The Dream Dimension is one of the many dimensions shown in the Life of Heroes RPs. It's a realm that contains every dream in the universe, which also fuels the dimension and the inhabitants within the Dream Dimension.



Main Locations

Maginary World

Maginary World is the realm at the very center of the Dream Dimension, and the home of the majority of Maginairies. From here one can reach any other part of the Dream Dimension, including the only way to reach both the Dream Realm and Nightmare Realm. At the very center of Maginary World lies the Temple of Imagination, the residence of the Forcejewels and formerly the goddess Illumina. This world is described to have their skies reflect the constellations in the stars, which occasionally glow and take shape of said constellations.

Dream Realm

The Dream Realm is a realm created entirely from the hopes and dreams of everybody. It's here that people's dreams are stored and protected by the Ruler of the Dream Realm, whoever he or she may be. The main structure of this realm is a large castle with smaller houses and other areas located on a floating island. From there one can take many different paths to multiple smaller dream worlds that contain the themes of similar dreams.

Nightmare Realm

The Nightmare Realm is a realm created entirely from the fears and nightmares of people, which contrasts with the roles of the Dream Realm. It was made from the remains Void Lands after Illumina's sacrifice to subdue it's dark essence from destroying the Dream Realm. Similar to the Dream Realm, it's here where everyone's nightmares are stored. In the center of the Nightmare Realm is a floating island that holds a large castle, similar to the Dream Realm's castle. From here one can enter smaller dream worlds that are made and contain different nightmares.


Nightopia is essentially the gateway to the Dream Dimension. It's the entry point for those who are able to reach this place while asleep. When someone enters they'll see five doors, one large door that leads into Maginary World, and two smaller doors on each side that lead to four different realms that reflect off of the dreamer's mind and heart.

Fountain of Dreams

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