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Jessica Albert is a rich girl whom the heroes rescue in Life of Heroes RP 2: Part 2. She's quite useful in battle, but none of the heroes learn anything about her during her stay aboard the Comet Observatory.

Role in the RP

Real Life of Heroes

Jessica Formal Outfit

Similarly to the main world, Jessica belongs to a rich family who expects her to be proper and maintain her grades, although she still isn't fond of that life. She wears her "rich girl" attire known as Jessica's Outfit.

She maintains a mysterious life, having kept her distance even from Medaka Kurokami, although a rebellious lifestyle leads to her kidnapping by Snake when she stays out past curfew.


  • Similarly to characters such as the Old Man of Real Life, her role in LoH2's story is based heavily on a standard of classic RPGs, that being temporary companions.
    • Her amazing strength but little interaction with her allies is comparable to Dogmeat of Fallout 1 and 2, or Penny from Earthbound, who stays with Ness for a short time but levels up exponentially higher than anyone else in the game.
  • The pink energy beam she shoots at Eggman's wrecking ball is an actual move from the Dragon Quest series titled the Sexy Beam.
    • Due to an influx of suggestive material in the RP at that point, it went unnamed to avoid further saturation.
    • The "Puff Puff" ability was intended to be used by her, but was ultimately left out for its unavoidably explicit nature.


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