Dr. F
Note: This character belongs to EA's MySims.

Dr. F is a mad Sim scientist who appears in Life of Heroes 2: Death from Above: Part 2 as a cameo on the ARK. He was shown riding a "cowplant" (a cow-flower hybrid) in the Cowplant's profile on the ARK 's computers when Luna used them to search for information about her creation.


Dr. F briefly helped work on the ARK, and soon parted with Doctor Gerald Robotnik, but it is unknown why. In the brief time he worked on the ARK, he accidentally managed to create a very rude talking virus with artificial intelligence which soon spread to several of the ARK's files, including Doctor Gerald's computer diary entries and the Password Input Screen for a few files. Also, he appears in a video teaching the user how to crack the password to the Metroid file on the ARK's computers (which he calls "The Code of Justin Bailey"), but his face is never seen due to the video's poor quality. Also, when he states his name, a buzzing sound occurs right when he says "F", so Luna never learns his name.


  • He claims that the "F" in his name stands for several things, including "robots" and "orbital mind control lasers".
  • He makes a reference to a glitch in the original Metroid's password screen by dubbing the password "The Riddle of Justin Bailey". "Justin Bailey" was the code the player put into the password screen to activate the glitch.

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