Fusions are an alien race lead by the tyrannical Lord Fuse. They serve as the main antagonists in the second half of Life of Heroes 3.

Roles in the RP

The Fusions debute in Life of Heroes 3. In response to the Fusions' arrival, DexLabs and Mandark Industries made a truce and joined their forces to fight agents the aliens. Along with their current forces, they also acquired the assistance from Sia Sapphire, Crash Man, and Team Mystery. But just as they were starting their attack on Earth, Lord Fuse held back the invation when he discovered Shadow's plans to rearrange the planets and his control of Black Doom's Starship. Seeing this, Fuse decided to use Shadow's ambitions to his advantage, allowing him to go about his way until Fuse takes over his body and ceases command of the starship, while leaving Earth in a false sense of security with the absence of the Fusions.

However this plan got an early launch due to Luna Moonstone reasoning with Shadow and changing his ways. Claiming Shadow was now useless, Lord Fuse takes control of Shadow's body and claimed the starship as his own. Unfortunately for him, he was captured by G.U.N., five White House agents, and the President of the United States thanks to an accidental Chaos Blast from Luna, and later put in stasis along with Shadow on the planet Zebes.



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