Role in the RP

Real Life of Heroes

Histoire acts as the Oracle of the Planeptune family and Plutia, as well as the recorder of the city's history. The Public Morals Committee has confiscated all records of the original Patron of the community, and forbids her from keeping any more official documentation of current events. Because of the lack of faith in their family as well as general laziness on Neptune and Plutia's part, it takes about three days for Histoire to get anything done.

She becomes thoroughly stressed out when the family's rights to property and likenesses are sold, and views herself as a failure. Sara helps her through this by persuading her family to let them stay at their house, and even buying back the rights the next day. Despite all this, Histoire's stress causes her to downgrade to a more youthful, tiny appearance, further hindering her. She continues to shrink, to the point where the only way others can hear her speak is if she sits on one of their earlobes and talks.

On top of dealing with the family's issues, Histoire discovers during their stay at Sara's house that a romantic relationship has developed between Nepgear and Plutia, even walking in on the four sisters in a compromising position.

She befriends Angel Diamond-Bluesmith during this time.

When Plutia punishes Zone-tan the night of the ZOLGE Co. incident, Histoire is powerless to stop her, instead hiding to avoid becoming her next victim. However, she notes afterward that she and Neptune have exhibited strange temporary personality changes, seemingly at random, acting like the opposite of themselves. Neptune acts cool, calm and collected, whereas Plutia becomes sadistic and cruel, preferring to show her affection towards others via torture. Because of this Neptune calls Plutia "Sadie" in this state of mind.

Neptune doesn't think of Histoire as a mother much, but does remark that she should hate the girls by now, and because she doesn't it makes her motherly.


  • Tutorial Text - Histoire is capable of projecting her thoughts unto others; it's totally not telepathy or anything. It's useful for relaying messages to Neptune from afar, but in her downgraded form she cannot maintain other functions while it is in use. In theory, even if her physical body is destroyed, her Tutorial Text will remain as if she was a ghost. However, she would rather not test this.
  • N-Gear communicability - Connecting to the N-Gear allows Nepgear to monitor various aspects of Histoire's health and even track her via global positioning system.



  • The day Compa returns to the Bluesmith home from her coma, Nepgear reveals that if Histoire gets dirty her performance will suffer, which is why she refrains from changing outfits.
    • This is also the reason Nepgear has to clean her periodically.
    • It is unknown if this applies only to Histoire's downgraded form.

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