Fusion Shadow2
Fusion Shadow is the transformation of Shadow the Hedgehog and Lord Fuse when the two fused together. However, since Fuse's personality dominated, he has complete control of the body, while Shadow has none. Fusion Shadow is first seen in "Sabir's Return to the Bad Future", where he has a vast army of Fusion Arms and personal slaves to serve him. There's a chance that Fusion Shadow may appeare when the galactic war arch comes.



Fusion Shadow takes the appearance that of a, well, Fusion copy of Shadow. The eyes are completly red and Shadow's black fur is replaced with green Fusion parts, though Shadow's red streaks are still intact. Shadow inhabitor rings are still worn by Fusion Shadow, but have turned red instead of remining gold. And Shadow's white chest fur, muzzle, ear skin, the red part of his gloves, and shoe soles have all turned into stone.



Fusion Arms


Not much is known on how long Aku's been under Fusion Shadow's command, or how Fusion Shadow caught Aku. Aku was seen guarding the Comet durring Sabir's first arrival to the bad future.

Sabir "Scar" Moonstone

Scar has been under Fusion Shadow's command since he was eight years old. His efforts of trying to fight off the Fusion Arms after his parents died turned into his capture and inslavement. After several years of training, Scar's first mission was to spy on the R.A.F.A. resistance group untill Fusion Shadow invades their base.



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