This is a page listing the various Easter eggs, running gags and inside jokes in the RPs.

All RPs

  • Nack the Weasel is constantly mistaken for or referred to as a purple kangaroo.
  • Espio the Chameleon is repeatedly shown to do paperwork for the Chaotix, a trait taken from the Espio's So Serious... short comic created by chibi-jen-hen on DeviantART.
  • CM's seemingly-insatiable lust for female companionship. He literally develops feelings for almost every major female character, including Sia's mother...and Sal.
    • This can be seen as akin to Brock in the Pokemon animated series.

Life of Heroes 3

  • When Sia is convincing Pinky to stop hurting Noah, he mentions it's nice to talk to someone in person.
    • He goes on to say that he participates in an online roleplay, after which Sia asks him if he's on Life of Heroes.
  • When Raphael the Hedgehog and Golden Darkness are hunting down Mega Man, Raphael asks the latter if she's ready to teleport. Yami replies saying she's always ready.
    • This is an inside joke referring to the usual routine of Bandicootfan63 and SierraSia before they RP.
    • This is also present near the beginning of Real Life of Heroes, where Sara (Sia) asked Noah (Crash Man) if he was ready, to which he replied "always".
  • Demi possesses an obsession with the Internet, despite her complete lack of understanding what it is.
    • This is even referenced during Real Life of Heroes when she is in the Bluesmiths' home.

Life of Heroes 4

  • Before Techno is about to be attacked by vines, Crash Man utters "I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going..."
    • The line is a popular Internet meme, often applied to various images or scenarios to imply a sexual undertone.

Real Life of Heroes

  • Following the introduction of "Big Boss", the story becomes far more meta in comparison to RPs up until that point.
  • Although not explicitly stated, throughout the Prologue and the first week of Chapter 1, Medaka associates closely with purple-haired characters, namely Plutia, Neptune and Nepugia.

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