Dark Black
Dark Black's Stats


Red (Seven Years Later only), Sabir (Seven Years Later only), Valdez (Seven Years Later only).


Luna (primary target), The Chaotix, the heroes, anyone who wants to stop her.





Dark Black is the leader of the D.N.A. and currently the main antagonist in the Life of Heroes RP: Seven Years later aginst the Chaotix. Her goal in the D.N.A. is to controll people's nightmares to use for her own purposes

Death from Above Bio

Dark Black has appeared in Life of Heroes: Death from Above only once so far. In this appearance, she came to the heroes and said that she was going to take Luna. However, after Espio tried to protect Luna, Dark Black used Horror's Left Hand (refranced to The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) to create a huge dome of fears to trap them into ther worst fears. But is onlt traped most of the characters, as Crash Man, Sia, and Espio was cleared from the distanse the dome was created. After that, Dark Black telaported herself from that area.

Seven Years Later

In the Seven Years Later RP, Dark Black ambushed the Chaotix and reveiled to them that she used her dark energy and a strange machine to revive Sabir and Valdez to attack them. Later, Dark Black was found beaten up under a tree near the Chaotix house. When Espio and Luna asked her why she was there and why she was beaten up, Dark Black told them that she was betrayed by Red and came to warn them about Red's plan to revive Black Doom. Dark Black was last seen resting under the same tree she was found at.


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