Elizabeth is one of Joy's oldest children and the one who has lived away from home for the longest. She showed an interest in traveling from a young age, and began a career in adventuring, which climaxed in her being crowned the supreme ruler of an obscure alien species.


Life of Heroes 2

During the heroes' spacefaring journey with Rosalina, they stumbled upon the planet Elizabeth was occupying and persuaded her to come home, as none of her family had any idea where she had gone for the past year. She carried out her life relatively quietly, opting to stay at the family's home in Fate.

Life of Heroes 3

During 3 Elizabeth noticed Pinky's extreme envy of his older brother, and went so far in an effort to help him that she made contact with who she believed was Satan (in reality, Dane Vogel.) "Satan" agreed to give her a means to endow Pinky with significantly more powerful abilities than any Aura Energy Guardian, and shortly after to flood Fate with demons. This was meant to give Pinky an opportunity to prove himself, by fending off an apocalypse, but in reality Dane was manipulating Elizabeth in order to test his virus on a mortal.

After the heroes' adventures in the underworld ceased, Elizabeth faced shame and contempt from her family, and they dubbed her Jezebel. This led to her spending increased time away thinking of how to patch up her tattered relationship with them.

Life of Heroes 4

During 4, Elizabeth is revealed to be the owner of Seminar Island, where she spends her days after the disaster dubbed by her family "the Fate apocalypse." She allows them to use her island as a base of operations to stand against nightmarekind, during which she takes on Raguna as a farmhand.

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