There have been fake versions of some of the characters in the RP. First was the fake version of Shadow. It tries to attack Sia and Crash Man when they returned from the Chao Garden. Then it came back again when Sia, Crash Man and Tails was saving Sonic. But then it attacks them after Sia accidentally telaported it with her and the rest of the team. Fake Shadow was last seen when it was telaported to the Sub-Version Relm with Shadow. The second faker was of Blaze. After the heroes encountered it, Fake Blaze threw a fire ball at Silver's eyes, witch made them become blood shot, and tried to kill Sia with a knife. Then in the 2nd RP, Fake Crash Man came in and pretended to be the real Crash Man. However, he was cought shortly after takeing CM's place by Smerk.

Fake Characters Stats

Kai - Failed to kill Sia in both atempts. Failed to kill Crash Man in both attempts. The most major Fake in the RP so far, still alive.

Fake Shadow - Failed to kill Sia in both atempts, still alive.

Fake Blaze - Failed to kill Sia in it's only atempt, dead.

Fake Crash the Hedgehog - Has not appeared in the RP yet.


  • Acording to Kai, Black Doom made a fake version of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. But they haven't appeared yet. This could mean that either they just haven't appeared yet, or Kai was lying to them.