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"This is ridiculous. Whoever heard of a ninja wearing a bowtie?"- Espio

Note: This character belongs to Sega.

Espio is a ninja and a member of the Chaotix Detective Agency  in the Life of Heroes RP 2: Death from Above. He, along with the rest of The Chaotix, was called in by Crash Man and Sia to help them take down Black Doom. Espio also has grown a crush on Luna after meeting this mysteriouse hedgehog.

Espio's Stats


Vector (team mate), Mighty (team mate), Charmy (team mate), Luna (girlfriend), Shadow, Crash Man, Sia.


Red (especially for betraying and tricking Luna), Black Doom, Bowser, NightDusk (for trying to steel Luna's life energy), anyone who is evil or aginst his friends.

Nick names:

Ninja Warrior (by Luna sometimes), Ninja of Love (once by Q-Pid when she mistaken him for it), Chameleon ninja freak (once by Dr. Tropy), Young one (by Sabir)



RP Bio

Espio first appeares in the 2nd RP with his fellow Chaotix members at the Sae Ruins to meet with CM, Sia and Smerk. Soon after, Luna comes in and accidentally bumps into him while trying to escape from Red's fury. Espio was the first to protect Luna from Red after he came. Espio, along with the other Chaotix and CM and Sia, attacked Red and eventually made him leave. While CM and Smerk were fighting, Luna colapsed from lost of blood next to Espio. Espio helped her back on her feet, but Luna then fainted into his arms. After Sia healed her and left to go with CM and Smerk, Espio and the Chaotix talked to Luna for a little bit befor there base was struck by lightening and cought on fire. Espio then comunicated with Luna through telempathy as Vector was about to call Coco for a ride on the Crash Glider. After boarding the plane, Espio looked at Luna and had a breif talk with her for only a little while. Then when the Crash Glider was about to be attacked by a fighter plane belonging to Black Doom, Espio toke control over the fighter plane and used it to defeat Tiny Tiger. He then helps Luna attack Dr. Tropy while she was fighting him. Espio then helped Luna back on the Crash Glider as the plane she was standing on was about to be broken apart by Vector's headset. Then he got into, as Vector calls it, "one of his moods". After CM was kidnaped by a robot, Espio and Luna senced something or someone close by them. Espio then talked to Luna through telempathy and said that they should find out what it was after they saved Crash Man. After Luna agreed Espio winked at her and continued with the group to save CM. However, the group finds a trap sat up by Bowser with a dark cannon. When Bowser was about to shoot Luna with the dark cannon, Espio pushed her out of the way and toke the hit for her. After Luna revives Espio and discoveres that his fellow team mates were turned into trophys by Bowser, Espio toke the dark cannon and turns Bowser into a trophy. After Sia got the black chaos emerald, Espio revived his team mates and got off the starship with the other heroes. When Q-Pid mistaken him to be a "ninja of love", Espio shot her with the dark cannon and had her a trophy for a little while. At Q-Pid's Uncle's manstion, Luna asked Espio if she looked rediculouse in her dress, and replied that she didn't. When Luna asked Espio why he protected her from the dark cannon at the starship, Espio almost reviled his crush on her, but cought himself and said it was the right thing to do. Later, Espio discovers Luna's secret human reflection and thought it was intresting. At midnight, he woke up dew to Luna accidentally kicking a rock and haveing it roll into his tent and wake him up. After Luna asked him if she disturbed him, Espio said that he wasn't desterbed. Then after Luna asked him if her human reflection bothers him, Espio said no and almost reviled his crush, but caught himself and sain Luna was still his friend. A few hours later, Espio woke up again to find Dingodile and Tiny attacking again and Luna hurt by Dingodile. Espio then pushed Dingodile into the river and shot Tiny with the Dark Cannon. Soon after, he came to Luna to make sure she was ok. While the heroes ran from Smugie, Espio helped Luna get her foot unstuck, grabed her, and ran with the heroes. After Shade explained that Luna's life energy was being stollen by NightDusk, Espio agreed to enter Luna's mind to save her. While in her mind, Espio saw two of Luna's memories, one where she first met Red, and one where Luna discovers that Red was lying to her. Angered by what he was doing, Espio turned invisable and attacked and defeated NightDusk. After he caught Luna, Espio put her down and made a small smile after Luna kissed his cheek. When Q-Pid wanted to know what happened in Luna's mind after Shade got him out of there, Espio blushes smally and turned away. Back on the crash glider, Q-Pid whispered to Espio and told him that Luna was upset about something and that it was his chance to get close to her. After Luna told him what was bothering her, Espio put his arm around her and soon got a hug from her. After Luna said that CM's "anouncement" was "desterbing", Espio kissed her and did it again some time after Sia saved CM from falling off the glider. After the 2nd kiss, Luna told Espio how she felt for him and asked him if she was getting sick or if it was her falling in love with him, and he ansered "love" with a smile. After the glider landed in frount of CM's sister, Espio caught Luna as she triped over one of Q-Pid's arows that got caught in the door way of the glider. After Knuckles came and punched Luna. Espio kicked him and some time after jumped off the clift after Luna was punched off it by Silver. After Blaze shot Luna's face with a fireball and telaported away with Silver and Sal, Espio told Sia that she should find Crash Man while they track down Silver. After Espio wraped some bandeges around one of Luna's burnt marks, Espio kissed Luna after she told him that something like that happened to her befor. When the heroes came into the base of the Vile Fiends, Mud-Bud put a tomato and raindear antlers on Espio's head and called him "Rudolph", then Espio punched him. Later, Espio heared Luna's cry for help in the storage room of the plane and ran to her to find her anckle wraped by one of Petey's vines. After everyone got clean, Q-Pid told Espio that she could give him and Luna some alone time. After Luna woke up, Espio told her what happened and how long she was out. After the plane was settaled down from Mud-Bud's careless driveing, Espio found Luna on top of him with her lips on his and said to himself that he kinda liked it after Luna toke her lips off of Espio's lips. Then when Luna asked him what he felt for her, Espio said he felt the same way as she did to him. After that, Espio and Luna kissed. When the plane landed, Espio and Luna got up and pretended like nothing happened. When Dark Black came to take Luna, Espio refused to let that happen. After Dark Black created a dome of fears, Espio came with Sia and CM to find there friends. Then Espio woke up after he heard Luna and came to her to see what was wrong. Espio then saw Luna with tears in her eyes and got a hug from her. After Luna told him about what ahppened in her dream, Espio told her she wasn't stupid and helped her decide that Luna should wait till the right time to tell Shadow she is him brother when the time was right and Espio blushed a little as Luna kissed him on the cheek. Along with the rest of the Chaotix, Espio was sent east of Moonbrooke to serch for suvivors but was later sent to find Luna after Sia told them that the Shadow Luna was with was actually a fake. However, when he got to the place where Luna was captured, Espio found her star necklace and held onto it as he told his team mates what he thought happened hen the cought up to Espio. After hearing that Red toke Luna back to the star ship, Charmy grabed Espio and flew to the starship with him. Soon later he and Charmy reunited with the other heroes. When the heroes escaped Black Doom'd starship, Espio returned Luna's necklace to her. His next major part in the RP happened in Part 2 of Death from Above.

Death from Above Part 2


The Chaotix

Espio is a loyal member to the Chaotix. He considers his fellow team mates as his friends as well.

Luna Moonstone

When Espio first met Luna, he protected her from Red, and was also the first to help Luna. Soon after they met, Espio has felt some romantic interest in Luna and soon grew a crush on her. Espio and Luna have grown closer to each other ever since and even kissed a few times. Espio sometimes put himself in danger to make sure Luna was ok, such as pushing Luna out of the way and getting hit with a Dark Cannon and jumped off the clift of Mt. Fate after Luna was punched off the clift. Espio holds the closest relationship to Luna.

Red Bloodstone

At first, Espio saw Red as a enemy who was trying to hurt someone, but when Espio went into Luna's mind he found that Red also tricked Luna into joining Black Doom and especially hates Red for hurting Luna when she found out that Red lied to her. In the Seven Years Later RP, it is shown that Espio has a great amount of hatered towards Red, as shown when he attacked Red 5,000,000,000 times after Espio attacked Sabir.

Seven Years Later

Seven Years Later Stats


Luna (girlfriend), Vector, Charmy, Mighty, Sia Sapphire, Crash Man, Spark Topaz, Shadow the Hedgehog.


Red (most hated enemy), Dark Black, Black Doom.





In the Seven Years Later RP, Espio is still a member of The Chaotix. Also, Espio is now Luna's boyfriend. Espio first appeared in this RP doing paperwork on the roof of the Chaotix house. Later, Sabir appeared inside Espio's dream to see how he was doing. When Sabir was going to give Espio a peice of advise for what to do for Luna on her birthday, a scream apeared from the spirit world and Sabir disppeared from the dream. The next day when the Chaotix was called to an abandoned workyard, Espio was angered when Red was found near them. After the Chaotix entered the building that Red entered, Espio and Luna became shocked to find Sabir alive and attacking Luna. Espio engaged in battle aginst Sabir and threw him at Dark Black for hurting Luna by bringing her past friend back to hurt her. Durring the fight, Espio used a black Chaos Emerald to attack Sabir 5,000,000,000 times and did the same to Red. After Dark Black explained about how she revived Sabir and told him that another spirit tried to stop her, Espio was shocked to see that Dark Black also revived Valdez. After defeating Sabir and Valdez, Espio grabed Luna and told her they needed to escape. About thirty minets after the Chaotix returned to the house, Espio came into Luna's room to see if she was okay. After Luna asked who the blue chameleon was, Espio told her it was Valdez. Then Espio became shocked when Luna found Dark Black clost to there base under a tree. When he and Luna went to Dark Black to see why she was there and injered, Espio became more shocked th discover that it was Red who attacted Dark Black. After Dark Black informed them that Red was planning to revive Black Doom, Espio toke Luna back to the house and told her that the suspicious stuff that was happening around could be connected to the Black Arms. After that, Espio and Luna toke off in Luna's car and went to Speed Highway. There, he found a billboard advertising Buzz Cola and explained to Luna that people who drank that cola would do crazy things. Then suddenly a red convertible came out and almost backed-up into Luna's car, but Espio backed her car up and the convertible missed. After that, Espio read the billboard and found that one of there manufacturing companise are at Seaside Hill. When they arrived at the bridge of Seaside Hill, Espio accidentally crashed Luna's car into a pillar and flew up into the air with Luna from the explotion. When they swam to the shore of Fenith Island, Espio was hugged by Daria. Some time later, Espio and Luna were united with Crash Man, Sia, Smerk, and Spark. When Crash Man said the Black Arms were back, Espio said he knew it was them and showed them the Buzz Cola he and Luna were investigateing. At night after CM was taken by a U.F.O., Espio and Luna agreed to come with Spark back to G.U.N. and meet up with Shadow. Later when Luna talked to him, Espio said he forgot to give her a gift, but then Luna said she was happy as long as Espio was with her, and then got a kiss from Luna. The next day, Espio was shocked to discover the Black Arms' symble on Luna's arm. Later when Red came to the G.U.N. building to get Sabir, Espio fought Red to keep him away from Sabir, but was defeated along with Luna and Red left with the kid. Later, Espio helped the heroes fight both the Black Warrior invations at the G.U.N. building. When Silver and Blaze appeared to the heroes with Sabir, and when Sabir said that the thret Black Doom told him involved Espio and Luna, Espio quickly figured out that Black Doom thretened to kill him and Luna and stated that aliens are predictable. After Q-Pid asked why Sabir would care about Espio and Luna, Espio agreed with Q-Pid and asked why as well, only to get a responce by Silver saying "You should never know too much about your own future.". After the heroes decided on their plan to defeat Black Doom, Espio traviled with Sabir and Silver to the future to get waste for the plan and helped them load the waste in Luna's car. When Blaze said that the person who will drive the car into the tracktor beam of the UFO will also sacrifice their life, Espio said he would do it. When Sabir became worried about Espio doing the task, Espio told him to trust him. The next day, Espio and the other heroes were informed by Spark that BD found the body of Project Moonstone. Soon after Sabir appeared, Espio pulled out a shuriken and threw it at him. After Dark Black told the heroes about Luna being compleated as Project Moonstone through viva halogram message, Espio was telaported to another room by Dark Black. When Dark Black wanted to make a deal with Espio that involved him freeing Luna's true consiousness, Espio agreed. When DB asked Espio where he got his chaos energy, Espio pulled out his black chaos emerald and showed her it. Later when Juliet told him to see Sabir in the infermery room, Espio came to him. And after Sabir said that he was sorry and if Espio hit him, he deserved it, Espio punched him in the face, then smerked alittle befor punching him again harder. After punching him, Espio pulled out a gun, loaded it while still smileing, and when he seemed like he was going to shoot Sabir, Espio shot Spark instead. After that, Espio walked away from Sabir without saying anything. Espio was soon after draged into another room by Q-Pid and was asked why he attacked Sabir. Espio told Q-Pid that the punching thing was out of revenge from when Sabir was possessed into trying to attack the Chaotix. When Q-Pid asked about why he was smileing while hurting Sabir, Espio replied "Why wasn't I smileing?". Then when q-Pid asked him if he enjoyed hurting Sabir, Espio walked away with an excuse. Soon after Diamond came up to him and they talked a little. Befor Diamond walked away, Espio said "Ok" when Diamond aksed him to make sure he and Luna dosen't get killed. Espio is currently at G.U.N.

Real Life of Heroes

Real Life of Heroes Stats


No information








No information


No information

Espio has not yet appeared in Secondary RP: Two Worlds in One.



  • Espio is skilled in piloting a fighter jet, as seen in Life of Heroes 2: Part 1.
  • In the RP Espio sometimes says that he often does paperwork for the Chaotix. this is a refrance to the short comic "Espio's So Serious..." made by chibi-jen-hen on DeviantART, where in the beginning of it, Espio is seen doing paperwork.

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