Fatty McJefferson is a Real Life of Heroes-exclusive character residing in former Planeptune. Although his parents own the McFatty's corporation, he lacks friends and self-confidence.

Role in the RP

Real Life of Heroes

Fatty joins the angry mob that forms during Chapter 1, and as such shows up with them at the Bluesmiths' home demanding Neptune and her party show themselves for what they did to ZOLGE Co.'s president. He reveals his true intentions to Angel when she asks him why he's here, in her attempt to sooth the crowd, saying he doesn't have many friends and this seemed like "a hot button topic." Soon after he eagerly pursues the party, and neutralizes Sara when she attempts to divert their attention, causing her head injury.

He reveals he cannot stand up on his own after falling down. Following the mob disbanding, he filed a suggestion to Medaka Kurokami asking to redeem himself for injuring Sara at the rally and to simultaneously talk to girls. Medaka makes him one of the "gentlemen" who are interested in the Planeptune sisters, in reality bodyguards for in between classes. Fatty joins the plan late in, and is stuck with Nepgear, despite preferring to be assigned to Nepgya because of her less-intimidating beauty. This leads to him tackling Nepgya the next day in a last-ditch attempt to keep Maguro away, but he is too late. This leaves Nepgear without a "gentleman," but she goes home early anyway.

He meets with Medaka at lunch to discuss this.


His appearance is an amalgam of Porky/Pokey (Earthbound/Mother) and Hifumi Yamada (Danganronpa), parodying the nerdy/overweight character trope. His appearance also draws from the Otaku enemy in various Hyperdimension Neptunia titles.

He dresses similarly to the Nerd group in Bully, with khaki shorts, a green and white striped sweater vest over a collared shirt, and black dress shoes.


  • He has a younger sister named Flatty.

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