- Jigglypuff's common line. Note: This character belongs to Pokemon.

Jigglypuff's Stats


Babylon Rogues.


none so far.


unknown so far


unknown so far, possibly Anti-Hero.

Jigglypuff is a pokemon that appeares in the Life of Heroes RP 2: Death from Above. Jigglypuff first appeares in the RP when Storm the crate Jigglypuff was in that was given to the Babylon Rogues from Dark Black. When the Rogues laughed, Jigglypuff sand and put them to sleep. When the Rogues were getting there Extream Gears. Jigglypuff went to Storm and sat on his head. The second time Jigglypuff was seen, it was still sitting on Storm's head when the Rogues appeared to the heroes. When the Rogues led Luna into a cave, Jigglypuff sang and put Luna to sleep. Jigglypuff was then yelled at by Wave and Jet when done singing. After the Rogues got their prize money from Dark Black, Storm threw Jigglypuff out the window, but Jigglypuff was able to land safely by inhailing air and blowing into a ballon like way. It is currently unknown where Jigglepuff is right now.


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