Jet the Hawk
"Hello, Sonic. It's such a nightmare--I mean, PLEASURE, meeting you again."

- Jet's first line in the RP

Note: This character belongs to Sega.

Jet's Stats


Wave the Swallow, Storm the Albatross, Crimson.





Jet is the leader of the Babylon Rogues in the Life of Heroes RP 2: Death from Above. In his first appearance, Jet appeares with the Wave and Storm when Crimson send them a distress signal when she was being attacked by the heroes. Jet, along with Wave and Storm, fought the heroes while Crimson chases Tails to get her gear back. After they got Crimson's gear back, Jet was accidentally hit by one of Q-Pid's love arows, but didn't take any effect of it. Jet was then huged by Q-Pid as she concluded that Jet had a crush on someone. When the Rogues were at their blimp and while Crimson was Rogues talking to them about Black Doom's daughter, Jet said that he thought Luna looked a bit like Shadow. After Dark Black appeared in their blimp, she telaported herself and Jet into his room. In there, Jet was hired by Dark Black to kidnap Luna and to bring her back to Dark Black. When the Rogues were introduced to Jigglypuff by Dark Black to use in emergancies, Jet, along with the other Rogues, laughed after Dark Black told them that when Jigglypuff sings, it can put whoever hears it to sleep. When the Rogues came back to the heroes, Jet tricked Luna into going into a cave and had Jigglypuff sing to her. After Luna fell asleep, Jet picked her up and flew away on his Extream gear with the other Rogues. When they got back on the blimp, Jet handed Luna over to Dark Black, in return for $6,000. Later, Jet was seen trying to escape the crashing blimp with the other Rogues. When Storm was about to tell the heroes who they gave Luna to, Jet covered Storm's mouth befor he finnished saying the name. Jet was last seen still in the blimp with the other Rogues when the blimp crashed into a ocean, it may be possible that Jet is still alive.



  • Jet wasn't affected when one of Q-Pid's love arows hit him. Since Q-Pid's love arrows don't affect anyone who are already in love, this proves that Jet holds affection for someone, yet it is unknown who Jet likes so far. (Bandicootfan63, however, stated that "He's in love with himself.")

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