U The Kinesis Triplettes

The Kinesis Triplets (also known as the Kinesis Brothers) are a trio of mobian brothers who were born with the ability to use unique and rare types of phycokinesis.

The Brothers

Techno Kinesis - The first one to appear in the RP. Wields technokinesis, the ability to control technology.

Toxico Kinesis - The youngest and weakest of the trio. Wields toxicokinesis, the ability to control poison along with plants infected by his poison.

Typho Kinesis - The strongest of the triplets, wielding two kinetics instead of only one. Typhokinesis, which controls smoke. And Pyrokinesis, which controls fire.


  • The Kinesis Triplets were originaly going to counter The RowdyRuff Boys from the PowerPuff Girls.


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