Kitty Girl
Itty Kitty is a Human-Cat hybrid who is the spy of the Vile Fiends.


Cat Form

Itty Kitty has brown fur, red hair, and cat like nails (and toe nails also) that have permanent nail polish that matches her hair color. She has cat ears, a cat tail, and small wiskers. She wears a hoy pink tank-top and a blue skirt that goes down to above her knees. She also wheres hot pink flip-flops. Also like some cats, she has yellow eye.

Human Form

Itty has dark skin with black hair. She wears a green sleeve-less shirt with brown pants with forest green sneakers. Her eye color changes to brown and her ears and tail are not seen.


Itty Kitty is fast, agile, and flexible. Her cat like nails and toe nails may not look much, but they are razor sharp. Like Venomiss' nails, her nails can slice through steel, however, they are not strong enough to slice through strong minerals such as diamonds. Being a cat, Itty Kitty has animal traits and can sence danger stronger then humans. Her tail is strong enough to use to hang from a tree upside down. Her tail can also be use in a third hand kind of way. She also has Night Vision nd is able to see clearly in the dark. and despite being a cat like being and even haveing animal traits, Itty can still see in color.



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