Harold Bluesmith
Harold Bluesmith
Vital statistics
Full Name Harold Charles Bluesmith
Age 39
Birthday May 12th
Debut Real Life of Heroes
Alignment Good
Role Sia's Father, Angel's Husband
Home(s) Sia's Hometown
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 5'6"
Weight 175lb
Weapon of choice NA
Transformations NA
Family Sia Sapphire (daughter), Angel Diamond-Bluesmith (wife), Noah Bluesmith (twin brother), Cyfer-X (technical niece), Tilly (daughter/Real LoH only), Timber (son, Real LoH only)


Allies Angel, Alfa the Wizard


Enemies NA
Nicknames NA
Status Alive

Harold is a character who appears in the Life of Heroes RP series and the father of Sia Sapphire. Although he has yet to play a role in the main RPs, he is more prominent in Real Life of Heroes RP.




  • His first name was actually thought up on a whim by SierraSia during an RP sassion, where she named Sia's father after the character of the same name from the cartoon show "Total Drama Island".
  • Due to being constantly mixed up with his brother, Noah, when they were young, Harold purposely made his hair more messy than his brother's so people could tell them apart

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