Diamond (Forcejewel)
Vital statistics
Full Name Diamond
Age + 10,000 Years
Birthday NA
Debut Life of Heroes 4
Alignment Hero
Role Forcejewel Leader
Home(s) Temple of Imagination
Species Forcejewel Maginairy
Gender Female
Height 3'3"
Weight immeasurable
Weapon of choice Photo-Umbrakinesis (light and darkness)
Transformations NA
Family unknown


Allies Forcejewels, Lumina Flowlight, Regina Somnia.


Enemies Morrigan, Pessimis, Void, Nightmares, Mephiles the Dark, Eclipse the Night Terror
Nicknames NA
Status Immortal

NOTE: This is an OC that is based off of official characters. With this in mind it's also worth metioning that the official character belongs to SEGA.

Diamond is the current leader of The Forcejewels who debuts in Life of Heroes 4 during the Pessimis' Shadow arch. She's know as "The Light-and-Dark balanced leader of the group".

Role in RP

Early Life

Durring the time of her Precious Stone forming, Diamond was kept in a dream world of people who dream of a bright future. However her Precious Stone was then lost within The Dark Lands, a void where nightmares of any bad dreams were sent to. Due to her Precious Stone absorbing the energy from both the dream world of light and the darkness of The Dark Lands, Diamond was born with the ability to control both dark and light. However she struggled to keep either one balanced and soon gave in to her dark powers, losing all balance for both her powers and her own consciousness.

For many years she would cause chaos and destruction throughout Maginary World, which has long caught the attention of the goddess Illumina. To help the suffering maginairy, Illumina made contact with Palutena, the Goddess of Light, and asked for help. In response she granted Diamond with enough light to finally balance out the darkness and giving Diamond a chance to redeem herself.

Illumina's Protégé and forming of the Forcejewels

Ever since Palutena aided Diamond, Illumina since then took in Diamond as her pupil and protégé. Under Illumina's guidance, she discovered that there were other maginairies who wielded extraordinary abilities like she does. And withing the next few years she assembled each one of them and formed The Forcejewels, six maginairies who would become the Dream Dimension's protectors.

However the time soon came where the energy from The Dark Lands grew so big that it was taking over the Dream Dimension, causing Illumina to sacrifice herself and her golden light to stop it by creating the Dream Realm and Nightmare Realm. Despite being grief stricken that her mentor was gone, Diamond knew that her fellow Forcejewels needed their leader to be strong. So she pulled herself together and, with the rest of her team, vowed to forever protect the Dream Dimension.

Life of Heroes 4

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