Forcejewels Glow Poster

From left to right: Amethyst, Crystal, Sapphire, Diamond, Garnet, and Pearl.

NOTE: These are OCs that are based off of official characters. With this in mind it's also worth metioning that said official character belong to SEGA.

The Forcejewels are a group of powerfull maginairies who work to protect Maginary World from any and all threats.

History of the Forcejewels


Current Members

Diamond: The Light-and-Dark balanced leader of the group.

Sapphire: The hotheaded ice and water user of the group.

Garnet: The softspoken powerhouse of the group.

Amethyst: The hyperactive speed fighter of the group.

Crystal: The collective strategist of the group.

Pearl: The cheerful electric user of the group.

Future Members

Cosmo: Polite nature whisperer of the group from 7.8 billion years in the future.



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