Role in the RP

Main series

In the prime timeline, Hakoniwa Academy serves as Fate's dominating educational system, and its only formal school. It provides classes for preschool through K-12, although it is severely understaffed and under-attended due to the community's small size. It usually only oversees a few closely-aged classes at a time.

Real Life

In the alternate world of Real Life of Heroes, Hakoniwa is now a large public school. It is unclear as to whether it teaches the same vast extent of students as in the prime world, since only high school-age students have been shown. Additionally, the term "first year" has been heard referring to Kurokami Medaka, so this is unlikely.

Life of Your Heroes

In the cancelled RP, Hakoniwa Academy (along with Fate) had become a popular tourist destination, and thus a focal point of Zin propaganda.

Hakoniwa Academy Stats

Major Events:

Medaka appears for the second time, Sia officially breaks up with Crash Man, the 6th Chaos Emerald is found, Sia's Flame Fusion is first used in the RP

Hakoniwa Academy is the only school in Fate.


Hakoniwa's namesake was founded over 3,460,000,000,000 years ago.


Medaka Kurokami

Main article: Medaka Kurokami
Medaka Kurokami

Risa Momioka

Risa Momioka
Main article: Risa Momioka

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