NOTE: This design of the scythe was not done by anyone in the RP, nor dose anyone intend to take credit.

Desruc is a mythical scythe that is used in Life of Heroes 3. Once a man of dark magic, he was turned into a scythe as punishment for helping Pessimis until he learns the error of his ways.

Role in RP

Early Life

Thousands of years ago, Desruc taught himself in the art of dark magic. As such, we was feared by many because they believed him to be evil. This rejection led to his lack of loyalty to anyone but himself. Eventually, he crossed paths with Pessimis and made a deal with him. For most of the war that was brought by Pessimis, Desruc served as his strongest ally, but was eventually captured. Betrayed by Pessimis, who didn't even attempt to air his ally, Desruc was sentence to become a tool for mankind to use until he understood his wrong doing. After being transformed into a scythe by Alfa the Wizard, Desruc was used by many who lacked the knowledge of who he really was.

After many years, Desruc discovered a way to use his dark magic for his own means. Now able to move on his own, he killed many of the people who abandoned him in the past, with the rage of Pessimis' betrayal still lingering in his heart. Ever since then, Desruc would go on and kill all who used and abandoned him, giving them the only warning in the form of his symbol marked upon their palms.

Life of Heroes 3

Desruc was first seen being on display in a Amu-Nation store, with his curse being a simple rumor in the modern years. But after the Fusions invaded the store, Luna Moonstone was forced to take hold of the strange scythe, being the closest weapon in her reach at the time, and defeated the small Fusion group. But even after being warned by Alfa, who Desruc tried to kill by moving on his own as revenge for cursing him, Luna kept the scythe in hopes of replacing the rage in his heart with understanding.


  • Desruc's name is the word "Cursed" spelled backwards.


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