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Fenith Village is located on Fenith Island.


Crash Man

Main article: Crash Man

7 Years Later

The only male in the village. He has quite an interesting life.

Sia Sapphire

Main article: Sia Sapphire

7 Years Later

The newest villager. She is now CM's wife, taking up Carmen's position.


Main article: Carmen

7 Years Later

Carmen is married to Noah in this timeline, although quickly divorced by him after Sia appears on the island.


Main article: Lily

Odette and Violet's older sister. She, along with her siblings, runs the Three Sisters Inn, having defected to Fenith by Violet's wishes after Crash Man moved there. She greets guests and attends the front desk.

7 Years Later

Crash Man constantly harasses her at the bar most weekends.


Main article: Odette

Lily's younger sister and Violet's older sister. She works in the kitchen of the Three Sisters Inn. She often gets in fights with Lily when shetries to cook. ====7 Years Later


Main article: Violet

Odette and Lily's shy younger sister. She is the nurse at the Three Sisters Inn and is close friends with Crash Man.

7 Years Later


The village's fortune teller who often plays a part in making her fortunes come true.


The village's only doctor, and also the only witch. She loves breaking the stereotype that witches are scary. She also loves giving people shots and testing her potions on her food-loving friend Collette.


An energetic, food-loving girl. Marian often tests her potions and medicine on her, much to her displeasure.


An energetic, blonde elf girl who loves to paint and is obsessed with rainbows. She even owns a rainbow bikini!


A homeless, female thief with an eyepatch. She has a secret crush on CM.


The shy sister of Cammy. Not much is known about her.


Dorothy's sister. She is very afraid of all creatures besides humans.


The immortal goddess of the village. She hates being called a ghost and she lives in a haunted mansion.


  • In Life of Heroes 4, Crash Man mentions on Valentine's Day that he sent a portrait to every girl in Fenith Village and Fate.

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