowing into the straw of her slushie, freezing it solid, and afterwards teases him by visibly freezing her nipples.

Just before leaving she uses flames to unfreeze her drink and exits into the nearby forest.


  • Before the heroes know her name, she is identified as "Figure".
  • When conversing with Demeter, Comfort, Blizzard and Anna about Mt. Fate, Naze drops a reference to the YouTube channel JonTron.
    • When explaining people's beliefs about Mt. Fate as a deity, she paraphrases him, noting that "mountains can't be deities." Jon, in his review of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, notes that "mountains can't be friends" after he refers to Spiral Mountain as an old friend.[1]



"Putting on a bra is a pain in the ass, so I don't wear one. That's why I always have my arms crossed, to hold them up.


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