Green Hill Zone

Green Hill Zone is a location seen semi-frequently in the Life of Heroes series, first visited in 1.

Events in the RPs

Life of Heroes 1

During 1, the Zone's Chao Garden is highlighted as the birthplace of Smerk and the location of Eggman's first-ever battle with the three main characters.

Later Sia and Crash Man happen upon Nack the Weasel, "saving" him from a group of affectionate Chao and later finding he has kidnapped and buried Sonic the Hedgehog inside of one of the hills.

Life of Heroes 2: Death From Above

Part 2

Life of Heroes 3

Life of Heroes 4



  • During 1, Super Smash Bros. Brawl's rendition of Green Hill Zone is referenced as several hills are hollowed out and fragile.
    • In that game, collapsing floors are a stage hazard.

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