Eclipse the Night Terror
Eclipse the Darkling2
Vital statistics
Full Name Eclipse Darkling
Age 500 Years
Birthday NA
Debut Life of Heroes 4
Alignment Villain
Role Pack Leader of the Night Terrors
Home(s) Nightmare Realm
Species Night Terror
Gender Male
Height 3'5"
Weight immeasurable
Weapon of choice Crimson Axe
Transformations NA
Family unknown


Allies Void, Morrigan, Pessimis, Mephiles the Dark, Nightmares, Kinesis Triplets (Toxico Kinesis, Techno Kinesis, and Typho Kinesis), Polaris


Enemies Lumina Flowlight, Regina Somnia (formerly), Forcejewels
Nicknames NA
Status Immortal

"I am forever loyal to the Nightmare Realm! If need be, I'll die right here and now to ensure victory!"

- Eclipse, LoH4

NOTE: This character belongs to the Sonic Archie Comics. It is also worth mentioning that this version of the character is not the same as their original version from the official material.

Eclipse is a Night Terror who resides in the Nightmare Realm, and the current pack leader of the Night Terrors. He's an antagonist in the first major arch in Life of Heroes 4, "Pessimis' Shadow".



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