"Babies don't have seasons, Sia."

Demi is a 14-year-old human girl from 7.8 billion years in the future.

She possesses a "sixth sense" that becomes most prominent during the fight with Corrupted Void in Pessimis' Shadow, when she senses the decision Noah, Garnet and Pearl are about to make will impact their lives. This was acquired during her feral life, when death was a constant possibility.


Demi is shorter than Eli, being only slightly taller than Anette. She is also thin and relatively flat-chested.

Her hair is hazel-colored, but often matted, tangled and dirty. It extends to just past her shoulders.


Before entering the present, Demi's only clothing is a large, dirty fur coat and two separate black, silk leggings which are torn in several spots. She has no shoes.


In her own time, Demi was very knowledgeable regarding her desert surroundings, but very curious as to the Earth's past. She found herself obsessed with the "Internet" she read in an ancient text, but was never able to research or investigate it further. This lead to many arguments with Eli over what it could be.

She was also upset with pregnancy, as she and Eli believed they were the last humans alive and that it was their duty to reproduce. This lead to several arguments similar to the "Internet" ones and ultimately to their bitterness in Life of Heroes 4.

To others she seems feral and hyperactive, although this is only because she's overwhelmed by the past's many citizens, previously only needing to rely on (or protect) Eli. This being said, she struggles in the large groups Sia's leadership tends to stir.

Zathura refers to her as a "sassy little sausage" in 4 when proposing to Q-Pid to take her with them while reading the Elegia to Pinky.[1]

  1. Q-Pid: B-but what if Nightmares are still on the island? Z: We can take someone with us. How about Demi? She's a sassy little sausage.

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