Fake Shadow Transformation
Fake Shadow is the fake version of Shadow the Hedgehog in the Life of Heroes RP. It first appeares attacking Sia after she, Crash Man and Smerk return from the Chao Guarden. It then tries to attack them again when they go to save Sonic. Then it fight with all five of them in the hospital. Fake Shadow was last seen being telaported with Shadow to the Sub-Version world. It is unknown what happened to it after being sent to the Sub-Version. So far the only major attacks ir caused was scraching CM on the stomach, biting Sia's arm and repeatedly scraching Tails.

A Dark Return

Fake Shadow later reappears in the Life of Heroes RP 2: Death From Above in the "mystery realm" as a statue who comes to life to do battle with the heroes once again.


  • One of Fake Shadow's transformations makes him look a bit like Sonic in his Werehog form.