Diamond the Lion 2016
"Please don't eat me..."

- Diamond

Diamond's Stats


Sabir, Shadow (possibly in the future), Silver the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat, Yoko Sniper,


Destructix, Black Doom.





Diamond is a cowardly yet kind hearted lion in the Life of Heroes RP who came from 25 years in the future. He is the prince of the Diamond Pride, son of King Afflu, and best friend of Sabir Moonstone.


Early Life

Diamond was born into the Diamond Pride as the son of King Afflu the Lion and his wife. He was the third of the other royal children born with his kingdom's symbol as him birth mark.

Losing a Mother

When Diamond was five years old, his mother, the queen of the Diamond Pride became ill and passed away. Afflu shared the same grife Diamond had when he lost him mom. This still haunts Diamond and Afflu today.

A Prince in Destress

One day, five years later, while looking at a great veiw from on top of a waterfall, part of the edge Diamond was standing on broke off and cuased Diamond to fall, but he was able to grab onto the edge for as long as he could befor it broke as well, causing him to fall right into the lake. That is, if Sabir Moonstone didn't save him. Sabir jumped and caught Diamond and landed safely on the ground. However, when the edge Diamond was holding onto broke, one of the rocks hit and injered Diamond in the arm. Sabir then toke Diamond to his house to has it looked at by his parents.

Bad Future

DIamond is one of the few that was able to survive from the Fusion Arms in the bad future. He's a member of the resistance group of survivors that fight agenst Fuse and Shadow.


Sonic Screech - Diamond screams a sonic sound wave that can be heard in every corner of the country.

Super Strangth - Diamond is also known to possess great strangth, such like Mighty or Knuckles.


Diamond is known for his cowardly personality, but he's also kind hearted and always does his best for his friends and father.

Bad Future Counterpart

Diamond in the bad future has a more tough and strong willed personality than his counterpart, as shown when he did not hesitate to pinn Sabir down in Sabir's Return to the Future.


  • Diamond has the similar cowardly personality as the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz.


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